12 reasons to start running
 Six years ago, I quit smoking and started running. I took only a short break at the time of pregnancy. After the birth of the baby jogging gave me finally a little rest from household chores. But not only. This was a perfect example of my whole family, and really changed my life, and these incredible changes and I would like to tell.

Why do I love running:

1. It develops willpower.
A year ago, I almost ran a half-marathon (20 kilometers). And although I'm not trained to run for the hills, but I did it. The last 3 kilometers I ran only on willpower. I just told myself: "I can, I will, I can ..". And I did!
When life gets complicated, I like a runner with experience know how to be strong as to overcome the difficulty. Running taught me to overcome difficulties in everyday life, believe it or - no. And I did not stop running when I had problems with the work, and when my mother was ill, and when her husband lost his job. I just ran, and I was kept in a very good tone and is not allowed to pieces.

Running gives courage, every day he calls me courage and strength, and I like to be strong!

2. Running - a holiday and entertainment!
Say, you have a lot of fun in your life? Of course not, because so much responsibility on each of us! You will not believe, but when I run it I was really entertaining and fun! I choose to learn new routes and new places, it's very interesting. I love to buy new running shoes, shirts, clothing - what a woman refuses to shopping! And I have an additional reason "run" shopping.

For me, there is no bad weather, for a change of weather - it is only the diversity of my attacks. I'm very fond of it all - these simple pleasures!

3. Running gives me confidence!
It gives me the opportunity to not pay attention to my inner critic. We all know what he is the destroyer! I have learned to concentrate on what I do, do not pay attention to the views from the side. When I run, I never have a bad mood. He begs me as a "switch" from negative to positive. A positive attitude - it is half the battle in the way of gaining self-confidence.

4. Running - this communion with nature!
As I said, I'm running in any weather and at any time of the year. In the spring, I enjoy the fact that I can look at the first awakening of nature, I always see the first buds, the first flowers, and notice how the ducks fly south to our pond.
In the summer I love summer warm evenings. In the fall I like to move to new clothes, new shoes, mud everywhere, and I'm running such a beautiful and cheerful! Winter gives me great emotions when warm from the apartment I run out into the frosty air, enjoy the snow-covered trees ...

5. Running allows me to stay slim.
Yes, I started to run, as well as many, in order to save weight. Running burns about 150 calories per kilometer, more than any other cardio load. If you combine running with a healthy diet, you can save a good shape for years to come!

6. Running keeps health.
Now I have great digestion, strong heart, good muscle tone. Running particularly useful for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, it is well known to many.

7. Running keeps you young.
Yes, running slow the aging process! Regular classes are stepping up growth hormones that allow me to stay young. I have stronger bones and muscles than other women my age. My legs and body in general are strong, and the effect of radiance of the skin is preserved after school for the whole day!

8. Running saves from stress.
Running - a great help in times of stress or some kind of stress. I feel like everything is out with every step, with every kilometer that I run. Long runs through the woods rid of negative energy. When I am angry, then I do a short, but very intense run. For years, running helps me feel less tired, less depressed.

9. Running me organize and mobilize.
I've already talked about confidence. But that is not all. I feel that my time was used more rationally. I love running, I can not miss classes, and so I have to keep up with everything, to afford to do as much as I want.

10. My running charges others.
Surprisingly, I did not only I, but many around. My family began to understand me, some of my example is also running.

Many people think that they are unable to run, or in adulthood too late to start. I have a different opinion. I saw runners who run 75 marathons, and they are happy and healthy in their years.

But most importantly, many of my friends began to run with me, and now they tell me "thank you" for their good shape, fullness of life and the general state of happiness, which gives a run.

11. Running allows me to live only positive!
This is an incredible state of freedom when you run, you do not compare to anything else. In general, experts attribute this to the fact that running provides a release of endorphins, which are supported by the state of happiness. Probably so. And I always happy when I run.

Now I manage a lot. Beginning More yoga is a considerable variety of my training.

And now I do not need a separate motivation for training. I just really loved the movement and their training!

12. Running - it's the most affordable fitness.
Maybe it is not so prestigious - just run around. I do not buy expensive tickets to a fitness club, do not go to fashion phyto bar after training, I do not follow the sport fashion, buying only what I think is the most convenient and beautiful just for myself ... I do not think that their activities do I get less energy and health. A money thus spend significantly less.

Well, you are intrigued and are ready to join me? Then it must share the basic practical advice. It must be able to run so as not to hurt yourself. Therefore, expect the following material with tips, "how to run."

To be continued!
Author: Olga Larsen