Probably no one would argue that in the summer of every woman wants her nails look especially attractive. And the beauty of nails depends not only on manicurists, but also from the constant care of the nails, and their health.

What is our nails?

The nail plate is composed of numerous horny scales, tightly adjacent to each other and to create a solid fabric. The skin that covers the nail at the base called - cuticle . Skin adjacent to the lateral surface of the nail, called rollers . If you take care of them properly, burrs are formed.

- When burrs and inflammation of the nail holes   effectively help bath of chamomile. 2 tbsp. tablespoons dried chamomile flowers to brew 1 cup water, leave for 40 minutes, strain and 20 minutes to lower the infusion fingertips. After the bath dry hands and rub into the nail plate olive oil.

- Nails become brittle When the body lacks calcium and silicon. Physicians are advised to add to the diet of fresh parsley, carrots, seafood, beans, bananas. If the nails lose their elasticity, the experts advise to use instead of decorative lacquer recovery basis. And if the basic framework applied to the nails before applying the varnish, the nails will not turn yellow.

- For rapid growth   nails need to iron, which is contained in aspic, aspic and jelly. Useful and bath gelatin. In a glass of boiling water dissolve 1st. spoon gelatin, the mixture is allowed to cool, and it is lowered into the fingers for 10-15 minutes. Suffice 2-3 baths a week.

- To strengthen nails   the normal hand cream, you can add the oil pharmacy solution of vitamins A and E.

- On the Ancient East beauty strengthens nails, causing them 1 time per week henna.

   - Strengthen the property has tea and soda mixed with iodine. 1 teaspoon baking soda dissolved in a glass of boiled water and add 10 drops of iodine. Hold fingernails in the liquid for 20 minutes daily. The course of 20 baths.

- Tray of oranges and iodine will prevent nails flake. Juice of ½ orange dissolved in 1 cup of boiled water, add 10 drops of iodine. The temperature of the bath by 37 - 38C. Dipped in her fingers for 15 minutes. After the bath hand wipe and lubricate with a nourishing cream. This procedure is better to do before going to bed so that you can immediately put on cotton gloves.

- Make brittle nails more resilient and healthy green tea will help. ½ cup of freshly brewed green tea mixed with 2 tbsp. spoons of olive oil. Daily keep this solution fingertips 15-20 minutes a day, for example when watching television. The temperature of the solution is adjusted to + 38C.

 The appearance of the nails can tell a lot about its owner.

- Bluish fingernails indicate malfunction of the cardiovascular or respiratory system.

- Pale nails signal the anemia.

- Nails turn yellow from smoking and taking certain medications. Can they turn yellow from a fungal infection. In this case it is better to consult a doctor. Traditional medicine nail fungus when applied daily lubrication of the affected plates tea tree essential oil.

- Nail fungus may thicken.

Permanent care:

- Whitens nails with lemon juice, wiping them with a slice of lemon on a daily basis.

- Good for the improvement of the running polish aloe juice, which also rubbed daily in the nail plate.

- Improve the appearance of the nail will eucalyptus tincture (available at pharmacies). 10 drops of eucalyptus to 1 cup of warm water. Lower fingers in this solution for 10 minutes. Then gently dry with a soft cloth, gently shifting the base of the nail to the cuticle.

- Nails, as well as hands on the whole, harmful detergents, even those advertising calls safe and even useful, so all the work at home, experts recommend to do with gloves.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva