10 Summer Beauty Tips
 Tips for makeup and hair care products for the summer season.

Summer like winter, requires its own approach to beauty. When the season change and the transition to the summer period your usual shade becoming too greasy hair done weakening or dry, and their color becomes not a valid color.
But do not worry - there are solutions to your problems with appearance. To always look perfect, we offer you the top ten favorite proven tools for the hot season.

Complete chaos with the hair? Go to the colorist
At that time, as I sit here typing this article my dirty blond hair feel a great desire to visit Antonio, from my stylist Eva Scrivo. Every time I run into him on the streets Village, he puts his hand on my face and said the same phrase with his Caribbean accent: "Honey, when are you may gather to visit me?"

Readers do not know about you, but I have decided I am going to make myself a summer hairstyle on next week. In the end, there is nothing more luxurious summer than blond hair. I look fantastic with light blond strands around the face. Nothing underlines the tan is better than they are.

You have black or brown hair? Try the caramel strands of hair, or a solid color one or two shades lighter than your current color. I suggest to paint the hair of a professional, but you can do it yourself with a special paint.

Remove the foundation, tinted moisturizer gat
If you are afraid that you will look too pale and not the meaning of life without foundation, try to at least one season to replace it with tinted moisturizer. But I warn you: then you can just forget about creams!

Lighter than tonal, tinted moisturizer perfectly masks irregularities, but you feel a lot more comfortable. In the summer you sometimes get the feeling that the foundation begins to melt on the face with a cream tinted this effect will not arise.

Most women are darker in the summer, so if you insist on using foundation, for the summer, choose the cream on one shade darker than winter. My favorite tinted moisturizer - Laura Mercier, which contains SPF-filters - a necessary bonus throughout the year.

Try to paint bold hues
If you have beautiful nails, try this summer to paint them bright, cheerful colors. Bright pink is especially popular this season and is perfect for all skin types. And how amazing it looks on dark skin!

When choosing a color for the summer toenails consider and features of your sandals. I plan to use a light pink nail polish, which is a bit brighter than my favorite summer sandals.

Do not forget to protect your skin
Studies have shown that most women use sunscreen on your face, but forget to use it in the neck, arms and neck. Their faces are well protected, but who wants to have a 80-year-old hands and 60-year-old face? My advice: when you apply sunscreen, take a few minutes to put it on the neck and chest. And the rest of smudge on his hands.

It is important to use sunscreen twice a day. The morning application will not protect your skin throughout the day.

Choose the right tanning
  The other day I saw an excellent model Helena Christensen (Helena Christensen). At first I thought, "Oh, my God, this is Helena! We go with her on the same street!" But then I noticed her legs and thought: "Wow! Helena - a victim of poor tanning!" Her legs were orange and everything in the divorce. So choose a quality tanning, which will give your skin a natural color.

Keep makeup from spreading
Within a few years, I was helpless before my shadows - by the middle of the day, they gathered in the crease. Then I discovered the foundation under the shade of MAC paints, which works on the type of primer under the shade. Shadows are fixed on this "ground" and stay the whole day.

This framework is also suitable and under the pencil, but to see this, try to apply the shadows along the century and the check. However, in the summer it is better not to use eyeliner, and replace it with a liquid eyeliner, which is more wear-resistant. As for mascara, waterproof mascara - the most appropriate option.

Do not be afraid to shine
Wet skin is gorgeous. No need to putty your face, fearing that it will be covered with a layer of fat. Instead, try this promakivat face wipes.

Pink cheeks leveling just adorable

There is nothing more natural than the summer than pink paint nalivshiesya as after running, cheeks. To obtain this result, first apply a bronzer on the most prominent part of the face: forehead, cheeks and nose. Then use a pink blush, putting them on the cheekbones.

Do not obstruct the face hair
To the neck is not sweating, braid tails make bagels, wear headbands, ribbons, ribbons, and even scarves. All this is very popular throughout the summer.
Author: Ann, New York