Clap eyelashes and ...
 Eyelashes - a heavy artillery in an unequal battle with the man's heart.

Eyelashes - a heavy artillery in an unequal battle with the man's heart. Well, what girl does not know how to ogle and fluffs his thick cilia to please her object ?! The eyelashes have something magical: «c a fallen eyelash eyes"? Guess? Think of a desire to lash sduy hands and wait for execution. But if you make a wish "eyelashes" more than three times a day, it means that they lack food and care.

Of what?

Eyelashes - a high protein carotene, which also consists of hair on the head and body. In addition to the lashes, a large amount of carotene found in sea buckthorn, carrot, rose hips, parsley, pepper and tomato. Regularly eat these products are useful to the body, and your eyelashes will be stronger by the day.

Off-season loss

Like hair, eyelashes fall out periodically, and in their place grow new "hairs". Due to the thick mass of eyelashes dramatic changes in the look is not visible, but some things you probably keen, can lead to abundant resnitsepadu. Learn express my destroyers beauty of eyelashes:

- regular exposure to UV rays. When sunbathe or in the solarium, be sure to close your eyes or wear a cotton pad sunglasses. And remember that glasses must be made of glass - but they do not pass ultraviolet.

- incorrect removal of make-up.   If you are afraid to see in the mirror early wrinkles and flabby, all procedures are carried out only with the face of the massage lines. With eyelash makeup shoot in the direction of the nose to the cheeks. Try not to press strongly on the skin - so you prevent the appearance of small "webs" on the skin around the eyes.

- poor-quality cosmetics.   Bright packaging, catchy names and slogans "tighten up" the formula attracts us greedy for beauty girls, like magnets. If you turn red or itchy eyes - poor quality products "there" in the truest sense of the word. Look for hypoallergenic cosmetics - it is suitable for the most sensitive skin. You're a plus if it is composed of vitamins and carotene, nature related proteins eyelashes. Do not buy cosmetics on trays - for an attractive price hide a fake. Be sure to check the expiration date - cosmetics should be "fresh" and does not crumble.

-   constant stress and nervosa.   Frequent anxiety and stress have a negative impact on our beauty as a whole, not to mention such a "break-up" material, like hair and eyelashes. To protect themselves from the influence of negative emotions, to spend more time in the fresh air and tranquil surroundings. Turn to yoga: it will not only help you learn spiritual harmony, but will also provide you with fluffy eyelashes.

- poor diet.   Excess sweet spoils not only figure, but also a person. If possible, eliminate from the diet of chocolate, ice cream, bakery products and add vegetables, fruits and fresh juices. They are rich in vitamins and trace elements that give your lashes shine and thickness. So, over time, mascara seem to you absolutely useless thing.

Stop! Cut!

The more you shoot make-up? I hope not "general" soap, which is used by the whole family? Ideally, the soap was personal. Preferably choose a cream-soap: it does not dry the skin and preserves the natural PH-balance. Choose a soap for sensitive skin: It gently cleanses and does not cause irritation.

Many girls use makeup remover tools for problem skin. Be careful when choosing a gel, some of them dried and lead to dehydration of the skin and eyelashes, respectively, premature skin aging and weakened lashes. Choose only a mild detergent on the basis of plant components: they soothe the skin and give it a fresh, healthy look.

If your shelf is present lotion to remove makeup, remember a few simple rules: to keep healthy and fluffy lashes, apply a small amount of money on top and bottom lashes, wait 30 seconds and gently remove excess clean cotton pad. So you sberezhesh lashes from falling and carefully remove makeup.

The modern way of removing makeup - wet wipes. Firstly, they do not cause irritation, thanks to hypoallergenic impregnating lotion, to its composition. Second, the packaging pocket is always with you. Thirdly, on the napkins you cut your budget. Fourth, to appreciate the convenience of use. Besides, in the lotion comprises keratin and vitamin E, which strengthen and promote the natural regeneration of the skin. With them you can always gently remove make-up and beauty care of their lashes.


Eyelashes after make-up it is necessary to strengthen. Daily "bark" mascara does not allow them to "breathe" and greatly weakens the outer cover. After you have washed off makeup, put on the lashes fat cream. Do not forget about the regular reinforcement. This will help you a folk remedy: castor oil mixed with aloe juice in a ratio of 70h30. Instead of aloe juice is suitable peach butter. For mixing and easy application better to use well washed bottle from the old carcasses. Apply the mixture to the eyelashes before bedtime. After a week you will notice that your eyelashes become fluffy, silky and bulky, and it is not in "superschetochke" high places and the price!

Who ordered Spa?

There is also blessed Spa-care eyelashes: a recipe different masks on the basis of aromatic components, combined with an Asian spa-resorts.

Recipe softens and tightens spa-mask for the eyes and eyelashes as follows: boil 150 grams of rice per 200 ml of milk, rice, remember to form small homogeneous. Add the rose oil and rose petals. Mix all ingredients in a blender. Apply the mask around the eyes and covered with a cotton pad. After Wash with warm water and passed over the skin and eyelashes with ice cubes. This spa-mask will give you expressive, clear eyes, healthy skin color, as well as strong and velvety lashes. Arrange for them to paradise without leaving home.

Length matters

Bright, modern and trendy girls dream about ... long lashes. According to the survey, 47% of women who use cosmetics, prefer lengthening mascara. And 55% of Russian men pay attention when we first met ... on the eyelashes! Therefore, you have a reason to cause "heavy artillery" in action. There tweezers, false eyelashes, perms - a lot of different ways to make irresistible your opinion, but also in length has its own precautions.

Conventional tweezers are the scissors, which, instead of a sharp tip mounted nozzle with amortization pad for the upper inner eyelid. Combining the two "rings" you lift the lashes at the roots, and they are extended over the entire length. Because of the mechanical extension eyelashes can often "crumble", so without strengthening them you can not do! For gentle attitude to the lashes with tweezers alternate lengthening mascara.

False eyelashes - very simple, easy and painless way to make your point of view spectacular and expressive. Choose the length, in harmony with the natural. Put your lashes to the edge of the eyelids with adhesive backing and fix them with a slight pressure. If you use one lashes a lot of times, you need a special hypoallergenic adhesive. Avoid contact with eyes glue. Do not forget at the end of the day to feed the "natural" eyelashes - they are the only ones you have and priceless!

Session perm eyelashes in a beauty salon is popular. The procedure will take you no more than an hour, and the effect, according to the make-up artists and beauticians, stunning. Thanks to a couple of tiny curlers and special chemical solution, you can forget about the usual morning make up for two months. After perm come down, spend lashes rehabilitation course, that they are "naturally" beautiful.

At last

The popular song fair sex call "clap eyelashes and fly up, do not forget ...". Do not forget to take care of your lashes to your eye remember the millions.
Author: Oksana Lipkin