Hidden secrets shapely
 - Yes, - he says - and mighty secret from strong Red Army.
- Yes, - he says - and incalculable assistance ....
- Yes, - he says - and the deep secret passages. But no matter how much you're looking for, you still will not find yourself ... and you and vvek not guess.
(Arkady Gaidar "Tale of military secrets, Malchish-Kibalchish and his firm word")

Probably, many people, especially the fair sex, tormented by the question: well, where such injustice? Some are in a vain attempt to lose the excess weight torturing diets spend fasting days, hours pedal on simulators, and all this without substantial and permanent results, and others, without making special effort to remain slim and lean throughout life .  Why is this mystery? What do not slender as full-bodied? You can of course still be attributed to the metabolism and heredity, but then it has a metabolism and metabolic somewhere has roots! In addition, there is a fairly large army of people with normal metabolism, which, however, remain slim, indulging in their favorite dishes, not counting calories and not doing unloadings! Many researchers, nutritionists worried about these mysteries, especially in recent years when the overweight population in many countries trudged pandemic, and paradoxically, the more diets offer a variety of weight loss experts, the more overweight people in the world .

Watching how they live, eat, what do slim by nature, researchers have come to certain conclusions. Slim does not depend on what dishes you prefer to eat and what time of day. Some people are naturally thin people eat calorie-rich foods, while others prefer diet products, some of them - vegetarians, others do not give up meat. One dinner early, while others - later. Some people eat quickly, while others - slowly.

The secret harmony of nature is simple:

Firstly, those lucky I never sit on diets They do not know how many calories are in one leaf of lettuce or a tablespoon of cottage cheese, how many grams of fat in a serving of soup or a roast. Excessive concern about counting calories seems to them mysterious and incomprehensible.

Secondly, there are four very simple things that affect the harmony, and they adhere to, without even realizing it:
  • only when you're hungry;

  • There is only what you really want to eat;

  • enjoy every morsel of food that you put in your mouth;

  • stop eating as soon as your body is sated.

If you think about it, because this is how children eat (if you do not interfere with the adults) and animals. It is the most natural and correct approach to nutrition.

Although the secret of how to become thin by nature, is very simple, the transition to this state is complex: to become thin by nature, a person needs to cool to 180 degrees, to change their attitude to food, to himself, to his body and his life.

Unfortunately, very many people are vaccinated in childhood wrong attitude to food and the process of saturation. Food on the schedule (even if not hungry), but put in a bowl all have to eat (even if already full), you can not throw away food when children are starving in Africa, etc. etc. - Such facilities create ideal conditions for bad eating habits.

Slim not naturally tend to stick sadness buns or cakes when they are nervous, most generally refuse to eat, and struggling with stress or physical exertion are looking for fresh impressions. The only reason for eating - a famine. But this does not mean that slim does not get pleasure from eating or appreciate delicious! On the contrary, they tend to just enjoy what they eat, but they approach it consciously! They are satisfied with less food, because they get more pleasure from food eaten by each piece.

Learn to have deliberately quite difficult, though slender by nature, this process is natural, but if you exercise some time later conscious eating and getting pleasure from each piece will go into a habit.

 Hidden secrets shapely
 What about diet, is not a conscious relationship to food? Diet is always a violent constraint and violence to an end is usually bad, in this case, for losing weight is usually followed by a new set of weights. Rocking on a swing - "hunger" - "eating of" self-flagellation and even with that you could not achieve the desired result, depression, nervous disorders, - here and undermine the health of long.

Even if you have a strong will, and you manage through extreme efforts, the fight against his own body and jump from one diet to another to reduce and maintain weight within the desired framework, do you feel happy? If the 98% of your time and energy is spent on it, not to gain weight can better accept yourself such as is and start doing things that are pleasing to you and that bring you pleasure.

It can be a full and happy! This approach to the problem, there are many benefits: you can have anything you want in any quantity, no need to worry about diets, you can buy her clothes the right size, rather than trying to get into the jeans a size smaller, you can just live life to the fullest.

Incidentally, there are many cases when the fact of getting rid of the psychological stress associated with trying to lose weight leads to weight loss.

Make a choice

 Hidden secrets shapely
 If you are still persistently strive for harmony, it makes sense to choose not the way of dieting and coercion, and discover a world of thinking that leads to a natural harmony.

Here are some of its postulates:

  • Treat food as their servant, not as a master.

  • Do not treat food as a reward. Reward yourself or not chocolate cake, and good movies, books, a visit to a beauty salon, etc.

  • Do not deny yourself anything, because the feeling of dissatisfaction can do more harm than once a morsel of food from time to time.

  • Listen to your body.

  • Do not "jam" the stresses, because the food will not eliminate the source of the trouble.

  • Remember, the food - it's just food, it's just fuel for the body maintain in working order. Treat food as breathing, that is, as a natural and necessary process.

  • Eat those foods that you like, but not in order to be happy, but simply that the food brought joy and pleasure.

  • Even if you are inclined to be overweight, exercise to think, feel and behave as if you slim by nature. First you have to pretend to play the role, but eventually the new thinking of the natural harmony will be your alter ego, you change not only internally but also externally.

You will feel happier, healthier, freer and more energetic than ever before. Feel the joy and the correctness of his life, you will discover the fountain of youth and beauty.
Author: Olga Travleeva