Even in ancient times, athletes are always started any kind of workout with stretching. Even now, when you watch the competition on TV, you can see how athletes warm up before races, swims, etc. Any coach will tell you that before giving any physical activity you need to warm up and stretch the muscles, then to not be excruciatingly painful. You can do stretching and, more importantly, it is necessary not only to exercise, but also during the day.

Why stretch?

What do we do first when you wake up? That's right, we stretch ourselves. And this procedure can not be missed. So you awaken from the dream of your body, nourishes the muscles with oxygen. The same thing you do when a long time sitting in front of computer, television or in the queue. Do not believe it, but idleness our muscles get tired a lot more than on physical activity. So, to keep them (muscles) in good shape, do not forget to stretch several times a day.

The benefits of stretching

This type of load has a positive effect on our body. Here are some useful properties of stretch marks:

1. It improves blood circulation. During stretching increases blood flow to the muscles. As a consequence, they are delivered nutrients and oxygen. As a result, we get a burst of energy.

2. It increases muscle elasticity. If you do not neglect stretching, the daily business will be given more easily, as your joints and muscles will be toned.

3. It teaches balance.

4. It helps to relieve stress.

5. It reduces muscle tension.

6. It reduces back pain.

7. Help reduce recurrent pain in women. Scientists have shown that women who regularly do stretching and doing exercise, less likely to suffer from such pain.

Terms and technique of stretching

Remember not to hurt yourself even stretching should be done correctly. The main thing you need to breathe deeply and stay in the position for at least 30 seconds.

Listen to your body. If you feel pain or discomfort, you should immediately cease to stretch the muscle. We need to feel muscle strain, rather than pain.

Do not hurry. Do all exercises slowly, focusing on the muscle group you are trying to stretch. Remember, the better the exercise you perform, the more flexible your muscles are.

I would like to offer you several options for stretch marks that will help you to wake up and stretch stiff muscles.

Morning stretch

How sweet the morning to make potyagushki. Right mood rises. Not to be missed is the morning ritual. After all, if we recall the cats, they always stretch themselves after a sleep. Apparently this is their secret to flexibility. It is necessary, of course, to get up a little early, but you are guaranteed a surge of vitality. Well get down?

Exercise 1 . Lying in bed, put your hands behind your head and linked them to the castle so that the palms facing in different directions. Reach out, palms up, and heels to the bottom. As if you are pulling in different directions. Take 10 deep breaths.

Exercise 2 . Now pull both knees to your chest and hug a favorite. Do not forget to breathe deeply. Count to 10.

Exercise 3 . Slowly sit on the edge of the bed. Put your feet on the floor. Bend forward and touch the floor with his hands. You can slightly bend back like cat to pull back muscles. Count to 10. And slowly rise. Repeat 2-3 times.

Exercise 4 . Still sitting on the edge of the bed. Tilt the head in different directions. Rotate your head to stretch the neck after sleeping. Do all movements slowly and breathe deeply. Make to 5 times in each direction.

Exercise 5 . We continue to sit. We raise and lower the shoulders. Repeat 5-10 times.

Exercise 6 . Stand next to the bed. Raise your hands up and stretch. Just do not overdo it, to avoid dizzy. Repeat 2-3 times.

Exercise 7 . Standing beside the bed, slowly lean forward and get your hands toes. If the physical form of permits, keep your knees straight. Count to 10 and straightened. Repeat 5 times.

If you are uncomfortable sleeping Then try to do these exercises.

Exercise 1 . Lie on your stomach. Put your hands along the body. Soak for a few seconds.

Exercise 2.   Lying on his stomach, lift the body and lean on your elbows. So you pull your back well. To count to 10 slowly.

Exercise 3.   Slowly stand on all fours and sit on your heels. Housing in this case is tilted forward, his arms stretched out in front of him.
Properly pull forward. Take 10 deep breaths. In yoga, this exercise is known as the "posture of the child."

Now you are ready to work productively.

What to do if you are a long time sitting in front of a computer?

When you sit for a long time, the muscles go numb, it starts to hurt neck, and behind her and back. As a result, energy is at zero, and sometimes even the head starts to hurt. To avoid this, make lunchtime a small complex stretching.

Exercise 1.   Sitting on a chair, pull the arms back to the back and locked in the castle. Lower shoulders. Tilt your head forward, backward, right, left.

Exercise 2.   Hands still behind his back straightened and hooked in the lock. Pull the hands in the opposite direction from him. So you pull the muscles of the neck and hands. You might even hear the crunches spine.

Exercise 3.   Sitting on a chair, stretch your arms in front of him and linked them to the castle. Lower shoulders and stretch your arms forward. You should feel the stretch as the muscles of the neck upper back. You can round off a little bit back. Count to 10.

Exercise 4.   Now, raise your arms straight up and stretch. Count to 10 and loosen the tension.

Exercise 5.   Bend your left arm at the elbow in front of him. Put in the crook of his right arm outstretched. Get something like an inverted T. Lower left shoulder and pull a good right hand.

Exercise 6.   Sitting, raise your hand over your head and bend your elbow so that brush appeared behind him. Place the opposite hand on his elbow. And a little push. Count to 10 and lower arm. Repeat the same for the other arm. Then he can with his hands clasped behind his back in the castle. And a little sit down.

Exercise 7.   Sitting on a chair, stretch your legs under the table and bend your feet. So you pull your calf. Do 10 times for each leg. So, without getting up from the chair, you can accelerate and enhance blood flow to the muscles of her. And do not forget that after all it is sometimes useful to break away from the computer and walk.

Do not neglect these simple but effective exercises. Make everyday a contribution to the preservation of the flexibility of your body. Be beautiful and healthy!
Author: Vera Karabutova