Professional advice is do not go on a "bad" diet
 XXI Century - the world slender, and different diets - a way you can join the elite. However, not all diet methods as good and safe as they are spoken.

How to determine the diet scam

Offering a truly magical results, new diets appear every week. Eat more. There are fewer. Fat - is the enemy. Carbohydrates - are evil. Consuming large amounts of water - a way to lose weight. Such requirements make the surprise even knowledgeable consumers. As a result, it is an easy way for scammers to trap the gullible customers and sell them the promised miracle. Before you get to the next promising diet, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a few tips that will not let you be deceived.

Reset 12 kilos in 30 days!

Beware of diets that promise significant weight loss in the short term. Instant weight loss - not really!

Losing weight is based on the balance of positive emotions, exercise and diet. The most realistic figure with weight loss - 0.7 - 1.5 kilos per week.

Another danger signal - diets that promise weight loss compulsory. Losing weight is not a guarantee, as it depends on many factors.

A diet based on cabbage soup

Diets, built on the consumption of certain food groups (eg, cabbage diet, grapefruit diet or a diet of one product) are not only dangerous, but are unrealistic for a long period.

Diets that focus on a certain kind of food can lead to malnutrition. A diet based on cabbage soup, for example, leads to a drastic reduction in the consumption of proteins and other nutrients your body needs.

The secret to weight loss

Some diets that claim to have found the "secret" weight loss is really only keep a secret - how to drain your wallet, or vital energy. There is no "magic tricks" that promotes a strong weight loss.

There is no 'secret' miracle obesity treatment methods ... are simply not working.

The same can be said about diets that require you to wear special devices, such as belts and massage devices, which actually do not give the promised results. Rather than blind adherence to and application of such "magic" tools and techniques, just a little to change their habits and be honest with yourself regarding the ongoing efforts.

Radical calorie restriction and weight loss

Diets that restrict excessive calorie intake, can lead to health problems.

All diet programs based on reducing calorie intake (even such well-known as the Atkins diet). It is necessary to observe the basic rule is to define the limit that does not lead to health problems. Be aware that the diet that involve the consumption of less than 900 calories - are dangerous from a medical point of view.

There controlled health programs (eg, Valens) a sharp reduction in caloric level, but at the same time remaining safe and effective. But, remember, all should be the measure.

Also remember that some low-calorie diet will give instant results, but you will lose water but not fat.

"Folk" Diet program

Programs that do not have authors who can be contacted on the consultation - are uncertain. Reasonable program should have developers who are responsible for their promises.

However, even knowing who developed a technique still does not mean that the person or persons competent in matters of weight loss, especially if you have health problems. You must consult your doctor or other medical professional experienced before you go on a diet, especially if you have contraindications.

And, of course, you will achieve maximum success, if they themselves attach maxima of effort.

Diet pills - all you need

Diets requiring consumption have special tablets or additives as part of a program aimed at making a profit and not for weight loss.

Existing drugs for the management and control of weight that have passed clinical trials require a doctor's prescription. Drugs are not sold in pharmacies, can help with weight loss, but the results are usually mild and temporary.

You will lose weight by eating one slice of toast a day less and think that this is all thanks to the tablets. Also remember that supplements and pills that promote weight loss, artificially stimulate the metabolism, increasing the heart rate artificially. They can not only upset the balance of the body, but to resume weight loss only in the case of continuous use.

Sound too good to be true…

And, finally, show once again alert when you hear the phrase "quick results." Weight loss takes time, there is a reasonable and safe way to quickly get the result. In addition, description of any techniques or dietary products for weight loss is usually always better, what it actually is.