How I lost weight
 During pregnancy, I gained almost twenty kilograms. It was terrible!

But as the man she loved and dad for my baby was not with us, I somehow the whole head went to the education of his daughter, not even caring about their appearance. But I am a woman!

My little girl grew up, and my girlfriend (mother of two) campaigned on my evening jogs. I agreed. Oh, and I was ashamed, she in front of a mirror. We stood in front of a huge mirror in full growth: it is high and hudoschavenkaya me, little bun. I was very ashamed to look at my reflection, I've never been like that. On the contrary, I was always smart, always in good shape. And the mirror looked at me jelly!

Every evening, we ran to the pine grove, which is located about a kilometer from my house. At first we just ran back and forth without changing the tempo with a five-minute rest at the grove. After two weeks of daily runs, the pace began to change, then slowly (almost race walking), the fast (jogging). Systematic cheating tempo promotes greater fat burning.

A week vacation trees replaced the complex exercise, which included:
• Breathing exercises.
• Slopes (hands clasped over his head to the castle, tilted to the right, left, at the expense of muscle tension in the press and lateral muscles).
• Squats (back should be straight, and knees should not be a pain).
• Push-ups from the tree trunk.
• kicks (you can hold on to the barrel).

Six weeks of daily training was noticeable result. My volume is slowly but very confident melted. Of course, not only the physical activity contributed to this achievement. After evening classes could only drink mineral water or, if the appetite is difficult to overcome, not sweetened yogurt.

Also, one of the mandatory items were fasting days twice a week. During pregnancy, I did, too, "unloading", but cottage cheese. Now, however, I chose a different option, after the curd has been just nasty. Twice a week, I drank only kefir, a week only vegetable or fruit juice, and once every three weeks, "unloaded" on porridge (buckwheat, oatmeal, barley).

In general, for the three months I lost ten kilos without terrible samomucheny. Moreover, I felt a new vitality. And exercise for me was antidepressants. There was no desire nor swear, nor react to stimuli.

Of course, the result was nice, but on our laurels, I did not stop. A little thought, I decided to complicate its course weight loss. It jogs added jumping rope. But, as always, should be around balance. I began to run less frequently (twice a week for two hours). For those who are contraindicated intense running and jumping, you can replace them in race walking. It is this kind of training more conducive to the elimination of the so-called "love handles" in women.

 How I lost weight

But, unfortunately, the summer - this is a season when the job becomes larger, especially for those who live in rural areas. Therefore, such training I had to pay only one night a week. The rest of the time I spent in the garden, tending the beds and, of course, devoted herself to raising her daughter.

But keep in mind that even with the lack of free time do not neglect strength training. Take ten minutes - twenty a day to swing the press and push-ups. Even if you find it difficult to pump at full press picked up the back, you can simply detach from the floor shoulders and shoulder blades. Thus, less back pain, and the effect is almost the same. The same goes for push-ups. Not every woman can boast of making ten full push-ups. Alas, I was one of them. But it is for us, ladies, not a barrier. I was beginning to be wrung out of the door, and then, when this was not enough for me, I began to do push-ups on the headboard.

But this exercise works to tone the biceps, shoulder and chest muscles. And how flabby triceps? For this, too, do not need to go far. Sit on the floor with his back close to the sofa. Place the palms on the couch and is due to start triceps tightened up. This exercise should be done slowly, both up and down. You'll see, when regular performance is not as tricky exercise result will not take long to wait.

Open ponds best summer sports equipment. Surely, even once every two weeks, but we go there in such a hot weather. In addition to intense sailing, you can also do some exercises and in the water. This is especially true for those who for some reason can not swim.
At first , Kicks. It is better to go into the water up to his chest.
Secondly Jumping. Try at the same depth jump first on one, then on the other foot, well, then both legs.
And thirdly Enjoy the warmth in the winter because of him, we can only dream of.

 How I lost weight

It is so great, just remember that you're a woman.   Girls, love yourself!
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova