Yoga does not help to lose weight
 Sensational exposure of yoga published online edition DailyMail last week. Hatha Yoga classes are not able to make you slimmer and even intensive practices such as Ashtanga yoga is no more effective in burning calories than regular walking.

Experts, which requested the publication for an explanation, say that the stars touting its shape as a result of yoga, at least, disingenuous. To be more direct, that was a cheat. Employment yoga will not do anything with your weight.

Millions of women around the world are interested in yoga, especially after such stars as Christy Turlington, Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Aniston and others admitted that his slender figure they owe yoga. Disc recording sessions on yoga are selling much better than a DVD with other occupations. The popularity of yoga does not weaken, but only grows stronger. And it is unfair, say experts interviewed DailyMail.

Matt Roberts, celebrity fitness instructor, says that "Yoga can not do nothing for your figure." A reason for the popularity of yoga sees that "it is not very difficult exercise, so people like to go to yoga." Matt believes that some of the parameters that you work through the figure and do something for your health, is the presence in the process of training more frequent palpitations and even sweating. "You feel it in the yoga? I suspect not. "

 Yoga does not help to lose weight
Many celebrities are writing books, producing wheels, give interviews, strongly promote yoga as a way to lose weight

 Yoga does not help to lose weight

Matt Roberts is not alone. He was supported by other experts. John Brewer, a professor of sports science at the University of Bedfordshire, is keen to debunk the myth that celebrities have achieved harmony solely by the endless yoga. "You will not be able to achieve weight loss and improve their physical form only through yoga," - says the professor. As for the celebrities, then, in his opinion, they are likely to devote about an hour a day running, cycling or training simulators, and only at the end of training go to yoga exercises that give them the flexibility and relaxation. Brewer believes that yoga can not give the desired load on the muscles and the heart, it is just a bit helps the body to maintain balance and flexibility.

50-minute Hatha yoga burn fewer calories than found in two tiny pieces of chocolate!

Another study confirmed the words of experts. In the US, the scientists analyzed the effectiveness of yoga. To do so, by the way, at the request of the consumer society, since the cases when people make a complaint to the advertised yoga, they do not receive the promised effect. Woman leading a sedentary lifestyle, was invited to participate in the experiment. Some of them three times a week went to 55-minute yoga classes and some refrained from physical exertion at all. The results have raised questions, because the three sessions of yoga a week did not lead to any noticeable improvement in the physical condition of women.

Once researchers have decided to increase the intensity of loads and provide women three times a week to go directly to the two sessions of yoga, which consisted of Hatha yoga and power yoga, which gives more challenging aerobic activity. It also did not find any evidence that the women began to receive effective load on the muscles and heart.

As a result, the Americans only discovered that 50 minutes of Hatha Yoga burns only 144 calories, which is no more than a slow walk. A 50-minute power yoga burns only 237 calories, which is twice less than a half-hour sessions in the gym, for example. The heart and lungs is not received and 60% of the load which is necessary for health.

Other benefits of yoga, such as back pain relief, relaxation and light injuries, the experts have also been some doubts.

Karen Sherman, a doctor and specialist in musculoskeletal system, believes that the possibility of yoga in alleviating back pain somewhat exaggerated. He found that the more vigorous types of yoga, such as Ashtanga, combined with poor qualifications of instructors, can only exacerbate the problem of back pain.

 Yoga does not help to lose weight

It is necessary to remember that yoga is useful for back only in some cases and not in others. For example, such postures as a "dog," "Cobra", requiring backbends, can aggravate the tension in the spine and joints. A posture where you lean forward can lead to the displacement drive. For example, in the UK society sports doctors suggests that the recent increase injuries because of poor training or yoga because of the self, when people just do the exercises at home by DVD. A growing number of wrist injuries, shoulder belts, when people do yoga irresponsible.

And the last argument. Stress is not reduced by a lotus posture, as they say DailyMail invited experts. It is better to get up and run, and only then do yoga, then get rid of stress, and health will save.
Author: Julia Shestakova