The beauty of your neck
 Standing before the mirror, how often do we pay attention to the neck? "Why care for the skin of the neck in the winter? All the same, a warm clothing can not see anything! "" Wrinkles on the skin of the neck - the inevitable "," early skin aging is caused by a genetic predisposition, and nothing can be done about it "- these common misconceptions are forcing women to ignore the care of the skin of the neck. But the neck requires no less attention than the face!

On the neck is not fat tissue and the skin on it is very thin and delicate.   Therefore, the neck skin is aging faster than the skin of the face. The neck is covered with wrinkles, not just issue the woman's age, as it ages, and there does not help even the most expensive and professional makeup person. Ugly Neck violates the general ensemble, the image of women, often highlighting the number of non-winning makeup used to make up the face. But skin care neck really is simple!

Clean the skin of the neck   should be plain water with a neutral soap, well, if it contains royal jelly.

Tonic effect   Irrigation has a neck with cold water, filed under high pressure. This procedure has the effect of massage activates blood circulation and neck. But if the device is not at hand for such irrigation, it does not matter: the next method. Fold the towel in several layers, wet it in very cold water and pat them neck 30 times. You can also use a piece of ice, wrapped in flannel to prevent irritation of the skin of the neck and the appearance of red spots on it.

Once a week, arrange his neck holiday - do contrasting compresses . Moisten bandage gauze or a soft cloth in a very hot broth of herbs: sage, chamomile, birch buds, mint, lime blossom, and wrap it in the neck for 2 minutes. Make sure to compress the temperature was not too high in order to avoid burns. Golf hot compress, apply a cold - a bandage soaked in cold salt solution (2 teaspoons to 1 liter of water), and for 2 minutes. At the end of the procedure apply to the skin of the neck fat nutritious cream, preferably with moisturizing ingredients. Believe me, your neck will thank you!

 The beauty of your neck
 For the daily care of the neck   suitable moisturizers for the face designed for thin and sensitive skin. Just remember that moisturizer can not be applied directly before going out, especially in cold weather!

Speaking about the skin care neck, can not say on the back of the neck . Usually it gives even less attention than the front side, but in vain. The back side should also be cleaned with mild soap, conducted simultaneously massage the skin with a stiff brush. The fact that forgetting the back of the neck, we doom the skin in this area premature wilting, and muscle - the early weakening. This is unacceptable, since the skin touches the back of the neck with the hair and, therefore, with means for hair styling. This area is often affected by hot, dry air from the dryer and from the hair curlers. Tight or loose neck muscles in the area of ​​the cervical vertebrae interfere with the normal blood supply to the vessels of the head. Weakened muscles in the back of the neck become one of the causes of the "collar" or "hump" at the base of the neck, which spoils the appearance of women.

But you need not only to massage the back of the neck   - Sagging skin on the front of her face, chin, and the deformed shape of the face is unlikely to adorn a woman. Held neck massage finger from the bottom up. The beauty neck massage is that it can be done in virtually any environment. Mandatory massage while applying the cream, it will accelerate its penetration into the deeper layers of the skin. But you can do massage and at work, and while reading, and even in public transport: just stroking his right hand the left side of the neck and the left - right.

To prevent deformation of the double chin and facial contours   do not forget to do simple massage pat fingers chin. If there were wrinkles on the neck, do not despair - you can help massage tingling fingers across the wrinkles for 2-3 minutes.

A to prevent early wrinkles   sleep on a flat pad to the head in any case was not inclined to the chin. The same situation and keep the head at work, and while reading or needlework. The less tilted head, the less chance to make the first wrinkles and deepen existing ones.

But one of beauty treatments and massages are not enough to keep youth long neck. Exercise regularly to strengthen the muscles of the neck, based on their toes - weakening, then be sure to stretch muscles to prevent overexertion.

 The beauty of your neck
 Posture   - Another factor influencing the state of your neck. Keep your head straight and your shoulders deployed, you train the muscles of the neck and not let her wrinkles appear. To form a beautiful posture enough to perform daily simple exercise: 15-20 minutes walk, put a book or other flat object on the head. Before that, you can get up with a book on her head against a wall, leaning back of the head, shoulder blades, the bottom line of the waist, calves and heels. To stand in this position for 1-2 minutes, and then, fixing its position, start walking.

A few words about the make-up of the neck.   Pitiful sight before us, when we see a woman with carefully "made-up" face and neck untouched cosmetics. It seems that the head and neck are owned by different people. Do not make this mistake - during application tonal resources and powder on your face, do not forget the neck! Please note that often the color of the skin of the neck is different from the color of the skin. In this case, the neck will need foundation and powder of another color. To give a natural in this case the connection line carefully shaded the face and neck to avoid sharp edges.

What to do if you have a very thin and long or too thick and short neck?   Here help the right choice of clothes. Thin and long neck high collar visually shorten or several rows of beads wound around his neck. Short also help visually lengthen the neck deep cut or a long chain with a pendant, long beads.

As you can see, nothing complicated and impracticable in the care of the skin of the neck is not. But these simple techniques will allow for many years to keep a youth his neck, and, consequently, all its Braz.
Author: Catherine Khetagurova