Preparing to fly your body and soul. Part 2
 Popular wisdom says: Prepare sleighs in summer, and in winter the cart. Winter we successfully "failed to notice", regaling cake for New Year's table and smoked sausage at corporate. But there is still time! Time to not only fix, but also significantly improved. So, we are working on the result!

Muscle - tone!

The easiest way to keep fit with regular exercise. A variety of programs, modern fitness center is truly mesmerizing. This traditional training on simulators (so-called power classes), and so fashionable nowadays aerobics (basic, step, interval, power, dance), shaping, yoga, Pilates, Callanetics, plastic. The schools represented the diversity of dance directions - Arabic dance (belly dance), Latin American dance, strip-dance, R'n'B, Hip-Hop, etc. Buy a ticket - and go! For you - a strict attendance, and the result is not long to wait.

However, for someone like employment - is unheard of extravagance. Not so much in terms of money (although the financial component also is not the last), but also in terms of time, which we all sorely lacking.

Every woman has their secrets, how to keep yourself in shape. Some people get up every morning, half an hour earlier to make a charge, others are limited to exercises on the iron circle, and others run on Saturdays in the park, the fourth resorted to the advice of the professionals in the best female search engines.

From my own experience I say: do not need a long time to puzzle over the effectiveness of a particular exercise, complicate their way to the sport. You can start, for example, a 10-minute morning exercise (the diversity of its you will dispatch "Fitness and aerobics at home," and continue in the dance club, learning the art of flamenco. The main thing - do in this direction at least something. Of course, this "something" should bring you joy and pleasure.

Hair - shine!

Winter cold will inevitably affect the condition of our hair. Due to changes in temperature, they become dull, split and lifeless. There comes a time when the usual shampoos and conditioners, as well as a mask for 2-5 minutes, do not bring the desired effect. Well, perhaps it is time to take seriously the hair.

Let's start with the most options for lazy - professional hair mask Successfully used in beauty salons. Buy them can be in almost all stores of the beauty industry. We recommend doing this in large retail outlets in order to avoid fakes.

In the spring of cosmetologists are advised to acquire the means to the medical complex, designed specifically for damaged hair, masks, concentrates with fruit oils.

When choosing a hair dye give preference to that which is in addition to the coloring effect nourishes and protects hair.

The second option will require you to some investments. Why not give your hair LUX-hair care using high quality tools ? Most of the procedures are performed at least one hour (you know, to any comparison does not go with a 2-minute mask). It is intense and complex, and nutrients to depleted hair, sealing and types of care, care oils and many others. In other words, it is the care that you can provide your hair in a home.

Finally, the third - budget - an option . Use simple and effective "grandmother's recipes" abundantly represented on the Internet. Most of the ingredients available and cheap (yogurt, honey, bread, eggs, etc.), so do yourself a mask for the hair is not difficult. As they say, cheap and cheerful.

Finally, the last piece of advice. Daily hairstyle - is well and good, but all possible means to injure hair fixing hair, as well as regular use of hair dryer, hair curlers and similar funds. At least sometimes let his hair a good rest.

Skin - elasticity and velvety!

Lack of vitamins and sunlight is not the best way affects the condition of the skin, even if you did not stop to take good care of her. It is time to care even more intense! The corresponding mask how to help moisturize the skin and return it velvety.

For this purpose, as well as hair care products, you can use the available domestic funds (for this use the tips authoritative female resources). It is important that the mask was selected according to the type of skin. However, there are universal masks that are suitable for all skin types.

For example, for the preparation of Potato mask   one potato is boiled in milk, then softened, allowed to cool and applied to the face.

Egg-honey mask   made from fresh egg yolks, whipped with a small amount of natural honey. This wonderful blend perfectly refreshing face.

Vitamin Mask For which you will need 1 tbsp. l. pasteurized cheese, a few drops of lemon juice and finely chopped orange slice, fine wrinkles and prevents their appearance.

The simplest is, without doubt, Banana Mask . For its preparation you just need to stretch half peeled banana and apply it on the face and neck with a thin layer. This mask moisturizes and refreshes the face.

If you're lazy or do not believe in the efficacy of "folk remedies", treat yourself to a mask with expensive components of any well-known cosmetics manufacturer.

Nails - hardness and length!

By the spring of nails become brittle and bed and we fear even for a moment to appear in public without a varnish, carefully hide their imperfections.

Well, it is time to properly take care of your nails. First, give up nail polish remover with acetone and cheap low-quality paints that dry nails and weaken the nail plate. Second, do restorative baths with sea salt. Perfectly whiten nails   The following method will help. Daily pressed nails and leave them for a few minutes in half a lemon. Effective means of care for your hands and nails is an ordinary jelly. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to put Vaseline on your hands and leave them overnight in cotton gloves.

If you really care about your nails, do not admit to expose them to the damaging effects of household chemicals. Performing homework, be sure to wear gloves. Do not neglect as masks, scrubs and creams for hands and nails.

So, to prepare for the summer is not too difficult, and it does not necessarily require considerable sums. The main thing - time to start, let alone the results did not take long to wait. As soon as the sun will shine brighter, you'll look better. So, get ready to fly, and the body and soul. After all, our confidence in his own irresistibility gives us the courage to seduce or be seduced ...
Author: Marina Tumovskaya