The most delicate skin. Caring for the skin around the eyes
 If the eyes - "mirror of the soul" and our window to the world, the skin around the eyes - "incorruptible witness" lifestyle and age.

The skin around the eyes is thin and delicate - it is here that the first age-related changes occur .  The skin loses its freshness, there are swelling and fine lines, puffiness, dark circles .  Alas, it is a natural process caused by the structure of the skin in this place .  There are almost no subcutaneous fat and sebaceous glands, almost no muscles that support the skin elasticity .  The fibers of collagen (which is what they keep skin structure) around the eyes resemble mesh that expands in all directions, and the soft subcutaneous tissue causes a tendency to swelling .  Of course, we can not change the structure of the skin, but we can take care of it carefully and carefully .  And such care can certainly push the unwanted signs of age in the distant future .  After all, the cause of problems such as dryness, fine lines, puffiness, circles, razdrazheniyae skin, along with natural factors may be incompetent, negligent care of the skin around the eyes, or a bad choice of cosmetics . 

• moisturize, nourish, cleanse

Generous advertising, offering or that a new facility, and promises us a lot in terms of rejuvenation of this particular area of ​​the face. But do not hurry with the choice! Hasty experiments with sensitive skin around the eyes can result in serious and even aesthetic ophthalmologic problems. Therefore, to the selection of cosmetics, and to care for this area of ​​the face should be treated very carefully. What kind of makeup should give preference?

  Conventional creams, lotions and gels for dry skin, in this case a little fit: they contain so-called "spreading", "spread" of oil that is easy to fall into the eyes and cause irritation. It is not necessary to use care creams containing lanolin, as it may cause redness and swelling of the skin. Before you start using a new tool, it is necessary to check it for possible allergic reactions. But even if the vehicle is suitable in all respects, beauticians advised four months to replace it with another, so as not to provoke a so-called "allergy addiction." By the way, most expensive fmarok produces special probes, which is enough for one or two applications. Thus, before you buy your favorite cream, you can firmly make sure that it suits you and does not cause allergies.

  When choosing a cream note, if it contains such vlagonakoplyayuschie substances as liposomes, collagen and elastin. Biologically active substances allantoin and panthenol have a calming effect, and is also useful for sensitive skin. The cream should be applied, moving with light tapping on the outer edge of the eyelid to the nose. Such a method of application protects the skin from stretching stimulates circulation. It can be applied to the skin under the eyes Lotions   (of course, no alcohol) - they are more easily absorbed through the skin than the cream, thanks to less saturated structure, smooth wrinkles and give the skin a shiny and smooth terrain.

  For a gentle, delicate care of eyelids and the skin under the eyes is very well suited special moisturizing gels.   Gels are especially effective if the skin is swollen, it has a high sensitivity, as well as the owner of the contact lens fit. Caution is necessary to approach to the choice of makeup (mascara, eye shadow) - use only high-quality cosmetics, do not cause allergies and redness of the skin and eyes.

  Of particular importance for the preservation of freshness and elasticity of the skin around the eyes is the right make-up remover. Typically used for removing make-up special cosmetic jelly, lotions or gels that are subject to strict ophthalmologic control. These tools make it easy to remove makeup from sensitive areas of the skin around the eye, without damaging them and without leaving a greasy residue, they are often not only cleanse the skin, but also nourish it. There are also special means for removing waterproof makeup, which usually produced in the form of gels. Cotton swab or cloth to which you apply the gel to remove make-up, must be moisturized.

  The most advanced tools for removing eye make-up are two immiscible liquids: the top contains the ultra-light oil that remove waterproof makeup, the lower (contains soothing plant extracts) removes the "normal" cosmetics, and along with irritation of the eyelids.

• Struggling with problems

Hide wrinkles you can use active concentrates, affecting the production of collagen and normalizes the content of glycans - substances that fill the voids between the collagen fibers. Sometimes they added tiny particles of powder - refracting light properly, they make wrinkles around the eyes less noticeable. These concentrates should be applied in the morning before makeup and rub with light patting movements.

From the early appearance of wrinkles around the eyes to help special massage. After the evening cleaning the skin with your fingertips, moistened with olive oil, lightly massage the circular muscle of the eye, from the inner to the outer corner, and then like to play the piano at the lowered eyelids.

Often, due to lack of sleep, fatigue, beriberi occur under the eyes dark circles, puffiness .  If you are experiencing such trouble, we must first rule out the presence of health problems, especially pay attention to the condition of the kidneys and the heart .  But if health is all right, - the recipe is simple enough fight - abolition of a late dinner with abundant by drinking, eight hours of sleep in a ventilated room in a small, comfortable pillow packs of herbs cornflower, chamomile, sage, fennel, linden flower .  To remove the swelling is very useful to use packets of chilled tea brewing: the morning is enough to put tea bags on your eyes for a few minutes - and the effect is immediately noticeable .  Save in these cases, and a special "ice" mask .  They are a form of plastic, gel-filled and stored in the refrigerator, and they can be purchased in pharmacies .  Like tea packs, these masks are applied to the eyes a few minutes and keep .

Potato mask   by swelling. Thoroughly washed potato rubbed on a fine grater, 2 tbsp. spoon weight put on two pieces of gauze and applied to the swelling for 10-15 minutes. After removing the mask applied cream with vitamins A and E. After 15-20 minutes, cotton wool soaked in cold tea, remove the remnants of the cream with light pressure. Masks do 2 times a day: in the morning and evening.

To hide dark circles under the eyes, apply concealers (correctors for the skin around the eyes). The consistency of their more delicate and light and masking ability higher than the foundation. Concealer is best applied on a layer of a lifting cream that smoothes wrinkles and makes the skin supple.

Apple compress by dark circles.   Take a juicy apple, cut two thin slices, put them under the eyes and keep for 15-20 minutes. Thanks to fruit acids, the skin under his eyes brighten.

Compress from the infusion of fresh leaves of birch.   Pour a glass of birch leaves glass of cold water, insist 8 hours and strain. Make compresses on the eye area from the resulting infusion.

The delicate area around the eyes sometimes gives us so much trouble and anxiety, but the reward for careful and cautious attitude will look radiant, smooth and soft skin!
Author: Olga Travleeva