Dietary secrets slender woman
 Prevent the appearance of extra kilos, using these simple but effective tips.

After losing weight like a break from healthy eating. Many women almost immediately after to lose a few kilos, come back to the old regime. But there are ways not to deviate from a healthy regime and preserve its shape. As shown by several scientific studies, resorting to some minor adjustments in diet, you will never think of such a force dropped from kilograms.

Regular weighing

Regular weighing provide positive reinforcement to your regular habits. Libra will help to control the slightest changes until it is big problems.

By studying the habits of adults who have lost 10 kilograms and more and managed not to get them in a few years, researchers found that those who regularly weighed in the balance, dropping to about 1 year, 5 kilograms. Fast and rapid weight loss contributed to the rapid return of discarded kilograms.

However, how often to get up on the scales? Once a day, if possible. At least in this case by 82 percent more likely to keep normal weight over a prolonged period of time. If the difference in the balance is greater than 1, 5-2 kilograms (the amount that the body can take the remaining water or not digested food), it's time to score alarm and strengthen their dietary habits or training load.

Add proteins

Research journal American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that women who maintain a high level of protein in his diet plan (about 110 grams daily, or 26 percent of total calories) support an annual rate of weight loss, namely, 4, 5 kilograms. Weight loss of those who consumed less than 72 grams of protein per day, or less than 19 percent of the total consumption of the product, is only 2, 5 kilos in the same period.

A large number of protein helps to release hormones that contribute to the feeling of satiety. Instead of getting an extra boost of energy from fat and carbohydrate foods, add some protein to the usual snacks and meals. Add a salad of beans or peas, substitute plain yogurt proteinosoderzhaschim and replace nutritious puff sweet bagel with chicken.

Aim for five ...

... Servings of fruits and vegetables. Fill your plate with greens (as well as orange, red, blue shades), you will not only help to protect themselves from various diseases, but also to prevent the emergence of unnecessary kilograms. Women who consume large amounts of servings of fruits and vegetables (at least five per day, excluding potatoes) 60 percent likely to retain normal weight, compared to those whose operation is limited in vegetables and fruits. Consumption of foods containing large amounts of fiber and water, means that you will consume less energy-dense foods.

Learning to love exercise

If the regular consumption of fruits and vegetables combined with moderate, but vigorous exercise - at least 30 minutes of activity on most days of the week - your figure will not only slim but toned. Regular exercise will maintain muscle mass, which helps burn more calories. Plus, you are provided with additional exercise calories reserve, allowing a small piece of cake snack a girlfriend at a birthday party or a jar of popcorn in a movie, without fearing for their figure.

Less "vnedomashnih" snacking

By increasing the volume and the number of servings of foods that contain more than 1,000 calories, it is not surprising that you are sabotaging your success in weight loss. You can reduce the risk of making the right choice. But cooking by yourself can be a more effective way to ensure lower in calories and fat in the dish.

Because simply unrealistic to expect that you will never go to a restaurant just to share his portion with your friends, or make half of your chosen course (if possible).