Proper care of the scalp
 Each of us have our habits hair care: who is using proven tools favorite brand, others prefer grandmother's recipes based on natural herbs, and someone just looking for your perfect shampoo. But we all want the same thing - a beautiful and healthy hair. However, for some reason we forget, it is not enough to care only for the hair: the scalp, too, requires care. As the facial skin, it may suffer from dryness, lack of nutrients, low tone, and this is reflected in the condition of the hair. The secrets of skin care and hair experts shared head & shoulders.

Tips international stylist head & shoulders Ben Skervina:

  1. Do not abuse laying
    If you are unhappy with the condition of your hair and scalp, reduce to a minimum the installation procedure that is primarily concerned with devices for heat styling and various styling products. This is especially important if you think that your problems with the scalp associated with stress on your hair, and an active lifestyle.

  2. Saturate the body moisture from the inside
    The water you consume reaches the scalp almost last but not least - for humidification should drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

  3. On vacation wash your hair every day
    Sun, sea, swimming in the pool - this is often all negative effects on your hair. One of the possible side effects - that your hair will begin to lose moisture. The best defense plan - to use a mild shampoo every day.

  4. Gently wipe wet hair
    After washing hair, dry them gently with a soft towel and never rub too vigorously, since wet hair is easily broken and in need of extra care.

  5. Follow a balanced diet
    Unbalanced diet leads to a lack of vitamins, minerals and protein - all of which can affect the health of the scalp and hair condition worsen.

  6. Eat the "right" fats
    "Right" fats are found in fruits such as avocados, and help your body to stay in good shape (in addition, they can affect the condition of the scalp and hair). Most include in the diet fat fish, or alternatively, take fish oil, linseed oil or gamma linolenic acid (Gamma-Linolenic Acid - GLA).

  7. Remember Zinc
    Zinc is capable of performing miracles. He played a leading role in many important processes in the body; It proved that zinc is important including the health of the scalp and hair. It is also included as an active ingredient in the shampoo composition of head & shoulders!

Tips physician trihologa, MD Gadzhigoroevoy Aida Guseyhanovny:

  1. Caring for the scalp is very important
    It should be understood that if you want healthy hair, you need to start with the roots. But the roots - a scalp. Therefore, let your hair grow healthy and beautiful look, it is imperative to have a healthy scalp. This can help a specially designed shampoo head & shoulders moisturizing care for the scalp.

  2. Take care of the scalp every day
    Usually, people pay much more attention to the facial skin compared to the scalp; Many grooming hair care for neglected scalp. Every day, wash your hair: it will not only make your hair clean, but also give you the pleasure of feeling clean, pleasant aroma and contact with water, and you will generally feel better.

  3. Buy a proven means of hair care products from manufacturers conducting serious research
    For example, P & G Beauty - manufacturers of Head & Shoulders - developed technology Micronized ZPT, based on the latest achievements of science and technology, and really improves the health of the scalp; many studies have shown that as a result of regular use of the scalp comes to normal. It can not but rejoice that Micronized ZPT technology is used in all forms of hair care head & shoulders.

  4. Regularly wash your hair
    Some are afraid to wash your hair regularly, afraid of frequent washing their hair will be over dried. If your hair is quickly becoming fat, you can wash your hair every day.

  5. Do not fall prey to the myths
    Some people believe that dandruff - the result of a strange incurable disease of the scalp. Dandruff - very widespread disruption of the functioning of the skin, and the means capable to deal with it there. No fog problems, causes and remedies which are unknown here.

A good method of maintaining the scalp massage is in good shape. You can do it on wet or dry hair, but it is particularly effective on freshly washed towel-dried hair, as in this case, the circulation of the scalp due to the improved process of washing hair.

  1. Wash your hands. This massage is done with fingertips. Put your hands on your head. The thumbs must be over the ears, and little fingers - on the crown.
  2. Without moving your fingers, gently press down with your fingertips in a circular motion and accurate begin to massage the skin in the area of ​​the crown. At this time, take a deep breath a couple of times - it's a great way to relieve stress.
  3. Now place the index, middle and ring fingers of both hands on his head. The same circular movements of the fingers go up towards the head until you reach the forehead. Repeat two or three times, each time covering a large surface area of ​​the head.
  4. Next - the movement reminiscent of raindrops tapping. Gently tapping with your fingertips on the head, like a little drumming rain. It improves circulation, nourishes the scalp with oxygen and speeds up the cell renewal process.
  5. At the end of the massage, gently touching his head, put his hand on his forehead, moving along the edge of the hair. Running his fingers toward the back of the head. It will take you about thirty seconds.

And finally, a few tips on proper technique applying shampoo:
  1. Completely wet hair before applying shampoo. Hold the hair under running water for at least a minute, if you have long hair, make sure that they are well watered and back - for this divide hair into strands under running water. Water should not be too hot or too cold - you need to feel comfortable.
  2. Squeeze a small amount of shampoo size of a large coin, and rub it in your hands. Apply shampoo on the hair, moving in the direction from the top and the hairline to the tips. Massage the head with gentle circular motions covering the entire volume of the hair.
  3. Before you wash the shampoo, rub the hair with your fingers as a comb from root to tip to make sure that the shampoo completely cover every centimeter of your hair. Do not pull your hair, just swipe through them with your fingers.
  4. Flushing is even more important than the application of shampoo, and should take twice as long. It is recommended to rinse the shampoo in the shower for five minutes. Try it - and after the first time you do so ever! If you do not wash away before the end of shampoo, it can lead to dull hair and the appearance of scales on the scalp, which will cause the remaining shampoo and dried particles.
  5. For the brave: in the end rinse hair with ice cold water, it will give them an extra shine. Cold water smoothes the hair cuticle scales, stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp, resulting in an improved hair growth and makes them shine.

    When drying the hair do not rub your hair with a towel too - wet hair is more vulnerable and therefore need more care. Imagine that your hair is made of silk - gently pat pat and squeeze water from the tips before you start to style your hair as usual.

Author: Lyudmila Lavrushina