Diets for Gourmets
 From the word "diet" blows asceticism, because at the heart of almost any diet - restrictions, limitations and restrictions once more. Less eat, forget about the delicious dishes, imagine that in a country similar to the "dry" introduced "unsweetened" law, etc.

When we hear the word "diet" in the minds immediately arises quite certain list of foods that we can eat - yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, fruit and vegetables, boiled chicken or beef, green tea without sugar and others.

But - strange to say - in a long list of many different diets I was able to find those that include tasty foods - foods, it would seem, in principle, incompatible with the concept of a diet.

Chocolate Diet

I'll start with the most delicious diet - chocolate. On average, it lasts for 5-7 days, and nutritionists do not recommend to exceed the time limit. After a course of chocolate are advised to make a break for 4-6 days.

Breakfast lunch dinner. During the day you can eat two chocolate bars of 40 grams. Drinks - green tea and coffee without sugar with skim milk. This drink is permitted no earlier than 3 hours after a meal.

The result - minus 6 kg for 5 days.

Among contra "appear" liver disease.

Pasta Diet

As you know, wishing to lose weight is always recommended to exclude from the diet of pasta. But it turns out, pasta and flour products is not too high in calories, especially if you are not prepared with a lot of fat (for example, in a frying pan). The favorites of not only diet but a healthy diet are the pasta from durum wheat (look for the information on the package).

Breakfast, lunch, dinner: small portions of pasta. From drinks (between meals) - 0, 5 glasses of fruit juice without sugar (orange, grapefruit, etc.).

The result - minus 5 kilograms per month.

Potato Diet

As we remember wanting to lose weight is always recommended to refuse the use of potatoes. However, the creators of the potato diet do not think so. They offer quite a modest menu, but reminded about his satiety due to the high content of starch, vitamins, minerals, eggs and milk, which will provide the body the required amount of amino acids and nutrients.

Breakfast. 1 cup of skim milk.
Lunch. 300 g of mashed potatoes
Dinner. Potato Salad (250 g potatoes, cooked "in uniform", 1 boiled egg, salt, vinegar, vegetable oil, black pepper).

The result - minus 2 kilograms in 3 days

Sausage-cheese diet

Sausage-cheese diet contains virtually no carbohydrates, so stick with it longer than two weeks is not recommended.

8.00. Tea or coffee without sugar.
10.00. 1 boiled egg.
12.00. 200g low-fat sausage.
14.00. 100g low-fat cheese.
16.00. 250 g fat-free yogurt.
18.00. 1 cup of yogurt 1% fat.

During sausage-cheese diet recommended to consume a lot of water.

The result - minus 10 kilograms in 2 weeks

Grandma's diet

It is not known why a diet called the grandmother. As a rule, my grandmother did not care about the shape of his grandchildren, generously potchuya their pancakes, pastries, fatty nourishing soup and other homemade goodies.

However, Granny's diet - a diet protein.

Breakfast. A cup of tea or coffee without sugar
Second breakfast. 40 grams of cheese.
Lunch. 1 boiled egg, 120 grams of meat, fried without oil, 20 grams of cheese.
Snack. Cup of tea or coffee.
Dinner. 120 grams of meat and vegetable salad with vegetable oil.
For the night. A glass of mint broth.

The result - minus 3-4 kg per week.
Repeat recommended no earlier than two weeks.

No matter how delicious the proposed diet did not appear, it is still a diet. So once again we remind you that before any experiments on your body you should consult with your doctor. Because the harmony and beauty - this is, above all, health.
Author: Masha Medvedev