Water treatments in home waters
 Hydrotherapy was popular at all times. Water - the basis of life and the natural physical factors of influence on the human body.

Purchase a special nozzle on the shower, which can be used to regulate the water pressure and the thickness of the jet. The most pleasant procedure for the body the morning - needle bath . Massage the body thin hot streaks of 10 minutes each morning. This procedure improves blood circulation, resolve the problem with the skin and invigorate you.

Necessary!   Be sure to put filters on plumbing. Thus, mineral filters chloro neutralized and purified water from contaminants.


Sharko shower

Sharko shower - a great way to improve your figure. Shower - excellent means of combating cellulite and subcutaneous fat. Sharko shower - a shower "shock" type with a reduced impact zone. It employs two jets - hot water (up to forty degrees) and cold (twenty degrees). Such a contrast and gives excellent therapeutic effect - increases blood flow to all organs, improves the function of blood vessels. A similar procedure can be arranged at home: Remove the adapter from the shower and massage problem areas with the jet pressure. Importantly do not overdo it, and that may have bruising.

 Water treatments in home waters
 One variety of the soul Charcot - Scottish shower   - A procedure with an emphasis on contrast. There are two water hose, one hot, up to 45 degrees, and the other - with a cold, between 10 and 25 houses also possible to use douches. However, do not try to bring the temperature difference immediately to the maximum, because you can get sick.

Water fitness

Water fitness - a very interesting and useful exercise. To carry out training in the bathroom, you need a rubber mat to avoid slipping, and a rubber cushion under his head. The water should be hot, but not cold.

Necessary!   Use special emollients bath and shower, as well as shampoos, which soften the water.

Examples of exercises
  • Sit in the water, his legs stretched forward. Slowly raise and lower them.

  • Pour into a bath of cold water up to mid-calf and walk on the spot, lifting his feet high.

Exercises in the water stimulate blood circulation by massage effect. This massage leads to relaxation, relieves stress and physical stress.

Before training is better not to eat. And do not overdo it. For a start it will be enough, and not the most active half loads.



Water - one of the main means of dealing with stress. According to psychological research soothing bath - the best way to relax and unwind at the end of a hard day.
  • Sage, chamomile and arnica soothe the skin, Rosemary cleanses the pores. Linden flowers help to relax.

  • Lemon bath perfectly tones. Squeeze the juice of five lemons and pour into the tub. Cut 1 orange slices and also throw in the water.

 Water treatments in home waters


Whirlpool is considered more effective than normal. It relaxes, improves blood circulation and skin appearance. This procedure can be carried out at home. Fill the bathtub with warm water and throw in sea salt. Remove the nozzle from the shower and slowly massage the body under water.

Important!   Cold water invigorates, stimulates the nervous system, tones. Neutral water soothes, relieves stress, helps sleep. Warm and hot water relaxes and soothes.

After water treatment, always use the softening and moisturizing creams and lotions. Apply them on a slightly damp skin massage movements. It saves natural moisture and prevent the skin from drying and protects it from harmful impurities.
Author: Inna Sedykh