The feet of the goddess
 One of the trends in summer fashion - shorts. The problem is that not all of us have a slim and beautiful legs Elle Macpherson, but it is, nevertheless, not a reason to give up fashion. To bring the shape of your foot to the ideal and to deal with the hated cellulite, it is important to comply with a comprehensive program that includes not only exercise, but also nutrition, and skin care.

Just as the abdomen and buttocks, legs our skin reacts to hormonal changes. Hips, knees and calves are one of their main areas of localization of cellulite, especially in women with "pear" shape. Due to the anatomical features of the foot is the most affected by problems with blood circulation. Hence the feeling of "heavy" legs and noticeable swelling. Vein problems can lead not only to painful sensations, but also to the development of varicose veins.

It is no secret that in order to have beautiful legs, you need to constantly be forced to work their muscles and provide proper care. For good tone leg muscles have to move as much as possible, preferring to walk, climb stairs. Do not be redundant and 2-3 sessions per week with one of the proposed sports.


It makes functioning circulatory system at the right level. It prevents stagnation of venous blood is a good prevention of varicose veins. Spend at least walking 30 minutes a day - and this will significantly improve the shape of your feet.


Salsa, tap dance, tango and other dances - all this will help you to have beautiful legs, strengthen the ankle and sharpen the shape of calves.


Good trains leg muscles thanks to the alternation of muscle tension and relaxation. Add to that the horizontal position of the body, the average temperature of the water and its pressure - all contribute to a peculiar lymphatic drainage, which helps get rid of cellulite.

Water aerobics

To all the benefits of being in the water and adds specific exercises for problem areas.

A bike

Regular cycling - is the key to beautiful calves and continued strengthening thighs.

For best effect, it is important to combine exercise with special exercises. Ideally, you want to engage in these exercises one every three days, gradually increasing the intensity and duration of employment.

Exercise 1

Slow squats

Standing upright, set up wide-leg, toes pointing outward as much as possible. Perform a slow squat until such time as the angle between the thighs and calves reaches 90 °. In this position, locks in 10 seconds, and then begin a slow ascent to the starting position. Beginners should perform 3 sets of 10 reps with 1 minute rest between them. With an average physical fitness can perform 4 sets of 16 reps with 1 minute rest between them. Finally, the "advanced" can do 5 sets of 25 reps with 45 seconds rest in between.

Exercise 2


Standing upright, set one foot forward, hands on her waist. Do lunges, leg bending at a right angle with the thigh parallel to the floor is strict. Return to starting position and relax. Repeat attacks on the same foot. Once set, change legs. Beginners should perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions with 2 minutes rest. With an average physical fitness can perform 4 sets of 12 reps with 1, 5 minutes of rest. Finally, the "advanced" can do 5 sets of 16 reps with 1 minute rest.

Exercise 3


Stand with your back against the wall. Perform a slow squat, as if trying to sit on an invisible chair. Having reached a position in which the thigh parallel to the floor, stop for 30 seconds, then slowly return to the starting position. Beginners - 3 sets of 30 seconds with a 2 minute rest. Average physical training - 4 sets of 45 seconds with a 2 minute rest. "Advanced" - 5 sets of 1 minute, 15 seconds, 1, 5 minute rest.

In addition to exercise, regular maintenance is important to help to deal with cellulite. For this purpose, suitable for both domestic procedures, and offered beauty or health center. After taking a shower perform contrast foot massage: direct jet of water from the ankles to the buttocks and back. Use the cellulite cream regularly in the morning and evening. Follow the foot massage in the direction from the knee to the thigh.

From salon treatments can be applied pressotherapy, which is struggling with stagnant lymph and prevents the formation of cellulite. Held in special cryochamber, cryotherapy can significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite, even running.

And a few more tips .  Try not to sit for a long time, and especially, do not put your foot on the foot, as it is very bad for the veins, which are located behind the knees .  As often as possible go - it promotes normal blood circulation, tones the walls of blood vessels and strengthens the muscles of the calf .  Avoid compressive clothing or footwear .  Try to lift your legs up, whenever possible: when watching TV, lying in bed, etc. . d .  Do not go to baths, saunas and avoid high temperatures, as they contribute to the expansion of veins and weaken the walls of blood vessels .  Follow your diet and bet on antioxidants, which strengthen the walls of capillaries: rich in vitamin C fruits and vegetables, dried fruits contain vitamin E and vegetable oil cold pressed .  Choose supplements that positively affect the operation of vessels .  The composition of dietary supplements include horse chestnut (reduces capillary permeability), cypress (prevents stagnation of blood in the legs), chamomile (increases the resistance to the adverse effects of the veins) .

Beautiful shape of feet - the result of the whole program: a balanced diet, regular exercise, special exercises for problem areas, the use of home care and salon protivotsellyulitnye. Be strong will and an enviable persistence - and an overwhelming desire to be the owner of the feet of the goddess come to life!

Author: Natalia Biatova