"I was everything and more! "Coveted list for losing weight: it can be eaten in any quantity
 "To such eat to lose weight" - a phrase that we say, no longer thinking about the meaning. But all sorts of advertising appeals such as "Eat and grow thin" is not meaningless. Just need to know that you can have in such cases. So, the list of foods that you can eat almost constantly, and all you want.

"And even after six in the evening? "- Pleadingly looks at me, my constant dieters friend. Why not? "Again about porridge and muesli? "- Again upset girlfriend. No! Today, no word on cereals. Everybody knows their strengths. I'm talking about a fun, colorful, and fun food!

This - the perfect dietary product. They quickly cause a feeling of fullness, but contain almost no calories.

In 100 grams of this exotic fruit only 39 calories! Moreover, papaya contains vitamins (A and C), potassium and magnesium. And imagine: a low-calorie product is able to give forces and cheerfulness, and also cleans the intestines.

Fresh juice of green vegetables
By the way, very tasty. Especially in hot weather. Leader in pohudatelnye-purifying beverages - juice of green apples and celery. Or pure fresh celery. It is a long time the sensation of hunger and perfectly restores metabolism.

Brown sugar
Of course, it is better to do without sugar. But if unbearable, allow yourself to brown. It does not include the motto "eat and grow thin", should be more careful with it, but you can save a few calories. Brown sugar is a little less calories than white.

 "I was everything and more! "Coveted list for losing weight: it can be eaten in any quantity
It does not contain any fat or calories, but it has a lot of potassium, which neutralizes excess salt and helps to avoid edema. Total 100 grams of celery fully replenish daily rate of potassium. Besides, celery normalizes blood pressure because it contained phthalide. Just eat crunchy celery stalks, when you want: it's not just a nice side dish, but also a full bite.

 "I was everything and more! "Coveted list for losing weight: it can be eaten in any quantity
Not only in the form of jams, juices, or even in the freshly harvested form. Dried cherry - this is what we need! You can chew, and it is better to brew hot water and drink a vitamin and low-calorie cocktail.

Sunflower seeds
Always use seeds instead of nuts. Add to salads, use as a breading for cutlets. The fact that they are much lower in calories than the nuts, but much more vitamins. Seeds are able to positively affect almost every function of our body: they normalize the brain, liver, kidneys, lungs, stomach and joints, stabilize the circulatory system. It is a source of iodine, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc ... In general, be reserved, it is indeed a storehouse of useful and grow fat on them is unlikely.

 "I was everything and more! "Coveted list for losing weight: it can be eaten in any quantity
And onions, and green are equally useful. Believe it - no, but the bow in the right quantity is able to save even the old joint mobility, strengthen bones, and make the blood "run" through the vessels. And practically no calories. Only now when cooking or frying loses a lot of its beneficial properties. Therefore, eat fresh onion, onion, and green. Lovely and low-fat side dish - marinated and baked onion.

Yes, it is calorie, protein in it! - Exclaims someone. Yes, the protein in it, and the same as in beef, for example. But calories beans two times less than in the same beef. Besides vegetal protein is absorbed much better animal. It is better absorbed by the beans with vegetables. And it is really possible to have a lot of - it is not so terrible as it seems.

 "I was everything and more! "Coveted list for losing weight: it can be eaten in any quantity
Great product, as they say: eat as much as you! The kiwi - a minimum of calories - only 46! But the most essential vitamins and minerals that remove toxins and helps to lose weight. This fruit is not only combines the taste quality of melon, gooseberry, strawberry, banana, watermelon, pineapple, but gathered confidence and all of their useful properties.

Cabbage juice
Great drink helps get rid of the extra kilos, because it is one of the most low-calorie. It contains tartronic acid, prevents the deposition of fat. It has a cleansing effect on the body, which is also very important for those who lose weight.

Milk lowfat (0, 5 - 1, 5%)
Like a high-calorie drink, but in the form of skim it only promotes weight loss because it is a source of calcium, which actively helps cells burn fat. In addition, it keeps you feeling full for a long time.

Dried fruits
The most optimal - it is the infusion of dried fruits. They need to pour boiling water and soak in the warmth, thus giving it brew, you can use this for a thermos. It turns a favorite childhood compote, not boiled. Naturally without sugar, it is better to put more fruit for a richer flavor. This drink can drink almost constantly, and absolutely no harm to the figures.

 "I was everything and more! "Coveted list for losing weight: it can be eaten in any quantity
Well, everyone has heard about the pineapple tastes of many stars. And no wonder they eat pineapple in large quantities and on a daily basis. This fruit - pure gold, it not only has the vitamins and tonic effect, but also breaks down fats, which is very useful for losing weight girls. Besides delicious!

Hot chocolate
He can not eat as much as, for example, celery. But if you can not do without chocolate, hot chocolate is still preferable than the usual chocolate. There is almost no fat (if select a special low-fat, the fat in general it - zero grams), and 100 calories less than in conventional chocolate.

 "I was everything and more! "Coveted list for losing weight: it can be eaten in any quantity
 Fruit icecream
Do not milk, and certainly not butter! It is better to eat a frozen berry juice or juice. Choose quality brands that do not use artificial coloring or flavor enhancers. You can make such a delicacy itself, then you will know what's inside. This dessert - very light, contains a lot of vitamins, besides - an antidepressant.

Lovely girl! If you are on a diet, but I want, finally, to pamper yourself, choose something from this list. Any of these products can significantly diversify your menu, without giving any chance of superfluous kgs (and even grams). These products can take with you to work, on a trip to the places where it is difficult to comply strictly with diet. But I want to eat something. So eat! Only that will not affect your waistline!
Author: Julia Gnedina