Sun opalёnnaya ...!
 Summer. Woe white-skinned!
It smells in the air singed.
(Svetlana Bodrunova verses)

In the holiday season, travel, recreation problem - how to preserve the beauty of skin, hair, under the scorching rays of the Sun. - more relevant than ever! Of course, the modern cosmetic industry offers a wide range of all kinds of protective equipment, but to be honest, we always quite serious about their choice? And, in fact, this is very important! On the one hand, do not want to score a travel bag or backpack variety of jars, tubes, vials, and on the other - to foresee what you need in a vacation or travel, they do not always manage to fill up your makeup kit - the problem is not so Easy.

I have in this regard, your personal instructive example, we can say the sad experience - should not disparage protection from the sun.

Somehow, being a very young girl and a passionate lover of outdoor activities, I went with a group of like-minded people in a mountain hike through the most beautiful places of the Altai .  My skin is slightly dark, no problems with sunburn, "burning", etc. . d .  in plain terms, it has never been, so to take special protective measures even never occurred .  His cap with a visor on his head, a tube of nutrient universal cream - that's the whole defense .  Hike a success, the mood was excellent, from the heart-stopping natural beauty: mountains covered with velvet forests, flowering meadows, clear mountain river - it seemed to me that I look among this beauty as well as feel .  So, the first time he saw himself in the big mirror wardroom on the ship after the completion of the campaign, I was shocked! From the mirror looked at me surprised look woman of indeterminate age, with a dry yellow-brown skin, spotted by fine wrinkles .  Deeper wrinkles scattered rays from the outer corners of the eyes, when I tried to smile, but it was no laughing matter .  And my wonderful chestnut curls ?! Where did they go? Clean washed hair lifeless and dull cap framed withered face .

  So "on your skin" I experienced what it means to the term "Photoaging."

To tidy up your face and hair, it took me a few weeks, but now, if I were older (younger skin, the faster recovering), I think, and it will not get to. After such an object lesson to me your purse and hiking gear began to treat more carefully and responsibly.

• At first - hat   with large fields and deep enough under it could hide all the hair.

• Secondly - Day Cream with a maximum protective effect (even for my dark skin), moreover, not only the protection index SPF (protection against B rays) and UVA (anti-A-rays). Just A rays are responsible for the effect of "photo-aging", they penetrate deeper than in the rays and damage the "skeleton" of the skin, the collagen fibers. It is against these rays, the skin, even the young, becomes flabby, loses its elasticity and covered with wrinkles. In addition, the rays of the spectrum A kill white blood cells - a vital part of the human immune system, making the body open to infections. A rays also alter the structure of the skin cells, causing a variety of allergic reactions to sunlight.

The rays act on the surface layer of the skin, causing redness, burns and, moreover, affect the human DNA, which can lead to serious disease. They act on the surface layer of the skin by stimulating the production of melanin in it, gives the skin a darker shade. Sunburn - nothing else, as a response to the skin, its attempt to protect themselves from the sun.

Another spectra of ultraviolet radiation - a C-rays. They are very harmful, but, fortunately, are completely absorbed by the ozone layer of the atmosphere.

• Third - moisturizing skin food . So how much sun and wind dry out the skin, a mandatory procedure after the procedure Sun - its hydration and nutrition.

• Hygienic lipstick with sunscreen or protective effect pencil -   It is also a necessary component of the hiking cosmetic, because the skin of the lips do not form melanin (tan) and completely exposed to ultraviolet light.

• In the high altitude protects the face from the sun Foundation   with a high protection factor, if you put it quite thick

Sunglasses   at high altitude and at rest on the beach - absolutely indispensable piece of equipment. They will protect the eyelid skin which is very thin and delicate, will save a lot of problems of arising in the eye burns, such as photokeratitis, fotokonyunktivita and degenerative changes in the cornea. Good sunglasses are certainly not cheap. Therefore, you should carefully study the inscription on the rim, and the label before they buy, ask for certificates. Ideally, all sunglasses should have a label with the graph of the spectral transmittance. Only then can you consciously choose the right spectacle lenses for you, though the color of the lens is not particularly important - more important than the chemical composition of the glass (or polymer).

Almost the same range of protective equipment you will need and vacation at the seaside. It should only take into account some special features. In the context of a beach holiday protective cream (gel, oil, lotion) is needed for the whole body, not just for the face. Sunscreen should be water resistant, because ultraviolet light penetrates into the water column to a depth of 0, 5 meters. Apply to the skin protectant recommended 20 minutes before going to the beach after a swim if you use a towel, you have to put the media again. Since any photoprotective agents act for 2-3 hours during the day must not forget to update your protective layer (re-apply the cream). It will not hurt to stock and means after sunburn (lotions, sprays).   As the name implies, it is desirable to use after sunbathing. Due to the special components, they perpetuate and prolong a tan, remove redness and moisturize the skin irritated by the sun. Means after sunburn can be replaced by a simple moisturizer. And, behold, a cream from sunburn -Really indispensable tool for vacationers and travelers - it instantly relieves inflammation, burning and significantly accelerates regeneration of the skin.

Particular attention should be paid protecting hair . Even dark hair (which is a part of a lot of melanin) become vulnerable under a flood of ultraviolet radiation. Regardless of the color of hair under the influence of the sun is their discoloration due to the destruction of amino acids. Ultraviolet and sea salt, as well as chlorine in tap water and the pool, significantly reduce the strength of the hair. They are cut. To prevent damage to the hair must be carefully dosed sun exposure and actively defend against UV aggression. Specialized sunscreen for hair allow, on the one hand, to increase the residence time in the sun, on the other hand - to reduce its adverse effects.

So, buy and use drugs (sprays, mousses, hair cream), which include filters / screens and a variety of rejuvenating, moisturizing ingredients. Oh, and do not forget hats and umbrellas, though, even staying on the beach in the shade of the awning does not guarantee full protection against sunburn.

To loosen the skin's sensitivity to sunlight, include in a diet more foods containing vitamin C and PP (ascorbic and nicotinic acid. Interestingly, some of the vegetables and fruits contribute to sunburn, such as carrots and apricots are rich in beta-carotene and give the skin an orange shade. And, behold, tomatoes contain lycopene - the substance that stimulates the body's production of melanin, and therefore - tan.

In general, we should not forget that the summer sun can be not only gentle, but also ruthless. Caution and care will fully enjoy the beneficial effect of sunbathing, rest and gain new experiences and health, without any unpleasant surprises and disappointments.

Happy holiday to you! And let the sun will be in your favor!
Author: Olga Travleeva