7 dietetic errors and ways to correct them
 You were so diligent all week. But then bite donut ... and another. To return to the previous rate, follow these simple tips.

For me, the most terrifying step in the diet - the period after losing the first four kilograms when weight loss slows down sharply. You miss dinner, but at night, when my husband and I are sitting in a restaurant, you want to eat so that ordering a salad, soup, and two glasses of Chardonnay. Oh-oh, you think that you overeat. But then you really overeat - after pereprobuete half of all desserts. Not to get off the diet, you cut yourself off from the outside world and sit embrace with loved weights. However, you begin to reduce dietary regime even before he learned that dropped back scored four kilograms. And then you start again to motivate yourself to lose stubborn kilos again.

We can compare this cycle of events with all the favorite toy "yo-yo". The first step of the future success - to learn to overcome setbacks in the diet. "I always advise people to 'develop the right tempo' and realize their mistakes and do not make them", - says Dr. Holly Watt of NWCR. "One mistake should not lead to the termination of a dietary regime that you comply." Dr. Watt and other experts on weight control offers a simple solution for the seven most common dietary blunders, plus advice on how to avoid future gaffes.

"I refuse to breakfast"

Perhaps you have gone headlong into business. You may want to limit yourself in calories, but now 11 am, and you have not eaten for 15 hours. You so hungry that you can not decide to buy a cake at the bakery, to steal candy from co-workers, or wait until lunch to eat at his favorite Chinese restaurant. "Breakfast - an obligatory meal" - says Dr. Watt. "Otherwise it's over what you eat everything that comes to you by the arm." Poll NWCR, which was attended by about 5,000 people who have lost at least 12 kilograms per year or more, showed that 78 percent of participants began to eat each morning.

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Eat, but try not to miss chunks. You will not be hungry for a long time, if you eat the fruit, nonfat yogurt, or a slice of cheese. Also suitable and energy bar. But make sure you get the required amount of nutrients - meaning at least 3 grams of fiber, 8 grams of protein and less than 250 calories. Our choice - Bars Clif's Mojo Fruit Nut Crunch Bar and PowerBar Nut Naturals.

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Start simple breakfast. In order not to miss a meal, always I keep the house a simple and light snacks. Here are some of them (can be done even at the office): Portion of oatmeal (McCann's Instant Irish Oatmeal has three variations without sugar - apple and cinnamon, maple syrup and brown sugar and cinnamon stick); a mixture of cereal with low sugar content, which you can mix with plain yogurt; pieces of fruit and light (for example, pieces of pears without sugar Del Monte's, contain only 40 calories). But beware of the so-called morning bars, which often contain a lot of sugar. Be sure to read the composition of the product before buying it.

Eat every four hours throughout the day. That's how much time it takes the body to digest the food and again exacerbate hunger, says Madeleine Fernstron, director of the weight management. Thus, at the same time it decreases the likelihood of overeating and quenches hunger.

"I drank too much last night"

Most of us do not want to dance on the table after a few cups of iced tea, we just keep it quiet there. Why is that? The body does not perceive the liquid calories, so if you drink 500 calories, you will still feel hunger. When researchers Pennsylvania State University gave people drink high-calorie drinks (such as fruit juice, sweet carbonated water and even milk) before a meal, do not become involved consume less food when we got there. However, high-calorie alcoholic drinks contain the same amount of calories as contained in a large portion of lunch.

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Take training. Walk or bike ride takes you from the thought "I am a complete idiot" to understand "I immediately go back to the game!" Memo from Dr. Watt: "You are in no case do not lose if immediately get to work."

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"Never drink on an empty stomach," - said Dr. Timothy Harlan. At a party snack handful of nuts (they are useful and well saturated) before you take the glass. If you are in the grand party, try "to drink wine in small sips until the salad will be served," - adds Dr. Harlan. (And it is absolutely not a reason to "dive" into the basket of bread - wait bring healthy food).

Control yourself. "Calories a plastic bottle is equivalent to 26 cold fried onion rings," - said Dr. Elizabeth Samer. So make sure you drink low-calorie beverages (eg, water) between glasses of alcohol. Here are some facts: 150 ml glass of wine is equivalent to 125 calories; beer - about 65 calories. 50 ml strong alcoholic drink (such as vodka or Scotch whiskey with ice) contains about 95 calories, 100 ml Margarita - 170 calories, martini - 175 calories.

"I eat a lot of fast food"

Snacking in the car big sandwich - a big problem. I. If you do once, do it again. This kilograms recruited immediately. Studies conducted for 15 years by scientists of the University of Minnesota have shown that people who eat fast food more than twice a week, with an average gain of 4 kilograms more than those who ate it less than once a week. Also, the following result - frequenter of institutions specializing in fast food, has a risk of developing diabetes.

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Be patient. "For some of us, this is fast food, for others - a large chocolate bar." The main thing - to focus on each piece and bite - it's fun, which you will not be tomorrow, so they should enjoy it today and now.

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Choose low-calorie dishes. If you do not have time to fine dine, choose foods that do not cause significant harm to the diet. For example, instead of a large Big Mac (about 690 calories) select a hamburger which contains no mayonnaise (290 calories). And always miss the roast: half servings of potatoes in McDonald's - it's fat. Instead, choose a portion of salad (20 calories) with a bag of sauce made from vinegar and olive oil (40 calories).

Do not miss dinner in the form of penalties for non-compliance. Strategy starvation always counterproductive, warns Fernstron. "After a severe restriction, you will have everything that gets under your hand."

"I do not remember that snacking throughout the day"

This is possible, but it will take a long time. "You just do not realize how much useless you eat per day" - says Samer. "You try the food during cooking, grasp on the run or eat up a piece of birthday cake for your child. On average, it is about 25 calories per bite. If you intercept a total of four times a day, it adds to your 400 grams per month."

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Buy a small notebook. Writing any piece of it and even drink, you save yourself from unexpected increases of weight. Sites such as nutrihand.com offer free conversation, which allows you to track your diet. Or you can use a food diary pocket, such as, CalorieSmart.

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We need a happy medium. Most of us can appreciate visually wrong amount of food - Nutritionists call this "unit distortion." So try for a few days to measure and weigh portions. We offer you a short way: "Ask the butcher or seller to share the meat you bought a 120-gram pieces, which will be reduced to 100 g during cooking," -Offers Dr. Samer. "Buy single servings of potatoes instead of a whole bag at once. Or, use measuring cups and scales for the same purpose."

"I eat a lot of food containing no fat"

And you do not lose weight, right? There is a reason why. "Studies have shown that if you tell the person that the food does not contain fat, it takes a large portion," - says Samer. And more food, even low-fat means more calories.

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Carefully read the labels. The front side of the package may include a plurality of pleasing the eyes of words ("Twice less fat). But read carefully, you will find, for example, that the total energy value of a cookie that does not contain fat, 50 calories (yes, now you may want to put it on place). And it is - a cookie that does not contain fat?

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Eat more greens. Vegetables contain few calories, and, nevertheless, well saturated organism. Research at Pennsylvania State University found that women who ate high calorie salad (lettuce, carrots, celery, tomatoes and cucumber with low-fat dressing and a light cheese) before lunch, feels satiated, so eating less during the meal. Allow yourself a low-calorie dressing. It will make food more intense and will not add a lot of extra calories.

"I have not trained this week"

You abandoned sports shoes under the bed, covered with a woolen blanket treadmill and go to work by car, but do not go on foot because it just does not want to see anyone near him. We understand how hard it is to wake up itself after several days of shirking from training. But several missed days can easily turn into a week, so it is important to start training soon. However, not all that bad. "Fitness - one of those things that you can recover fairly quickly," - says Fernstron. "By the end of the month you can easily bounce back."

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"Get up and go for a walk," - says Dr. Watt. "And tell yourself that you can stop if you want. Yes, you can stay in 10 minutes. But most likely, jumping off the treadmill, you'll go for a walk every day," - she adds.

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Unite! "If you have a partner for training, it becomes much easier to deal with," - says Dr. Watt. Enlist the support of friends for daily walks.
Find exercises to their liking. "If you choose a heavy, boring exercises, you do them, the more likely you will not" - says Fernstron. Therefore, if you are tired of the treadmill at the gym, go to the gym. Or try any alternative (they burn more calories per hour than a simple walk): ballet or swimming (422), cycling or practicing ping-pong (281).

"I do not weigh a whole week"

If you know that the news will be bad, someone will criticize you? But this is just one more reason to stand on the scales. In addition, if you expect the worst, just try to lose a few kilos before getting on the scales.

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Change your attitude towards the balance. Think of these as their personal professional trainer, says Dr. Watt. And they really will help fight obesity: study of NWCR people, more than 60 percent of the weighted daily to maintain normal weight.

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Stop fool yourself. Side of the scale - is another form of denial. "To deny the existence of the problem - only to aggravate it," - says Dr. Watt.

Do not take into account the slightest changes. If you do all week was in an ideal weight, and the last day began to weigh more than usual, do not worry. This may well be the weight of the water - salty popcorn and pork, you ate last night, or even your menstrual cycle.

Do not measure the weight of personal qualities. Most of us have a terrible habit to associate weight with self-esteem. But the number on the scale - only information. "Weigh-like monitoring temperature or blood pressure," - says Dr. Watt. "It helps to understand the condition of the body - not your personal quality", - she added.
Author: Ann, New York