The snow-white smile - it's not hard!
 We all know how to decorate the face of open, sincere smile! A person without a smile can be beautiful, but it can hardly be called charming. It creates a smile charm and charisma. Many of us do not know how to smile openly, because it embarrassed his uneven, yellowish teeth. But it's not so difficult to get hold of a perfect smile - smooth, white, sparkling.


We all remember from childhood - you need to brush your teeth 2 times a day, morning and evening. And it is right! At least twice, and preferably after every meal. For example, in America, many carry a small brush and do not consider it shameful to brush your teeth after eating, looking for a couple of minutes in the dressing room.

But I must say that is perfect to clean your teeth can only physician-hygienist in the dental office. Such professional cleaning methods on special equipment is no substitute, no brush, rinse or dental floss. In the office of the dentist can remove plaque and tartar, clean interdental spaces and periodontal pockets, freeing the mouth not only from potential sources of infection, but also on the odor. After all, his reason - microbes that live in remote places for the conventional brush. Moreover, such a thorough cleaning, and gives a wonderful cosmetic effect - the teeth are noticeably whiter.

Modern cleaning methods are harmless for the enamel and gums. By the way, the doctor will teach properly care for oral and pick up the desired paste and brush, and rinse aid, taking into account individual characteristics, will show how to use dental floss. Visit a dental office tooth cleaning and checkup every six months is desirable.

Bleach is not harmful?

Here we must distinguish between hygienic whitening when a tooth is removed pigmented plaque formed due to poor oral hygiene, and basic chemical bleaching tooth tissue, dentine, protected translucent enamel. So, to change the color of teeth, and for many it is yellowish by nature, it is necessary to apply the active chemicals that penetrate the enamel through the micropores. Then these pores are restored, but not always, there are complications such as the enamel hypersensitivity. And holding such a "white" is not very long (a year - six months), and what the bowl to hold such a procedure, the faster the effect disappears. Pores in the enamel becomes more and more, through them, to penetrate dentin pigments from the food of white teeth turn into yellow and brown.

What to do? If the enamel is still damaged, to restore it, use remineralization therapy Including application specific solutions that help restore the surface layer of enamel and close mikroprostranstv.

There are special events that support the teeth white. In most dentists prescribed paste (gel) containing a bleaching agent in low concentrations.

Teeth can be bleached with the aid of special gels which are placed in caps (kappa). These kappa gel and wear on the teeth whitening agent concentration in this case is low, and they are not harmful to the gums and enamel. The process itself can take place at home.

Can whiten teeth at home using soda ash can be used but only once a week as this abrasive substance, which may injure the enamel. In the morning, apply a small amount of toothpaste on the brush, lightly touch the food and soda that composition brush your teeth. Teeth are actually purified from plaque and will shine, but do not overdo it! It is safer to use toothpaste that contains baking soda bicarbonate. In such pastes soda particles much smaller than a conventional baking soda, and not injure the enamel. But these whitening pastes can be used for no longer than a month, then you need to take a break.

Restoring teeth

Nowadays, few people can boast a completely healthy teeth. Lifestyle, style food, the environment - all these factors act destructively on the teeth. But science does not stand still, by using modern filling materials can be restored even completely destroyed tooth. If chewing teeth simply restore them to perform their function, the front teeth have to be beautiful. And then it can not do without art restoration . And she, in turn, is no longer possible without Veneers .

With porcelain veneers can not only restore damaged teeth, but also to change the shape and color of healthy teeth. Veneer - a ceramic or composite pad, that is "glued" onto the outer surface of the tooth. The great advantage of porcelain veneers to crowns that their installation does not need to remove and grind the tooth nerve.

By the way, veneers sparkle, smiling, and other Hollywood stars. Are veneers at least ten years.

Dub, attention!

If your smile spoils overbite or teeth are uneven, do not despair. This is correctable, though almost any age!

The solution may be wearing braces Now it is even fashionable. Braces - a series of locks connected arc, which are glued with a special dental glue on the outer or inner surface of the tooth. Align teeth with braces - a rather lengthy process. On average, bite correction braces takes one and a half years. After that you should reproach More special removable plate, allowing to fix the result.

Who clinics offer a wide range of braces: metal, plastic and transparent (sapphire), visible and almost invisible - lingual, which are installed on the lingual (inner) side of the teeth. In most cases even metallic braces mounted on the lower jaw, remain virtually invisible. But if you hesitate to wear braces, then there is a way out!

Today to replace the braces came the new US Invisalign technology   (translated to English - "invisible"). It combines orthodontics and 3D-art computer technology. The method that is worn on the teeth invisible transparent kappa consisting of cheholchik that exactly match the size and shape of the teeth of the client. Each small cap laid micromovement computer way that at constant exposure leads to the fact that the teeth are moved in the right direction. Treatment may last from 3 to 15 months. The cost of the CVR is more expensive than braces, but they do not need to stick to the tooth enamel and can be removed during meals, besides, they are practically invisible to others due to its high transparency. Wearing Invisalign can be combined with bleaching. Whitening gel is placed in a mouthguard, slowly releases oxygen, making the teeth a few shades lighter.


Decoration of teeth is not newfangled phenomenon. More Maya grind your teeth, giving them a complex shape, and decorated teeth jadeite tabs. These dental procedures are purely cosmetic, not a restoration. The ancient Japanese proudly showing black teeth, and Mayan jade adorned with sparkling smile. So we can say, now dental ornaments are experiencing a rebirth.

Today dentists offer their patients a huge selection of jewelry: gold trim, inlays precious and semiprecious stones, crystals Swarovski. Set of gold ornaments or pebble-rhinestone takes a little time. It is important to choose the right place fixing decorations. It depends on a smile. Usually, decorations can be kept on the teeth from 1-2 months to six months.

Cover composite cement bonded to the tooth surface without damaging the enamel, that is, without preparation (of course, if you stick a diamond, then it is better to gently break the enamel than losing stone). The procedure is painless, and qualified doctor will perform it for 15-20 minutes. Delete is also possible without difficulty.

Some tips

Dental floss

Use dental floss to remove food debris from interdental spaces, but do it carefully so as not to injure the gums.

After meal

If you are not able to brush your teeth - rinse your mouth or nibble apple. You can chew, and chewing gum, but not longer than 10 minutes.

Brush tool

Get two toothbrushes: soft (morning) and a brush of medium hardness (at night).

To have healthy teeth

Recipe for gargle: 1 teaspoon of alcohol tinctures of propolis and 2 teaspoons of tincture of sweet flag. To rinse was gentle, add two tablespoons of boiling water. Air disinfectant, analgesic, and propolis, penetrating into the smallest cracks, cements and strengthens the teeth and tooth enamel.

Take care of your teeth properly, time to eliminate the shortcomings and do not hide their smiles. She is beautiful!
Author: Olga Travleeva