We train the hair health
 When the hair starts to fall, our main question is usually how it will affect their appearance? This is a natural concern for the majority of women (and men!), Which is taking place.

Doctors note that the health of the hair depends on blood circulation and nutrition. In addition, it depends on the state of the thyroid, liver and stress levels. Do you suffer from hair loss or want to prevent this attack - professional advice to help you in this endeavor.

Eat and drink for the benefit of the hair

Monitor all the ingredients in the food you consume. And you, in general, prefer healthy food? Most foods contain insufficient amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. For example, consuming organic food, you will greatly improve the health of the hair. Particularly useful are raw fruits and green vegetables that immediately improve the condition of hair and skin. You have to care for the skin and body both inside and outside, to achieve perfect harmony.

Also useful are foods containing sulfur and silicon - such as onion, garlic, green leafy vegetables and eggs. Sulfur, often called "mineral Beauty", while in high concentrations in the hair, skin and nails, increases circulation and reduces inflammation. There is a theory that adequate amounts of sulfur can resume hair growth in people with alopecia, or loss. Foods rich in iodine and potassium, for example, sea vegetables (seaweed), also contribute to the growth and density of hair.
Reducing the consumption of coffee, sweet and salty can also help in the upbringing of healthy and beautiful hair. Instead of coffee or soda drink plain water. Since the human body at 60-80 percent water, its deficiency can worsen the condition of the cells.

Risk modeling

From highlighting to the spray - your hair that may be too much. Although some procedures may seem harmless, they can damage the hair, and, therefore, their loss. Virtually all of the means to care for skin, nails, hair, contain toxic ingredients and antibacterial substances that promote inflammation. Treatment hair can aggravate common skin problems like hair loss, accelerate aging and deterioration of general condition of the skin and hair.

Experts note that infections are starting to affect us from birth. The skin - the largest organ of the body, which first takes the brunt of intoxication. The result of constant exposure to constant insecurity (such as pollution and sunlight) is a premature aging and hair loss.

Avoid or reduce the use of chemical irritants like modeling products or constant blow-drying. You will immediately notice the difference. The hair will start to recover, and their growth will accelerate.

  Strengthen the building blocks

Although the condition of the your hair, and you're guilty of it or not, you have to help them recover. Your body - building, which is necessary to constantly provide the building blocks (of course, good quality) to deal with the various dangers. It is mandatory to maintain internal organs and skin missing the tools to build a strong, good foundation.

Diet should consist of foods rich in minerals, antioxidants, nutrients and oils, which is constantly updated, strengthen and restore your body.
Other substances that help restore the body's cells are glutathione (the most well-known antioxidant, rejuvenating the immune system), acid alpha lipoic (alpha lipoic acid - antioxidants that make up the deficiency of vitamins C, E), and multi-minerals (involved in the normal functioning whole body, bone formation, circulatory and nervous system). The correct dosage of these substances will improve the health of your hair.