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Beautiful woman: what is the point we are investing in this concept? Beauty includes many components: sparkling eyes, a slim figure, luxurious head of hair, confident elegant gait ... But your perfect shape would be incomplete if it did not add to the well-groomed hands with beautiful, neat nails.

The condition of our nails is one of the main gauges the state of the whole organism. And what a beauty without health? One visibility. If the nails exfoliate, break down, they appear spots, stripes - you urgently need to take measures for their rehabilitation. Of course, the shape of the nails, and their structure is largely gets us inherited, but nevertheless the right nail care helps to keep them healthy, hide a lot of flaws. The first step is to adjust the composition of the supply mode and introduce it foods rich in vitamins and trace elements on.

The most important polish vitamins - A and B - a real beauty vitamins.

Vitamin A   - The main vitamin, necessary for growth and strengthen nails (found in liver, tomatoes, carrots, oil, greens).

Vitamin B   is also necessary for nail growth, it promotes the assimilation of protein (found in cabbage, brewer's yeast, egg yolk, sprouted wheat grains, many cereals).

Vitamin D   It helps cells absorb calcium nail root. Found in dairy products, olive oil, egg yolk and seafood.

Calcium It contributes to the hardness of nails (found in dairy products). The lack of this element is a common cause separation of nails. Pharmacies sell organic calcium from the shells and chicken shell, it is easily absorbed by the body and is important for the nails.

Very useful for the growth of nails and iodine   (contained in sea cabbage, spinach, Appleseed)

Iron   responsible for the structure and shape of the nail plate.

Sulfur   It prevents inflammation, is important for the formation of the nail (contained in cabbage, onion, cucumber).

 From top to toe ....
   Apart from the general supply and reception vitamin complexes is necessary and local recharge of the nails and skin of the hands of special oils and creams.   For this purpose, along with the finished cosmetic ideal extra virgin olive oil. Twice a week, you can arrange your nails from the evening bath preheated olive oil, and if the bath add 3-5 drops of iodine, the effect will be even better. Also you can use the olive and other vegetable oils such as corn oil or castor. Strengthen nails and promotes regular massage ... To ensure that your nails are less brittle and fragile, less sloilis useful to rub them cranberry juice or lemon.

  Another simple and effective means for the health of nails - salt baths.   To use the trays can be marine or oceanic salt, but better without coloring and aromatic additives. In warm water to dissolve a teaspoon of salt and hold hands for 20 minutes. The procedure is performed 10-15 consecutive days in a month can be repeated. For prevention rather than 1 time per week.

  Well, and the final touch in our complex nail care - competent and beautiful manicure   Of course, the cabin is an experienced, sure, do everything right, but at home with a little training, you can also achieve good results .  The main thing - do not miss out on some important points .  It is important to properly care for cuticles .  For starters, apply a means for its mitigation (special oil) .  Wait a few minutes until the agent is absorbed .  Take a warm bath of soapy water to soften skin .  Then gently push the cuticles special spatula to the area of ​​nail growth .  Trim with scissors is not worth it, otherwise this peel will continue to grow, become thicker and look more and more unattractive .  For gentle treatment of the cuticle is necessary to use special preparations for removing cuticle (oil, lotion, cream, lotion, gel) - they dissolve its dead cells, slow the re-growth, and as an additional feature, a positive effect on the skin around the nails, t . to .  contain vitamins and other nutrients .  Under the nail polish it is recommended to apply an ad hoc basis .  Base - a means of containing oil and vitamins, enriched with amino acid derivatives, which contribute to the hardness and the formation of keratin in nails .  The formula is often included himself keratin, which gives hardness of nails .  The base layer is applied to clean, dry nails .  It does not allow varnish to come into contact directly with the nail plate, protecting the nail polish from the agressive action and tissue penetration of the nail dyes . 

Recently it is becoming more popular nail treatment.   Cleverly chosen tips (artificial nails) allows to adjust the shape of their own nails, and even visually - the shape of the fingers. But, nevertheless, the procedure capacity is not so safe for our nails, and overall health. There can trap and allergic reactions and fungal infections, so if you're really determined to this procedure - trust  From top to toe ....
 professionals and choose gel buildup. Acrylic - even cheaper and acrylic nails stronger, we should not delude ourselves: it consists of methacrylic and acrylic acid, which can irritate the skin and make your nails brittle and native weak.

Nail care - a requirement and hygiene, and beauty. Beautiful, neat, with a smooth gloss nails very decorate our hands and give a special charm to the entire shape.
Author: Olga Travleeva