Fills life movement
 We all know that the movement - is not just life, is the key figure of our harmony, beauty and wonderful feeling. However, it turns out that all our attempts to live and work effectively lead to the fact that the movement in our life is running out.

The desire to save time, which, admittedly, has recently become downright intrusive, leading to the fact that the performance of our business has grown to the maximum. We are "earned" low back pain, chronic headache purchased and overweight. With the car, the elevator, home delivery, fax and telephone, we have painted themselves into a corner. To protect themselves from all the "extra", "unnecessary", "ineffective", we have deprived ourselves of the movement. At best, we partially compensate the lack of it with the help of fitness, in the worst ... was left without movement.

Yes, we are tired. Tired so that at the end of the day often feel as if we were kicking long. In fact, this is the result of emotional fatigue. Fatigue, which has nothing to do with physical activity. Therefore, the desire to fall onto the couch just after 9 intense business meetings or a couple of important contracts, serious analytical article or a bale of financial statements should be a fight. And seriously consider how to "dilute" the intensity of his life movement.

Legs, feet ...

The car - it is a necessity. The necessity to which we are so used to that a long time can not sensibly assess its degree. However, even the sales staff sometimes recognized (imagine how hard it is given!), Which, leaving the car to be repaired, they manage more. And because they do not need to think, where to park, so that you can forget about traffic jams ... Of course, I am far from being able to call upon you to give up the car. I suggest not to choose a car as a way to get around "default". Just sometimes wonder (especially on weekends) can leave the car in the parking lot or in the garage and just walk? ..

Those who use public transport even easier, because without the "four-legged" iron friend they do not experience "withdrawal", familiar motorists (without a car as a hands-free).
- If time permits, I always go for two stops before, - says Lena. - Go out and go on foot, enjoying the morning.
- I can not get up in the morning - laughing Ira. - I - sleepyhead. But, slowly, I go home in the evening.
- I do not do exercise, but always and everywhere I go fast - says Tatiana. - For me, no one ever has time, because even in heels I "fly" around the office or outdoors as a Ferrari. Long live the movement!

Household duties

- When I began to think about the distribution of household responsibilities, - says Elena, - I realized that my husband Sergei was in a better than I, position, because he always goes shopping. And not in the shop next to the house (he's a little - no selection), and the supermarket is a 15-minute walk away. I am always lazy to go so far beyond the products and sends it. Recently, I decided myself to go to the store. First of all, the movement, and in the products (and prices) I understand much better (especially on the part of the order on what can be saved). Long live the movement!

Dinner parties

A sensible approach may help "profitable" (in terms of traffic) even choose a place to party. We know that the restaurant - it is, above all, delicious food, and with it - the temptation of overeating. So I always choose only those places where you can not only eat, but also to dance. Because, if the dance "with soul", for 2-3 consecutive days in my body hurts like after many hours of training in the gym. Long live the movement!

Working time

Actively move can be even in the office. Especially, if necessary, discuss with colleagues working moments not dial intercom and "foot" to go to the next room. I'm not talking about that created countless zaryadok office (which can be easily found online and save on the desktop). Long live the movement!


- Even at a picnic with friends, you can choose between "active" and "passive" activities, - says my friend Lena. - As you know, "the girl," we cut sausage and gherkins, plaster caviar sandwiches, and "boys" sticks in drag. Personally, I do not I cut. I'm with the boys I go to look for branches for a fire. In short, the walk through the forest, while the ladies 'planed' products. Long live the movement!

Fish - in the river (in the pan)! We get a dog!

Children are asked to get a dog? Instead, you offer aquarium inhabitants who do not have to walk several times a day? .. Factory dog! Yes, it must be to walk. Yes, children do not, even if the promise. But it will be a strong argument for a walk down the street. Everyday! Several times a day! In any weather! You will no longer be output in which you sometimes even nose into the street did not show. Long live the movement!


Think about how much time we spend with friends. We go to visit each other, to sit for hours in cafes and restaurants. But at the same time you could engage with jogging, aerobics or go to dances. It will be much more useful if at least some tea in the week we will replace the "joint" fitness. Long live the movement!


Finally, zaryadochka (the word "charge" I do not like it - go away Soviet radio wave with its "feet shoulder-width"). Making yourself every day to start with physical training is hard, but if you soak three weeks (as it is formed, any habit) you can be congratulated for life! So much good is only 5-10 minutes a day! I always hated gym, he refused to participate in competitions and corporate tursletah. But zaryadochkoy I made friends. Friendship, because it is easy and cheap. Because when it is so easy to wake up! Because it is absolutely free and so helpful! Long live the movement!

Time and facilities for the movement can be found in any, even very busy, chart. As they say, there is a will ...
Author: Marina Tumovskaya