Your personal skin care plan
 Your daily updated with new records in the months ahead? You are always trying to plan your day in advance, a week or even a month? Time Management - this is for you not a heavy science and excellent reception, you gladly follow? Then this article is for you. From it you'll learn what you need to plan for your skin for the day, week, month and season ahead.

We form daily for your skin!

Cleanse morning and evening
The problem - to find a method of cleansing and remedy that suits you. As a result, purification to skin must be removed all traces of makeup, makeup remover, dead skin cells. A prerequisite for the choice of means - to take into account your skin type.
- Dry skin: Avoid detergents with the formation of foam. They reduce the skin's ability to maintain the natural balance by components that provide pennost. Instead of foam agents (gels, soaps) try lotions and creams.
- Oily skin: a skin problem - excess sebum. Get rid of him and help dry the skin with a good foaming agents (gels, soaps).
- Combination skin: There is a balance, something between a gel and lotion. But you can use two tools, one - for oily areas of the skin, the other - to dry.

UV Protection
It is also an everyday concern. And it can solve the day cream. For a person must be a means with SPF 15 or higher, and make sure that the tool provides protection from both UVA, and from UVB rays. For oily skin, choose a day means matte effect and control the fat content. Do not forget the lips! They also need protection from the sun's rays. So buy a lip balm with a filter. Other areas of the body such as the neck, chest, ears, shoulders, hands and feet also need protection from the sun, but it depends on the season and clothing. In autumn and winter rather face protection.

Night Cream
Never forget the night cream, and you will see that over time, the skin condition improves. Night is the perfect time to skin absorbs useful components, so be sure to notice the effect. Night cream is best applied immediately after washing, when the skin is still damp, it will give additional moisture skin. And most importantly - for 30 minutes before you go to sleep, otherwise it means your night stay on a bed. Again, it is worth recalling that night, and the means must match your skin type.
- For dry and normal skin at night, you can apply more intensive moisturizing, and when you wake up, you will be less dry. For dry and sensitive skin will be a good help vitamin B3 (better if it will be not only in the night cream, but in the afternoon). It is also called niacinamide (niacinamide) on labels, it retains moisture in the skin, helping it to restore the supply of ceramides and fatty acids.
- Oily and combination skin in need of lighter formulas.
- For age the skin is better to choose the night means with active anti-aging ingredients, while the day may not be so. After a night of anti-age creams you wake up with a good complexion and metabolism in the skin will be increased. Vitamin C is an excellent tool in the fight against aging, it prevents the appearance of wrinkles, gets rid of age spots and skin tightening. Do not forget about such a revolutionary component in a night cream as vitamin A, known as retinol or retinoids. It smooths wrinkles, eliminates age spots. Sunlight destroys vitamins A and C, so it is logical to look for them is in night creams and serums.
- From the circles under the eyes will help vitamin K, it also reduces the appearance of spider veins. Vitamin K requires getting used to, so make sure you use creams with vitamin K twice in the first week, and then feel free to skip to the daily use at night.

Continue schedule for the skin. Every week should be to get rid of dead skin particles to stimulate the skin renewal process. In addition, the peeling allows you to clean the pores, allows day and night means to function well. Again, we advise to pay attention to the type of skin, it is important when choosing an exfoliant.
- Normal or dry skin: Look for a gentle scrub with tiny smooth beads that do not damage the skin. It is also good if you are moisturizing ingredients.
- Thin and sensitive skin: Choose a non-abrasive exfoliants, for example, on the basis of chemical peeling agents: fruit acids, retinol, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid.
- Oily and combination skin: Despite the fact that many are advised tougher peeling, we recommend to abandon intensive exfoliation, as it provokes a greater production of sebum. But for oily skin can use a scrub twice a week.

 Your personal skin care plan
 Nourishing Mask
There are specialists who advise to use masks almost daily. But the reality is that time is not enough, and, in general, it is not desirable, so often and so much to overload the skin. Times a week is enough. Especially good if the mask will be made after the peel, then all of its nutrients and beneficial properties of the skin will feel full. Pay special attention to the T-zone and the area around the eyes. If you prefer to store bought masks, then let them be enriched with peptides, enzymes, anti-oxidants.

Days stock pedicure, manicure stock, make-up stock
We advise to arrange days free of nail polish, as well as decorative cosmetics. Once a week. On such a day, it is desirable to make a bath for the feet and hands, the skin is completely free from external influences, take a relaxation bath. And it does not necessarily hold a salon day, all this can be done at home.

Hair Treatment
Although we are now talking more about skin, but note and hair care. Moreover, it is also associated with the skin, because taking care of hair, we care about the scalp. Hair mask, preceded by a light massage or therapeutic application of hair balm should not do often enough times a week.

Check the skin for new growths
At least once a month should be more attentive to the skin. Be sure to inspect your skin for new moles, warts, age spots. You also should be alerted if the size, color and consistency of existing moles changed. In all these cases is an appointment to a dermatologist, to prevent the occurrence of melanoma.

 Your personal skin care plan
 Revision of cosmetics
Decorative cosmetics, creams, masks, lotions, as well as food, have an expiry date. Once a month, check all its stocks of cosmetics. Not only the date on the package must be monitored, but also the smell, color, consistency. Products such as mascara and eyeliner age, regardless of what is written on the package, it is better to be changed every 3-6 months. Foundations should not be used longer than 6-12 months. Most of the products is not necessary to store more than a year.

Upgrade sunscreen products
When used correctly, one bottle of sunscreen should last only for a season. Often we put this tool is not enough thick, so that it "works". Therefore, even if you still have stocks from last year, the new season is better to buy a new tool. The same rule applies to your daily means of solar filters (day cream and lip balm). They too should be changed often, at least once a year.

Visit a dermatologist
Surveys dermatologist should undergo at least once a year, even if you do not feel any discomfort. Most should see a doctor if you have the following risk factors: if someone from the family had cancer of the skin if you are taking medications that increase the skin's sensitivity to the sun, if you have some kind of skin disease.
Author: Olga Larsen