How to speed up metabolism
 Metabolism or metabolism - a biochemical reactions that are associated with the accumulation and incineration nutrients. Simply put, it is the process of transformation of mineral substances entering our body from food into energy needed for its life.

Scientists distinguish between three types of metabolism: Fast, Normal, and Economy. People with rapid metabolism is often the envy of others, because they can not afford to have all in unlimited quantities without adding at the same time even in the waist extra centimeters. This happens because the metabolic rate them so high that fat burning is faster than their accumulation. Externally gipermetaboliki - people slim, mobile, with an active temperament and body language.

The normal level of metabolism is most often seen in people normosthenic type, ie medium build.
  Normal reaction rate allows them to maintain excellent form in the absence of explicit overeating.

The hardest to maintain a good figure for people with slow metabolism. Gipometaboliki pay for the slightest overweight overeating. Processes cleavage products and synthetic nutrients have been going very slowly.

Scientists believe a very important indicator for determining the level of metabolic energy that is expended by the body at rest. After all, the figure is up to 75% of the total energy fund and includes the energy required at rest to maintain vital processes such as the heartbeat, breathing, a constant body temperature, digestion. And, although these figures are laid at the very beginning of our lives, speed up the metabolic processes in the body it is possible!

Ideally, before drawing up the program of acceleration of metabolism, it is best to go through a consultation with a specialist who will determine the initial level of metabolism and calculate the required kallorazh diet. This does not mean that now you'll have to stick to the strict diet. On the contrary, the primary task is to speed up metabolism - to avoid the severe restrictions which cause a reduction in metabolic processes in the body and the accumulation of excess calories they all just in case in the future he will again have to go through "hunger strike". It was designed, balanced diet plus exercise will help lead metabolism in order. Additionally, one can employ several techniques to increase metabolic rate.

• 4 meals

A very important point to speed up metabolism is to adjust the power scheme. Most nutritionists concurs that the power should be part and fractional. By increasing the number of meals a person reduces the volume of food eaten at once, allowing you to develop the habit of not overeat. The volume of the stomach at the same time is reduced and the weight loss is a natural way, without the use of any medication.

• Sports

When you exercise regularly, you will strengthen and build muscle mass. The more muscles - the higher energy costs, since the muscle tissue are basic catalysts burning fat in the body.

• Contrast douche

Alternating hot and cold water, we put the body peculiar thermal massage, which is very beneficial effect on metabolic processes. Moreover, it stimulates blood flow and helps keep the skin smooth.

• Healthy sleep

To normalize the metabolism necessary to sleep at least 8 hours a day. The long and deep sleep promotes the production of growth hormone in the body, which in turn influences the metabolic rate.

• Salt grinding

In order to increase metabolism can regularly after washing rub the whole body rigid mitten or a towel soaked in saline solution prepared from the calculation 1 tbsp. teaspoon salt and 1 tbsp. spoon of vinegar to 2 quarts of water. After such rubbing skin needs a little blush. They are quite deep, affecting not only the metabolism, but also on the condition of the skin, helping to get rid of stretch marks and cellulite.

• Foot massage

As you know, in terms of active regions on the feet associated with all organs of the body. Regular massage of these points will help strengthen the metabolism and enhance immunity.

• Iodine

To speed up metabolism it is important to organize the work of the thyroid gland. Very often it is working slowly - the result of a lack of iodine in the body. To fill a vital element, it is advisable to eat seaweed, or iodine-containing drugs.

Using these simple techniques, you can significantly speed up the metabolism, increasing thus the body's ability to burn calories.
Author: Natalia Biatova