Slim stomach
 Having a flat and tight stomach - is not this the dream of most women, lost faith in the power of diets, miracle trainers and exercise? Flat stomach at all times was considered the aesthetic ideal, and today is a mandatory feature of the leading sports and a rational way of life of the fair half of mankind. However, in order to obtain a flat stomach it requires not just a strong desire, and a willingness to change your lifestyle.

Why do I get "tummy"

Many are concerned about the issue, why did the stomach is rarely flat, especially with age. This occurs for a number of reasons, ranging from malnutrition, which most often is unbalanced, and ending with a genetic predisposition to gain weight in this part of the body. But it is not only those who are rapidly gaining extra weight, can not achieve a flat stomach. Often those who do not have weight problems also complain about the presence of their small but "tummy."

This is due to the fact that in addition to the features metabolism unaesthetic appearance stomach affected by factors such as pregnancy, particularly if more than one; lack of physical activity; frequent weight fluctuations, or the effect of "yo-yo"; digestive problems; hormonal changes - all this provokes a loss of elasticity of the abdominal muscles, his sagging.

How to make a flat stomach

To become flat belly and fit, beauty program should be comprehensive and include not only the meal plan, exercise and hardware procedures, but also the normalization of the bowel.

The first task - to change their dietary habits.   This is a prerequisite in order to achieve a flat stomach. And it's not a diet, you need to go step by step to the power supply system, which will suit you, ensuring nevertheless, beautiful figure. You should not completely give up your favorite goodies and sweets, but their use is better to postpone the first half of the day. Also, do not forget that a late dinner - this is the biggest enemy of a flat stomach. Supper is best not later than six in the evening, lean protein food.

 Slim stomach

If you have digestive problems, then to achieve a flat stomach would be difficult Because it increased bloating and irregular bowel contribute to the appearance of the abdomen. It is necessary to include in the diet of dairy products with bifidobacteria, additionally use the useful flora and supplements to normalize digestion.

You should not assume that abdominal exercises should now become a daily drudgery.   Believe me, the main thing - it does not do a hundred ascents body every day, and make a total of ten, but correctly. Your body - is the best trainer, you just have to learn how to use it. When you exercise on the press, it is important not the quantity but quality. Proper breathing exercises, plus slow at busy press will be much more effective.

 Slim stomach

Modern hardware technology   They help a lot faster to become the owner of a beautiful and flat stomach. Ultrasound, LPG-massage, laser liposuction - all these procedures and techniques aimed at removing excess fat from the body, reducing the volume and get rid of cellulite.

• Finally, if all efforts do not lead to the desired result, it is possible to resort the services of an experienced aesthetic surgeons . With abdominoplasty and liposculpture can achieve amazing results even with a large excess fat and skin. The most important thing - to find a real professional, best of all, based on a review of those already carried out similar operations.

And finally, most importantly - that all efforts were crowned with success, and the program of beauty did not bring frustration, it is important to realistically assess waiting for you the result, because it is clear that after the birth of children, it is difficult to make the stomach in the same flat as it was fifteen or sixteen, . However, to achieve really good results it is possible, and again and again to conquer men, resplendent in a beautiful separate bathing suits on the beach. The main thing - to love your body and it will respond to you in return!
Author: Natalia Biatova