Lose weight effortlessly ?!
 Is that possible? Lose weight, not mocking his own body rigid diet and permanent restriction in food, not torturing myself exhausting workouts and not endangering their health, using dubious means to weight loss - about such a happy dream of many of the fair sex!

It turns out such methods and techniques are still there. They do not require significant costs - either physical or material.

Relax and thinner!

Often weight problems are a reflection of psychological problems. Intense pace of life, the state of anxiety and insecurity are provocateurs albeit not strong, but the daily stress and for self-preservation and protection of the body increases the "fat buffer" wraps have a protective "cocoon". The body seems to be saying to her mistress: "Stop, calm down, this excess weight - the goods, so that you can find peace, stop fussing."

In this case, helping to lose weight relaxation techniques, such as - breathing exercises, meditation, visualization exercises . Particularly effective breathing techniques (deep breathing) borrowed from yoga. You can practice them yourself in different self-instruction (or an electronic book), but it is better still to join the fitness club under the guidance of an experienced coach to learn deep breathing perfectly. By the way, in addition to relaxation, this type of breathing practices useful for abdominal, after all his muscles are actively involved in this case.

Exercises on the visualization - also an effective way to find peace, improve health, awaken their desire to move, live and enjoy life. Extra weight disappear unnoticed and by themselves shortly after the start of classes. After a couple of months, the changes are noticeable.

What is the member of this method. First you need a mirror and privacy: Remove clothes carefully and safely inspect your body, mentally noting problem areas in which you want to make adjustments. Then close your eyes and imagine yourself the way you are in peak physical condition or some want to see yourself, pay attention to details svoёgo new way, admire him. Remember your feelings and your image. Conjures up this image and feeling that he is, as often as possible, it is enough to simply close your eyes and imagine. After some practice and your eyes closed is not required, it will be enough just a thought.

And the result is bound to be, on this evidence, and the feedback of enthusiasts who were engaged by the techniques of relaxation and the results of scientific research. One of the latest was held in New Zealand, researchers from the University of Otago. During the study, they observed 225 women who were trying to lose weight by any means other than diet. So, it turned out that in addition to fitness, relaxation techniques give it a very good effect. Women who used these practices (fitness with relaxation), dropped more weight than the control group (fitness without relaxation).

Laugh and grow thin

 Lose weight effortlessly ?!

The fact that laughter prolongs life, we already know. "1 minute healthy laughter prolongs life for 10 minutes." I do not know who and how it is calculated, but the statement of objections does not call. After all, we know - the laughter increases the production of endorphins (happiness hormones), it stimulates the immune system, reduces fatigue and increases efficiency. And more laughter helps to lose weight. Sincere laughter burns 10 to 50 calories per minute, in any case, so say US researchers. So find an excuse for 10-15 minutes of genuine laughter in the day and the year you can effortlessly get rid of a couple of extra kilos.

Dance and hudey

 Lose weight effortlessly ?!

It is hard to imagine a simpler, more enjoyable and effective way to burn calories. And not necessarily to go to classes at the dance hall, club, dance can be home enough to include rhythmic dance music, and the heart begins to beat faster, the soul is torn in flight, and the legs themselves were asked to dance. Do not hold this desire! It is this combination of exercise, increasing the rhythm of the heart muscle and overall happiness leads to the magical results!

If you want to go dancing more seriously, in many gyms there is a group dance aerobics, or you can simply buy a disc or video cassette with dance lessons and the Tutor. Medical statistics says: Women who regularly do dance, lose weight in a year by an average of 10-20 kg, depending on the initial overweight.

Time to use the stones

 Lose weight effortlessly ?!

Stone therapy - a great opportunity with stones tame appetite. Japanese monks for this purpose is heated in water flat stone palm-sized and placed on a projection of the stomach. They say that this method allows you to be satisfied with less food. You can use the heated stones and massage problem areas. In this case, the effect is achieved by improving the lymph and blood flow. Also warm pebbles can be used for relaxation, it relieves stress and drives away disturbing thoughts subconsciously push us to the refrigerator.

Dress Up and Lose Weight

Some items of clothing good help to lose weight. Pants, shorts, belts made Neoprene   create a sauna effect, evaporating water, massaging the body and the skin lining. The inside of the neoprene products covered termosepom performing massage the skin. At the same time between the body and product freely circulating air flow, eliminating excess moisture, bringing it out. Due to this temperature regime is maintained without harm to health.

But if you just wear shorts and filled up with a book on the sofa no noticeable effect not wait. But if we move rapidly 1, 5 - 2 hours of shorts every day, the result is sure to affect the figure, and the skin condition improves.

But French physicians created the original sandals especially for people who have problems with obesity. The wooden sole of this shoe is made in such a cunning way that when you wear it, the center of gravity is shifting. Physically it feels like to climb the mountain. Just walk in such sandalikah already sozhzhёsh a lot of calories.

Weight loss many (not all of them are safe). Often we turn it in one, then another, not leading to its logical conclusion, no initiative. Most intrepid (or desperate) are ready to try on themselves "achievements" of the global chemical industry - pills, powders and "tea", or even go under the surgeon's knife. But by following these tips, you can lose the extra weight, without losing the peace of mind and health.
Author: Olga Travleeva