Wizard Lemon
 This citrus fruit - not just good taste and vitamin supplements to dishes, but also an excellent ingredient in many cosmetic products. And in general, home remedies often does wonders. But not only vitamin C attracts cosmetologists. Often, bleaching and disinfecting properties of lemon is no substitute.

Through thick peel the lemon is almost not lost vitamins, so even in winter - a true fountain of freshness and health. And the recipes we have collected may persuade you to start to grow on a windowsill in his lemon tree. Or buy fresh lemons as often as possible.

Lemon Hair

• If you have oily hair or oily scalp, well add lemon juice to the rinse aid, it will dry but not too dry.

• If the daily wipe your hair "lemon water", the hair will be easier to style. How to make lemon water: just brew a lemon peel in boiling water. Cool and rub into hair and scalp. Rinse, and resistant packing guaranteed. The same structure can cope with dandruff.

 Wizard Lemon
 • Recipe by Claudia Schiffer. And in our "sunny highlights": juice of one lemon half mix with vodka and causes this compound to separate locks. And once - for 10-15 minutes under the sun. Clarification will look natural and naturally.

• Recipe by Jennifer Aniston. Her hair, among other things, recognized as the best hair in Hollywood! She always rinse your hair with lemon juice, hence the thickness and softness.

Lemon Hand & Nail

 Wizard Lemon
 • Baths for hands with lemon juice or lemon essential oil strengthen and whiten nails.

• If there is no time to prepare the bath, nails and feet and hands, you can simply wipe with a slice of lemon. They will be strong and shiny.

• Many women use the bath as fast nail and cuticles: Cut a lemon in half and dip your fingers in each half for a few minutes. All!

Lemon for your teeth and gums

• Rinse with a solution of lemon juice refreshes and disinfects the mouth, permanently removed halitosis. In addition, a rinse - prevention of angina.

• Rinse with a solution of lemon juice can help with a toothache, it is important if you have to wait for a visit to the dentist.

• For teeth whitening you can add drops of lemon juice to toothpaste. In addition, such paste will reduce bleeding gums.

• You can whiten your teeth and just rubbing a slice of lemon or zest, provided that your enamel is strong enough.

Lemon for the skin

 Wizard Lemon
 • Add a few drops a day cream lemon juice or essential oil of lemon and cream will be more effective in the fight against acne and freckles.

• Freckles can be cleaned with fresh lemon juice, or leave them for a few minutes slices of lemon.

• Generally, use bleach properties of a lemon. Add a few drops in lotions for removing makeup - and the skin will be smooth and clean, and if you add lemon juice in a day cream - you can achieve more and matting effect.

• Lemon - a real panacea for oily and acne prone skin. If it is entered in the mask creams or home - it will greatly constrict the pores, thus heal and disinfect. The most popular and simple astringent mask: a protein mix with the juice of one lemon, hold for 20 minutes and rinse. This mask is good not only for advanced stages and oily skin, and smooths wrinkles.

Lemon Body and Soul

• If you are sweating and you can not cope with the unpleasant smell of sweat, armpits periodically wipe the lemon slice. This should be done on a clean skin. No smell, no marks on clothes!

• Bleaching properties of lemon is good to apply in the pigmentation of the skin. All deleted as an eraser.

• When the sun burns the skin can be lubricated with diluted lemon juice. Lemon juice is also good variety of healing sores or cuts, so its nice to have constantly at hand.

• Take a bath? Use the remaining lemon zest, juice, you can even flesh. Just send it all in a hot bath. After this procedure - a great mood, tone the whole body, fresh aroma, as well as matting effect of the powder as a body.

 Wizard Lemon
 • Tea with lemon - a wonderful tonic. It can be safely called health drink, because he is able to get rid of headaches, a good drink for weight loss, relieves pain, full tones. Tea with lemon excellent tool to recharge yourself in the middle of the day and revitalize the brain activity.

• Cleopatra Recipe: lubricate the skin with olive oil mixed with a few drops of lemon juice. It's kind of moisture and frosting of the skin.

• Lemon can be cleaned horny leather seats (elbows, knees, heels), and they say they will be "like a baby."

• Calluses also can be derived with the help of a lemon. Steamed legs, put a slice of lemon on the corn and put on socks for the night. Several of these procedures and calluses - is gone!

 Wizard Lemon
 • In hot weather drink lemon water ice - great tones and does not give "soften". Generally such water be constantly better refrigerated, add, for example, in hot tea, to cool it, "recharged" with vitamins and pleasant aroma.

Lemon for the purity of the house

• Lemon can help clear the room of smoke and any other unpleasant odors. Just leave room for the night cut a lemon or a tray with the lemon juice. Lemon absorbs all the odors and fill your room with a pleasant fresh scent.

• Many people know the recipe to get rid of the smell of fish or vegetables on hand, knife and cutting board in the kitchen. Just rub a slice of lemon all.

• To get rid of odors in the refrigerator after washing, leave it overnight in lemon slices, the smell - is gone! Clean the refrigerator with a solution of lemon juice, and it will be an excellent prevention against the possible bad smell inside.
Author: Julia Gnedina