The recreation area or go to the bath
 Bath - this is not only a place for bathing, but also true recreation area. Happy owners of their own baths can accurately say that they are the lucky ones. There are people who would prefer a bath tub or shower. But I'm not talking about them.

The most common in our country meets the traditional Russian sauna, albeit with many fashion trends build genuine Finnish saunas and Turkish rarer or Roman bath. Russian sauna As you know, this is a steam room, and a washing compartment in the same room. Here you and warms, and bathing and bathe. Definitely it has its disadvantages but also advantages abound.

Firstly, although Russian steam bath it very wet and the sweat evaporation occurs more slowly than in the sauna, it is more suitable for the treatment and conducting a number of cosmetic procedures. All dirt, toxins and waste products excreted from the body via the skin, and it's no secret. Second, the room is a great place for communication between us girls. And, thirdly, a bath is a spa-salon.

ATTENTION:   Bath is contraindicated for people with blood circulation or circulatory failure, heart disease, acute inflammatory diseases. So if you really want to go to the bath, but your health is often naughty, first consult with your doctor.

 The recreation area or go to the bath

I want to tell you, we with friends go to the bath.   To begin with, that all of my friends, like me, have my bath, as we live in the countryside. But once in two weeks we will go together to the kingdom of warmth and pleasure to one of us.

The most important rule in the collective visit to a bath - no talk on the work, problems and all that somehow SHALL negative.

One of the secrets to a successful bath - this is true selected and steamed broom. We take a bath in some completely different brooms, as a rule, oak, linden, fir (spruce), and of course, birch.

Oak broom   It is well suited for those who have oily skin, suffers from skin rashes (not related to allergies), but potnichke and acne is worthy assistant. It makes the skin supple and matt, anti-inflammatory effect. Oak aroma prevents excessive increase in blood pressure, also calms the nervous system and reduces stress. What is needed in this age of breakneck speed.

Linden broom   eliminates headaches, cleanses the kidneys due to a mild diuretic effect, promotes perspiration, zharoponizheniyu, dilates the bronchi and accelerates wound healing. The leaves of linden by substances contained in them have expressed and calming effect.

Fir (fir, juniper) broom   - As an excellent tool for colds, and for its prevention. Volatile resinous substance of the broom perfectly disinfect the air in the steam room. The energy of these brooms penetrates deep into the body, which in turn leads to the activation of the blood circulation in deep muscle and internal organs. Coniferous broom zaparivat need not less than ten nor more than twenty minutes in boiling water. When the needles are soft, you can start sweating.

Birch broom   cleans the skin with tendency to rashes and pustules, accelerates healing wounds and abrasions, has an overall calming effect and, of course, improves the mood. His feature - the expansion of the small bronchi. Therefore, this broom no substitute for asthmatics and smokers.

Steams need a broom handle, pouring hot water. But since I'm talking about the Russian bath, then rinsed broom, you can put it at the foot of the regiment in the steam room, where he steam itself.

The whole point of the parks with a broom to relax and nourish your body paired spirit, the spirit of a broom. No need to lash himself to them, but gradually, as the fan barely touch the body to pour over the heat, beginning with the feet and ending with the person. But there is a nuance better to steamed limb, and then the whole itself.

 The recreation area or go to the bath

The process itself consists of a Man: Opahivanie, stroking, shaking, postegivaniya, compress, rubbing and stretching (using two brooms).

We are with her friends after each visit, the pair prefer a little moisture to fill yourself and cool off. To do this, we take a bath every mineral water, as well as doing right in the bath faint herbal infusions. This usually mint leaves, Melissa, validol, raspberries, currants and cherries. The choice for each individual, it all depends on what you can find in the garden, a kitchen garden.

After the sauna and beauty treatments for the face and hair, and the whole body with the use of clay, honey, eggs, milk. In total, however, and does not list, because our needs are as individual as we are.

After the bath procedure came home, it is important to get some rest. Lie naked, to update your clean skin breath of fresh air. Twenty minutes later, you can drink a glass of fruit and berry fruit drinks, lime or green tea or any other of your favorite beverage.

Enjoy your bath!
Author: Nadezhda Lobanova