Secrets of the Velvet grips
 During the premiere of the film "Sex and the City with - 2" paparazzi made a real hunt for the leading lady Sarah Jessica Parker, they were interested not stunning designer outfits the actress or the juicy details of her personal life. Reporters tried to catch in the lenses of his camera hand ... Sarah Jessica Parker. "The Hunt" was a success, pictures to the pages of the tabloids and the Internet.

Extraction of the paparazzi
The images Sarah Jessica Parker looks great stylists have thought carefully about her image: hairstyle, makeup, dress, accessories, shoes. Only here do not take care of the hands of time. The photo clearly shows that the state of the skin of the hands of the actress is poor: the skin is dry, covered with fine wrinkles and dark spots. Rounding out the picture of a sad short cropped nails with careless manicure.

In such a trap and caught other celebrities: the tabloids printed a close-up picture of hands of the Madonna and Demi Moore. These ladies look great, but his hands betrayed give them no longer young age.

I fell for paparazzi and Angelina Jolie during a recent promo blockbuster "Salt." Photographers interested in is not luxurious outfits from Valentino, and his hands and cellulite one of the most beautiful women in the world. Angelina Jolie is really young and pretty, but that's not it boasts velvety skin of his hands.

 Secrets of the Velvet grips
Sarah Jessica Parker at the Oscars 2010

Hands - the continuation of the face . At first glance, this statement seems to be amusing. However, beauticians recommend that women take care of their hands as well as the face. Choosing the procedures for the care of their appearance, today's women prefer affordable, simple and effective means. Such funds to care for your hands are.

Butter wrap
Going to the supermarket for food, do not forget to buy a packet of cream 20% fat. Cream useful not only for culinary experiments in the kitchen, but also for beauty treatments. If the household for some reason, there is no food film, it should be included in the shopping list, it is also useful. Back home, you can start the procedure with the beautiful name "Butter wrap" .

 Secrets of the Velvet grips
   - In the pre-cream add a few drops of oil Cuticle with vitamins A and E, then thoroughly whisk (for this purpose you can use a mixer) - so it turns creamy cream.
- Cream cream is applied on the hands to the wrist, and even better not to scrimp and generously spread arms to the elbows.
- Gentle massage - a nice step in the procedure, the skin massage from the fingertips to the base of the brush, and then from the wrist to the elbow.
- Then hand wrapped in cling film, put on a top dressing gloves or cover your hands just an ordinary towel.
- 10-15 minutes mittens and a film shoot, this time for butter cream should be fully absorb into the skin.

Butter wrap is recommended once a week. Butter wrapping can be done as a separate procedure, and can be combined with nail polish. Milk fat is quickly absorbed into the skin, making it supple and fresh. Fatty cream contained in proteins, calcium, enzymes, acids and minerals beneficial to the skin of hands.

Salt bath
Well-groomed hands and the skin layer of nails - an invalid combination. If the nails become brittle, they should be strengthened. The easiest and most effective way - the salt bath, made from sea salt. Necessary for carrying out this procedure sea salt can be purchased at the pharmacy.

 Secrets of the Velvet grips
 - Fingertips simply dipped in a previously prepared solution of the salt.
- Hands are kept in a warm saline bath for 15 minutes.
- Lubricate the skin around the nail nourishing cream or oil for the cuticle - this is the final stage of the procedure.

Generally baths for hands is recommended to take note of all women. There are many simple recipes: Herbal, essential oils, etc. If you do a manicure at home yourself, pamper your hands. Baths improve circulation, making your hands smooth, soft and supple.

For paraffin often used in nail offices, so this procedure familiar to many women. For the paraffin is not necessary go to a beauty salon for professional master. Caring for hands, use the paraffin can be independently: for the hands - an obvious benefit for the family budget - a significant savings.

 Secrets of the Velvet grips
 - Before to proceed with the procedure, it is necessary to melt the wax in a water bath.
- On-washed hands are applied moisturizing cream or lotion.
- Relaxation hand dipped in melted paraffin to the wrist.
- Then the arm is removed for a few seconds from the paraffin and again dipped into the mass of paraffin.
- The procedure of "immersion" is repeated 3 to 5 times, until the arm is covered with a thick layer of wax.
- Then hand cover with cling film and put on a terry mitten top.
- The procedure is repeated in exactly the same sequence for the second hand.
- After 20 minutes remove the mitten and the film, carefully remove the wax.
- In your hands applied moisturizer.
- Massage of the hands - a nice end of the procedure.

The beneficial effects of paraffin wax on your hands has long been known. Hot wax warms the skin, softens its upper stratum corneum, opens the pores, moisturizes well, facilitates removal of toxins, improves skin respiration. Lower hands in hot paraffin from the first time dare not every woman. Away the doubts and fears! Paraffin has low thermal conductivity and gives heat the skin young portions, so there is no fear of burns.

Lack of special accessories - not a reason to refuse to perform treatments for hands, because you can easily find an alternative to the bath to heat the wax or terry gloves. It is important not to be lazy and take care of his hands regularly and then have Paparazzi will not have a chance "to obtain incriminating evidence."
Author: Irina Rukavishnikova