Defending Beauty
 Smoky exhausts heat of summer finally gave way to the cool autumn. At first we were happy to breathe rapidly truly fresh air, but then found that the autumn weather is not too favorable effect on the appearance. So it's time to update the arsenal of cosmetic and include in it the means to stand up for our beauty.

For the delicate skin of the face. At the time of the heat, we unanimously rejected the foundation, and it was absolutely right, when such record temperatures, he still could not adequately perform its tasks. But now is the time to return it to its rightful place. And not just because it evens the complexion, making wrinkles less visible and allows the makeup last longer. But also because it protects the skin from harsh autumn winds and dust-laden air and dirt of the city.

And you need to choose a foundation not only in color but also in its additional properties. For example, for oily and combination skin suit Photogenic Lumessence from Lancome, which does not contain oils, and owners of dry - Soft Finish by Clinique intensive moisturizing ingredients.

Important!   The worse the weather, the denser should be foundation. And if he is not exactly lays down on the skin, it can add a little light daytime moisturizer.

 Defending Beauty
 For a seductive smile.   Thin, delicate, easily vulnerable lip skin lends itself particularly strong environmental impact. Protect it from the effects of climatic vagaries help various hygienic lipstick, in particular a lip balm from Neutrogena Norwegian Formula, it provides protection for as long as 6 hours.

It is worth to nourish lips with vitamins, which are contained, for example, in fruits and vegetables, simply brush them with the juice of drying the skin and leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes. To lower lips went dry and weather-beaten need to get rid of the habit of licking them, especially in the wind, and to make sure that the body receives enough fluids.

Important!   Increased dry lips as often occurs during treatment with fluoride toothpaste and resistant lipsticks with them in the fall season you have to be careful.

 Defending Beauty
 For perfect hands . Still too early to wear gloves, but at the same time cool chilly autumn morning incident at times shrill wind does not have consequences for the delicate skin of the hands. So it makes sense to settle a protective hand cream, for example, Atrix with chamomile extract, not only on the shelf in the bathroom, but in the drawer of your desktop, to use it during the day.

Of course, you need to take care of the health of nails, because for them, too, there comes a time of serious challenges temperatures. To stop them splitting and restore the nail plate, you can use a special base coat, such as a means to enhance nail growth Pro-Tech System from INM on the basis of artificial proteins. Then, even if the state is not perfect nails, perfect manicure will cease to be an unattainable dream, and favorite nail polish will last longer.
Important!   Wash hands with warm water better than a comfortable temperature - too cold or too hot makes the skin rough.

 Defending Beauty
 For graceful legs . Open weightless sandals and colorful flip-flops have been removed to a distant closet and forced to meekly wait for the next summer, and in the corridor already lined boots and boots. They truly protect the feet from the cold and damp, they can walk around the city well and bravely cross the autumn puddles. But when the road goes to work through the hot subway or street shoes have to spend some time in a warm room, feet start to sweat uncontrollably. And if you then have somewhere to take off our shoes?

To prevent odor and solve the problem of sweating of the feet using special tools, such as, in particular, on foot spray or deodorant Cliven Gehwol Foot + Shoe, which can be treated and even shoes.
Important!   Feet sweat a lot too tight shoes, especially if it is made of synthetic materials, so it is best to choose a comfortable model made of leather.

 Defending Beauty
 For fine hair. Morning fog, sudden rain and sudden gusts of wind - a list of autumn surprises that the weather is experiencing hair strength is endless. But this is no excuse for careless hairstyle. For now, there is, for example, means for storing the hairstyles in any weather Preen Cream, which helps hair look perfect in any weather surprises.
Important!   It is not necessary to wash your hair and do her hair just before leaving the house, the hair should be allowed to completely dry out and "remember" stacking.

Look in the fall as great as in the summer? It is not too difficult! You just need to take care of protecting its beauty from those climatic surprises that are so generous nature in the autumn.
Author: Olga Larsen