Do not get used to the fullness
 Unfortunately, many of us are constantly delaying weight loss "for tomorrow." After all, today you have not "in the mood", a welcome cocktail, or chat with friends. However, scientists warn that "slim tomorrow" may never come. The fact that the body gradually gets used to the higher body weight and lose weight becomes impossible.

Specialists of the University of Michigan who have studied this issue, explaining why, despite periodic attempts to deal with excess weight, the dream of most people to lose weight is failing.

In examining the issue, scientists conducted an experiment on rodents were divided into two groups. One group of mice overfed at an early age, thus creating conditions for obesity. A second group was fed sparingly, so the mouse maintained throughout the life of a normal weight.

After a while the mice obese, were put on a diet and forced to run. Unfortunately, no measures have helped rodents lose weight.

Experts have concluded that the body is dangerous for a long time in a state of excess weight. The longer the process, the less likely to return to normal. The fact is that over a long period of time, the body adapts to the new model, including its own "normal". Thus, there is a reprogramming normal level weight. According to study author Dr. Malcolm Law, if a man appeared overweight, you need as quickly as possible to get rid of him. Otherwise, obesity will become your constant companion.

We are marching and waving legs during commercials

No time for the gym? Are you afraid to get sick after swimming pool? It's all excuses. In fact, fitness can be practiced without departing from the TV, and even without stopping cooking.

 Do not get used to the fullness

Experts offer to turn the kitchen into the gym - at least for the duration of commercial breaks. So for the evening you "kill three hare" - to prepare dinner, learn about the adventures of your favorite heroes and "kneaded bone", because fitness is known, is one of the conditions for a slim figure.

Experts believe that it is possible to perform the most simple exercises - such as marching. If marching tired, you can do exercises that you remember from school years - for example, crouch, lift the knees, running on the spot, to perform a warm-up for the neck and back, torso and make turns, etc. The main thing - to move rapidly, because the time for fitness you quite a bit. If you work hard, even in such a short period of time you feel tired. And this is good!

During the experiment, it was found out that during the evening of these "sports" pauses accumulated already 25! Accordingly, the participants of the experiment not only cooked dinner, but also understand the fitness 25 times for 5-10 minutes.

Against the background of the growing problem of physical inactivity 25 mini-reel stands for the evening - an excellent result! Do not complain about annoying ads! Turn off the TV sound and benefit your body and figure!

However, fun and effective!

Always fun to do something together - and walk on open spaces, and to sing in chorus, and, as it turned out, lose weight. The most beautiful thing that it is not just about "fun," but also about effectiveness. Nutritionists have found that the best results are making people who come into the group with weight loss and are struggling with excess weight.

 Do not get used to the fullness

Research on this topic was conducted recently in the United States. Experts from the University of New York divided the subjects into three groups - for 47-50 people each. All of them are overweight or obese. The first group was observed in nutritionists and follow their recommendations (the subjects observed the tailor-made diet and schedule of physical activity). Women in the second group attended group classes for slimming. Still others use a combination therapy.

Scientists were convinced that the best results are achieved the ladies from the group combined approach. However, ahead of their classes, students lose weight.

Thus, the most effective is group therapy. Obviously, the most important role is played by encouragement, inspiration and maintaining motivation. Ladies attending these classes, managed to lose twice as much weight than others.

Of course, in Russian reality few can afford to attend these classes - they are not so popular, and operate such groups, mainly in large cities. But do not worry - the possibilities are limitless Internet. Joining the ranks of users of social networks for losing weight (for example,, you will achieve the desired!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya