Useful purchase. Part 1
 We decided to make a list of suitable solutions for you cosmetics.

Body care

This is an important part of daily routines. Therefore, every girl should have on the shelf shower gel with moisturizing effect, body lotion or oil after a shower. Currently, there is a wide range of tools with extracts of rose oil, chamomile, aloe, cocoa. Also pay attention to creams and gels for the feet.

Taking care of the skin

In addition, you need moisturizing lotions, skin creams, nutritional needs, for example, Dove or Nivea. These creams are universal and can be used both for the body and for the hands or face. Note the different facial masks, body scrubs. Neutrogena offers a series, which smooths wrinkles and prevents their further development, for aging skin is ideal.


Mascara - it is one of the most capricious of funds, it must be chosen carefully, paying attention to the size and shape of the brush. Also note that you need milk for make-up removal. Pencils and ships to choose easier - they do not have special properties. If we talk about the shadows, there is a preference is given to the range of colors that is right for you, so you need to give advice individually.

In order to mask circles under the eyes, choose a good base for make-up and a great equalizer.