Moisturizes, renews or SPA- treatments at home
 SPA - is an acronym that stands for many "health through water" and, in principle, any water procedures - be it a shower, bath, wet wrap - can be regarded as SPA. Even in ancient times people realized how useful and enjoyable can be spurting from underground sources of water, especially hot. Especially loved the hydrotherapy woman. And the water itself - changeable, mysterious, mesmerizing as a woman - is considered feminine element, in fact, that's why, according to the Greek myth, the goddess of beauty and love Aphrodite was born from sea foam.

The modern concept of SPA-treatment includes the use of common, sea or natural mineral water for healing, weight loss, improved skin condition. The positive properties of even ordinary tap water may be good enough to help strengthen salts, herbs, mud and clay. On the same set of procedures can include aromatherapy and color therapy, massage, mineral and anti-aging cleansing masks, as well as drinks and teas with mineral water. And much of this complex, we successfully can apply at home. Recently, there was even such a thing as home-SPA (home spa), and many cosmetic companies that produce professional SPA-facilities, and release them in versions for home use.

So, the most important SPA-procedures - Bath .  The first to appreciate the life-giving influence of baths on the human inhabitants of the East, but also the citizens of Greece, and later Rome also paid tribute to water procedures .  The first public baths of Rome, built in the warm mineral springs, called "Baths", and can be considered the first SPA-center, because that's where Roman citizens were relaxing, immersed in warm healing water, taking massages, and Roman, meanwhile, enjoyed the wine wraps bathed in wine and wrapping in cloth, as it was believed, not without reason, that the wine rejuvenates the skin .  Many European water resorts are popular and today are, in fact, it fragments the Roman baths, as the Roman Empire occupied most of Europe: Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic, Baden-Baden in Germany, Bath in England .  After the conquest of Europe by the barbarians, and then wash the tradition of Christianity in general has disappeared for many centuries .  People sincerely believed that the water is detrimental to health and corrosive to the skin .  In the Middle Ages in Europe bathing was not honored, and the bath was a luxury and rarity .  The Marquise de Pompadour, mistress of Louis XV, in fact revived the tradition wash, made her first fashion in the palace, and then in the country and Europe .

The simplest thing we can recommend at home - This warm bath (37-39 degrees) with sea salt Which can be bought at any drugstore or beauty salon. You can buy flavored sea salt, the smell of which you will be pleasant, but it is better to create a pleasant smell of its own, adding a bit of your favorite essential oil or a decoction of herbs. A bath can be prepared with the complex aromatic compounds, for example as follows:

Hawaiian oil

You need:
1 cup massage oil
10 drops of essential oil of mango
10 drops of aromatic coconut oil
10 drops of aromatic oil gardenia
10 drops of ginger flavor

All of this mix thoroughly and pour into a bottle of shower gel. Fill the bathtub with warm water, substitute the bottle under running water - so the oil is distributed evenly. They say that after a bath and you can actually believe that the door bathroom - Hawaii, especially if the flowers to decorate the bath and play music with over ukulele.

After the bath should be rinsed in the shower and rub yourself with a towel. Massage is a mandatory part of SPA-therapy   in salons and at home it is quite possible to replace rubbing. And you can buy one of the special devices for water massage at home (for example, "pearl bath"). The massage is performed with the help of air bubbles, remove the voltage from tired muscles, tones and firms the skin and improves health.

Baths with herbs and wraps   - This is also one of the components of SPA. For example, take the series. This herb has a strong cleansing effect. The broth of 15-30 g. herb in 1 liter. Water used for bathing as a preventive agent against skin diseases. To rinse after the bath is not necessary, even desirable - let your skin fully absorb all the beneficial properties of succession. Similarly brewing for a bath can be any grass, as long as you did not have her allergy.

Many SPA-salons often use extracts of conifers. You can make a home and coniferous bath, buying a bag of pine needles extract, or best of all, using natural products - pine branches. Branches steamed, and the resulting broth is diluted in a bath to a comfortable temperature. This procedure improves blood circulation and makes the skin supple. The soft, steamed branch plants no longer pricked, and can be put under your feet while you enjoy a fragrant bath - they are great they promassazhiruyut.

With conifers and can make a very useful SPA-wrapping procedure . The broth is prepared in the same way as for the baths. The ideal situation would be if you are tired of branches in the mineral water. But, if such a number of mineral water is not at hand, it is possible to mix the resulting broth with warm mineral water. Then soak a mixture of a large piece of cloth and wrap the whole body, try to damp cloth as long as possible to stay warm. The procedure should last for 2-3 hours, then carefully rub yourself with a towel. SPA-wrap with coniferous decoction improves blood circulation and muscle tone, cosmetology has a beneficial effect on the skin, cleanses and gives it elasticity.

Seaweed wraps   - One of the most popular treatments in beauty salons, because after a few sessions result in a taut and smooth skin and reduce cellulite bumps visible to the naked eye. Houses do this procedure fully is unlikely to succeed, but you can replace it masks containing seaweed extract to the local area.

Also it can be successfully used in the home and clay wraps   for body and face masks - they not only improve the condition of the skin, saturate it with minerals, increase elasticity and reduce stretch marks, but also help to reduce the volume of waist on a couple of centimeters. Suitable for SPA-procedures, mainly green clay. However, to reduce the weight (not volume) just a passive wrapping unlikely - for this purpose it is necessary, while in the "clay cocoon" to do more and fitness. For example, having put on the body (problem areas) clay wrapped in plastic wrap, put on a tracksuit top and perform intense exercise.

SPA-care salons always includes pilling To clean the dead skin particles, to hold a light massage and strengthen it. It is possible to do it and in a home bathtub applying ready scrubs seaweed and salt.

The home complex of SPA-procedures, you can also turn on "dry" treatment, ie, heating of dry herbs, salt or clay, stone . To do this, take the bags made of natural fabrics, which are filled with the right ingredients, then heated (for example, on the battery), and applied to the body. Dry heat perfectly relaxes tired muscles, relieves pain in the joints and good for the skin condition. Well warms the muscles and relaxes the body, calms the mind warm sea pebbles.

  What would be the procedure of SPA- complex you choose for yourself, the basic rule - it's comfort, physical and moral. Choose for yourself the day when no one will bother you, call or run around the house. Be prepared to provide all necessary asseksuary and cosmetics. Prepare the bathroom: you can light candles, decorate the room with flowers, turn on your favorite music - and enjoy life! With effect from the respective mood of your home SPA-salon is perfect for body and soul!
Author: Olga Travleeva