And you know what makes people change?
 As a rule, to lose weight, you need to change the most. Compliance with certain rules will help you to change their views. Knowing how to change radically, help yourself lose weight and keep it normal.

How many ways do you know to change? Let's have a test and find out!

1. "punish" yourself for bad habits - a good way to get rid of them.

False.   It's not a very good way to get rid of bad habits, such as overeating. You can stay only for a while. Only in rare cases it is a permanent positive result.

2. Diets are not able to change an unhealthy diet.

False.   Diets work, but not by themselves. It is important to combine the correction of bad habits and thoughts aimed at weight loss.

3. Help loved ones while trying to change the eating habits is very important .

True.   When you are trying to change well-established diet, help friends and relatives increases your chances of success.

4. Tell everyone around that you want - a good idea.

True.   Let the people around you - at home, work, friends - to help you and support you in your decision to lose weight.

5. To change the habits related to food, it is necessary to limit stressful situations.

True. The reduction of stress - the tool number one for successful weight loss.

6. Try not to read the texts of advertising and informative content in the diet.

False.   The more you know, the better. Read books, go to the Internet, learn the latest research and watching TV. Gather as much information about how to lose weight and how to eat.

7. Weight loss requires major changes.

False.   On the contrary, for weight loss need to change gradually, in small steps.

8. When attempting to lose weight or to change dietary habits, even the slightest disruption will not be tolerated.

False.   When you try something in itself to change, errors and breakdowns - a normal reaction. Learn to catch yourself from your mistakes - it is very important to change.

9. Any change requires solid intentions.

True. If you are willing to change, then demonstrate a firm commitment to do so. Let the change will be a top priority in your life.

10. All that you need to change the power - the power of the will.

False.   Willpower how comes and goes during a diet. There are many other important tools, which may affect the success: commitment, planning, support and the ability to admit mistakes.

The more you know about how people change and how to change their lives, the more chances you have to change yourself.
Author: Ann, New York