How to prepare yourself for the holidays?
 Coming time to endless parties, corporate events and other entertainment events. This means that our bodies have a lot to endure. In addition, any woman always wants to look stunning. And that means - to have a well-groomed and youthful appearance. And that and look good, and feel no worse - it is necessary to competently approach to the pre-training.


A few days before the event, try to drink more clean water. At least 2 liters per day. So your body is easier to transfer alcohol.

 How to prepare yourself for the holidays?

It would be nice to arrange fasting days. And feel better, and a couple of kilograms reset.

Brush up

This is perhaps the most complex preparations for the holiday.

 How to prepare yourself for the holidays?
   A few weeks before the holidays do not forget to enroll in a beauty salon or barber shop on the hair.

If you can not afford such a luxury, then go for two weeks for a haircut. Why two? All the obvious. To hairstyle gained its normal shape. And if you are to be painted, then the hair will have time to recover after the procedure. For those who can not go to the hairdresser can offer hair done at home with their own hands. It's much easier than you think.

If you are planning any treatments for the skin, also pre-recorded. Do not forget about manicure and pedicure. And no experiments at least one week before the event.

 How to prepare yourself for the holidays?
   Manicure better, of course, to professionals, to all the holidays you have not thought about their nails. In extreme cases, this procedure alone take a sufficient amount of time, not missing a single step.

As for leather, there is also a lot of things worth considering. Look at various social events, see you among women invited to at least one with a gray-green face and tired with poor makeup?

So we have to work, especially if the skin is far from ideal. If you drink more and discharged, then the body will begin to remove toxins that have an immediate effect on the skin.

 How to prepare yourself for the holidays?
   Do not forget about cleansing. Use scrubs (not just on the face), make a mask, massage the face and neck. All these procedures are easy to make at home, just need to find half an hour twice a week.

 How to prepare yourself for the holidays?
   Remember the eyes. Sleepless nights make our eyes are dull and inexpressive. Especially noticeable fatigue around the eyes. To improve the situation, use special means, but something can be made at home.

Do not forget to remove all excess vegetation from the face, underarms and legs (and then if desired).

An important attribute of any image of a makeover. For a festive evening is to give it a little more time than usual. You can choose absolutely any technique and color. Despite the fact that this season are fashionable and pale haze, you can easily this challenge. Use bronze or fluorescent powder to add color and radiance of the skin. Remember - most importantly, that all together: hair - makeup - outfit looked harmoniously.

But do not forget about the body. Before undertaking a bath with essential oils, then use the scrub and moisturizing lotion. Now on sale there are means with shining particles, so that the skin will have a splendid view.

 How to prepare yourself for the holidays?

Secrets of the perfect appearance

Why do stars look so perfect on the red carpet? All because their stylists know a million secrets of how to cope with various troubles. And today we will reveal them.

Problem №1. Tight clothing exposes underwear.   It is absolutely unacceptable! Therefore, you have two options. The first - a thong. Moreover, they must not crash into the body, forming unwanted protuberances. Second, if you do not like the thong, then - thong panties. Of cotton, a suitable size. They perfectly fit a priest, and did not find its edges.

 How to prepare yourself for the holidays?

Issue 2 Banners in bra . When wearing a bra, you saw something that should not be, then remove it immediately. And wear wonderful thing - bra, combined with a T-shirt. The idea like a body, and the length just to the waist. Such clothes and modify the figure, and you will avoid constrictions.

 How to prepare yourself for the holidays?

Problem 3. neckline.   Wearing a dress with a deep neckline, you can always be in a piquant situation. To avoid this, use duct tape. You can take a special, and it is possible and the usual double sided tape (although it may have to be irritation). One side of an adhesive to secure the clothing, the other - on the body.

Problem 4. unhappy with your figure?   Then slimming underwear is waiting for you. And there is no shame. Do you really think that all the society ladies have perfectly toned and flat stomach ass ?!

Finally ...

What is called the little tricks to leave a pleasant memory about himself. At the party, you have to shake a lot of people. So do not forget to use perfume. But so it was only caught when you are close to you.

 How to prepare yourself for the holidays?

And most importantly, do not let small troubles spoil your evening. Choose a dress, make-up and hair so that you can quickly and easily put himself in order. And this - the usual skills of a real woman.

 How to prepare yourself for the holidays?

Author: Vera Karabutova