Mistakes of youth, or 10 things that you can not do with your skin
 Though they say that you can only learn from your mistakes, but as self-care, you should study the experience of their predecessors. His mistakes you're bound to have done, in love, in the profession, in the family ... but what about skin -Let's just summarize our experience and the experience of our older friends. We share our errors of youth.

Error 1. Do not pay attention to your skin type

As youth, we often do not know, we do not even think about what type belongs to our skin. Especially if the problem is a little bit. And, accordingly, often in a youth buy those products that have seen my mother, a friend, in a magazine, on TV. Meanwhile, the selection of cosmetics - an intimate thing, there should be no repetition mode, only the needs of your skin should dictate the choice. And how many problems can be acquired, if oily skin to use even more fatty compounds, which do not allow pores to breathe and clean, or if you start to use normal skin dries means.

Conclusion:   urgently pass at least approximately diagnosis .  Now enough of online resources that help to do it .  For example, go to the site of the famous manufacturers of cosmetics, there have such tests (for example, the site vichyconsult . ru), and in principle they can be trusted, because the manufacturers are interested to sell you the correct product that you then had no problems .  And they suspect of bias difficult .  This is the first thing you can do, not looking up from the computer .  And the second - and also required is a consultation with a specialist .  Get free professional consultation also possible .  Follow the client days in large networks of perfumery and cosmetics, where there is a consultant dermatologists known brands, in these days they offer free consultations .  Beauty salons also have counseling as the first free service .  The main thing - be more curious with respect to their skin .

Mistake 2. Do not pay enough attention to cleansing

 Mistakes of youth, or 10 things that you can not do with your skin
   Many women know little about the cleansing of the skin, thinking that at the age of 18-20 years is enough soap. And the feeling of tightness is often mistaken for a sign of purity. And it is - a big mistake. Good soap that suits your skin type, should neither dry nor pull the skin. You're lucky if you use soap Dove , for example. And if not?

Conclusion:   Learn all about your soap. If you constantly "cleans" your own soap lipid layer if the pH level of soap is not neutral if there is discomfort - you know, all this will affect the future on your face. Find these products to be cleaned carefully and gently.

Mistake 3. Not enough thorough make-up remover

This is especially true for those who have already enjoyed quite intense makeup. Many are not even aware that the concept of modern make-up remover - is a two-phase procedure. If you use mascara remover only a cotton swab soaked in milk, then just wash your face with soap - something you do very recklessly. This make-up remover only clog pores and is not caring for the person.

 Mistakes of youth, or 10 things that you can not do with your skin
 Conclusion : Be sure to clean skin twice! The first phase - a special makeup remover, fit and fat structure (lotion or oil), and the second time you need to wash away the remnants of the very makeup remover. Better if it will be a special fat-free gel, mousse or toner to remove any remnants of cosmetics, including make-up remover products. For example: Vitamin tonic from Bourjois Paris. It will help to remove the remnants of milk, as well as give your skin radiance and freshness. Tonic is enriched with vitamin C derivatives, does not contain alcohol, it is suitable for all skin types.

Error 4. Inadequate hydration

If your skin is dry, sometimes flakes, you should not underestimate it. This is a sure sign that the skin needs additional moisture. Help her in this. It is better to moisturize where peeling noticeable. Spread cream all over his face to anything - often only need to moisten the problem areas, let the rest of the skin does not weigh down the cream until it copes with a balance of fat, help is needed point.

Conclusion:   Choose a moisturizer for your skin type and be sure to use it every day after each cleansing. Skin that is too dry, prone to irritation, injury, micro-breaks, as well as premature aging.

Error 5. Refusal of sunscreens

 Mistakes of youth, or 10 things that you can not do with your skin
 For many women, aged now it becomes obvious. Virtually all cases when they burn or are protected from the strong rays - now coming out. Yes, during the youth of today forty years nothing was known about the dangers of the sun's rays, respectively, and there was no means of protection. But now the sun protection becomes very pleasant - so many brands, so many fragrant funds! Defend yourself, if you do not want after 35 and have a pronounced wrinkles and age spots.

Conclusion:   Please be sure to funds with protection against UVA radiation and UVB. It is best if all of your money will be daily with filters SPF (moisturizer, tone, color cosmetics). They are somewhat expensive, but you need this protection. And do not hesitate to wear hats, baseball caps, gowns, goggles.

Error 6. Do not pay attention to the quality of cosmetics

You can understand all the make-up trends, but absolutely not distinguish what is it that apply to your face. So do many of the girls, who are often important for the color of lipstick, but not its quality. Sometimes the ink used irritating and allergenic, if only fashionable, and cream is applied just "that they were" and not because their components are required to your skin.

Conclusion : Know your skin, learn it and use what it needs. Be selective and choose the tools that are needed not only for your skin type, and your age. Anti-aging agents can bring great harm if used at the wrong time. Cosmetics, the origin of which you are not sure, should not attract your attention. Many women are now paying the poor eyelashes due to the poor quality carcasses or uneven skin irritation from eternal because of low-quality blush.

Error 7. Do not pay attention to the neck and chin

Sometimes it's just laziness, and sometimes ignorance, inattention. But the fact remains - the neck should also moisturize, protect from the sun, free radicals and other harmful influences. Wrinkled neck with sagging skin can ruin even the most flourishing appearance.

Conclusion:   While attending to the person - never forget the chin and neck. Clean, moisturize, massage - be careful what you do for a person.

Error 8. Sleep on your side

It may sound funny, but many women have at ... wrinkles from sleep. Improper sleep. If you sleep on your side always, the facial skin is very wrinkled, you provoke the appearance of extra wrinkles, not just mimic. Quality pillows can also how to rectify the situation and worsen. Ask for forty years, and they will tell you, sometimes incorrect posture during sleep affects the condition of skin in the morning, and only in the evening the situation was corrected. And if this happens every day?

Conclusion:   the ideal position during sleep - on the back. And buy a good orthopedic pillow that during sleep you are not there, no extra wrinkle. To avoid wrinkles on the neck, avoid high pillows.

Error 9. Do not attach importance to nutrition

After this error are almost everything. When we are young, we eat everything without distinction. Add to that alcohol, cigarettes and fast food. But still with time it is not only reflected in the figure, but also on the skin! Remember the famous phrase about what we - what we eat. Who do you want to be: a fat turkey or delicate peach? What kind of skin you want? Vegetables, fruits are useful not only for health, but also for the skin condition.

Conclusion:   Review your diet. To begin exclude even sweets and canned drinks. This is - really bad for the skin. And of course, plenty of vegetables and fruits. Keep your weight permanently, any weight fluctuations - is stressful for the skin, and as a result - wrinkles and loss of elasticity.

Error 10. Inadequate water consumption

 Mistakes of youth, or 10 things that you can not do with your skin
 The skin should be saturated with moisture constantly, not only with external humidifiers. Be sure to give the skin moisture at the same time that you drink. Once you start to drink a lot - you can immediately see how the skin is different! It says every woman, which increases the amount of water you drink daily.

Conclusion: drink, drink and drink again. Do not fizzy drinks. And do not gulp the whole daily rate. Some nutritionists even advised to drink at night, sometimes if you get up during sleep. Do not wait until you have a craving, do not wait until the skin is dry - drink enough during the day. Everyday!

These simple truths can help to be a little more responsible in the face, and then you can expect 35 years of excellent results. But remember that only 40% of the skin depends on the care and cosmetic procedures, and 60% of the skin depends on what kind of lifestyle you lead, what you eat, how much positive in life. So start to change, and the skin will say "thank you."
Author: Julia Gnedina