Lose weight without dieting
 Losing weight requires our internal organization and discipline. To somehow prepare yourself for this, you can try to start from afar: a review of what we eat, how we eat, how to sleep, how to think. After all, the first of what we have to work, when you start to lose weight - psychology. We cheat ourselves by drawing in the head gory details of diet, how we will miss and how harmful it will be difficult.

To avoid such sad thoughts, you can try it first to organize themselves, not sitting on a diet. Slowly moving towards a bright future. So we have prepared some tips to help you with this.

Tip 1. Set the meal.   This applies not only between meals. Set a timer for 20 minutes and sit down to eat. You have to keep it to 20 minutes, no more, no less. So there would have to slow. I am sure that everyone understands why 20 minutes. You will not only be filled with less food, but also feel the taste of food.

Tip 2. Get enough sleep.   It is commonly known, has repeatedly proven fact. The less we sleep, the more we eat, the quicker and get fat. Good sleep helps even lose weight. Lack of sleep, on the contrary, stimulates the appetite.

Tip 3. More vegetables.   Summer - a fertile time for the order to lose weight. Full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Prepare yourself for dinner salad with fresh vegetables, or cook for a couple, or fry on the grill. Replace vegetables any more calories, and you will not even notice as you eat them. It is important not only to use fatty sauces and fry them in a large amount of oil.

 Lose weight without dieting

Tip 4. Eat soup.   Soups are not only useful for the stomach, but for weight loss. Clear soups, soup (without pampushek), soup and so perfectly suited to get enough calories and save. However, this statement does not apply to puree soups. Typically, these are very high-calorie meals.

Tip 4. Whole grains.   Brown rice, oatmeal, millet, etc. They are a good tool in the fight against excess weight.

Tip 5. Stimulus . You need to get into your favorite dress or a swimsuit? Then, not to be tempted to relax and hang them in a prominent place. They will be a silent reproach to you, if you want to deviate from the right path.

Tip 6. Eat breakfast with the mind. Nutritionists say that if you want to lose weight, be sure to lunch. In addition, breakfast should include almost half of the daily calories, so you can even afford a piece of cake or a cookie. But you should not overdo it too. First, the severity of the stomach in the morning you do not add optimism, secondly, calories still need to consider and remember a part of what you eat.

Tip 7. Correct filling . Ideally, of course, it would be worth learning how to cook pizza at home. It's so you can greatly reduce the amount of calories. Especially what to cook it is not so difficult. But if you order a pizza, then give preference to vegetable stuffing. This represents a savings of 100 calories. And another important point - choose thin crust pizza.

 Lose weight without dieting

Tip 8. Drink wisely.   Instead of soda drink plain water with lemon. This is not only rich in calories but also useful for the organism. Lemon can be replaced by any fresh or frozen berries. If you want to still drink soda or juice, use a tall, thin glass. It will deceive your stomach. Like and high, and a lot, but in fact it turns out less than half of normal glass. And stop drinking alcoholic beverages. You even know how many calories !!! Aims to lose a couple of pounds? Say "no" to cocktails, vodka, martinis, etc.

 Lose weight without dieting

Tip 9. Stay active.   It is believed that regular exercise provoke the production of the same hormones as the food. Therefore, instead of the next portion of chocolate - forward for a jog, or try yoga. Generally, yoga helps to cope very well with gusts to overeating.

 Lose weight without dieting

Tip 10. More often eat at home . This economical, and calories you'll use almost 2 times less. Firstly, the house you are in control of the entire process. How and why. Secondly, this activity is very disciplined in matters of food. Third, you begin to understand better in caloric intake, and over time you will easily be able to determine the calories "by eye".

11. The Council pleasant conversation will help you not overeat.   Some breaks during the meal can help you eat less. So invite your friends to dinner and a nice chat, you will not even notice that ate less than 1/3. A trifle, but nice. During these breaks, you give your body to digest what he had eaten, and he in turn will give a signal when ate.

12. The Board of mint gum . I remember in an interview Liv Tyler (known for her role in the trilogy "Lord of the Rings") said that chewing gum - magic wand for losing weight when you want something tasty. Peppermint chewing gum without sugar will not only freshen your breath, but also keep you from the desire to put in his mouth one more piece of candy, while you are reading, watching a movie or cook. By the way, Jennifer Lopez also resorted to such tricks.

 Lose weight without dieting

Council 13. Size matters.   Which dish do you eat? Large, medium or small. By reducing the size of the plates, you reduce your servings without sacrificing his psyche. The dish is, the food on the plate is, the whole plate of food. But it is considerably smaller than the big. And that means that you absorb fewer calories.

 Lose weight without dieting

14. The Board of Control portions.   Nearly all diets are reduced to what is necessary to measure the amount of food. That cook them. A couple of times after weighing your dinner, after a while you learn to identify by eye the quantity you need.

Council 15. 80/20 . The essence of this Council in the next. You eat until you satisfy your hunger by 80%, and then wait 20 minutes. While ideally you should eat 80% of the food from the plate for 20 minutes. And the next time reduce the portion of those 20% that are left after the last time. Most interesting is that most of the children and do. Sami eat enough to satisfy basic hunger, then begin to play with the food that adults are trying to cram inside to plate remained clean. But children live by instincts that age safely destroyed adults.

Council 16. Less Meat . Nutritionists believe that the average adult should eat meat no more than 2 times a week, rest of the time to lean on vegetables and seafood. No meat at all is impossible, his regular use helps our body to produce coenzyme, which in turn helps us to keep youth and elasticity of the skin as long as possible. On the other hand, abused meat and should not be. In all there should be moderation.

Tip 17. Give yourself physical activity at the earliest opportunity.   So you will burn 100 or more calories per day. For example, walking, cleaning, running, etc. Any kind of stress will make one more step to a beautiful body.

 Lose weight without dieting

Council 18. Praise yourself . A method to select themselves. A piece of cake, a new dress, and something else. The main thing to remind yourself that you - well done.

Good luck to you!
Author: Vera Karabutova