The slender figure and friend: Is there a relationship?
 Needless to say what an important role in our lives play a girlfriend? They are actively involved in our personal and professional life, enjoy our victories and cheering in moments of sadness ... And who would have thought, have a considerable influence on our figure. Therefore, if you want to have a beautiful slender body, attentive to the choice of girlfriends.

Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you your weight

In a recent study (results published in the Journal of Economist and Human Biology), American scientists have found that social circle has a direct impact on a person's weight. Experts have found that people with full friendship leads to that slender man begins to gain extra weight.

According to the author of the study Tam Fry, this relationship is explained simply - bad example is contagious. Fat men consuming fatty high-calorie foods that lead inactive lifestyles are attached to the "values" of its existence, slender fellow comrades. Of course, after a certain time of harmony no trace remains ...

This pattern is also reflected in the other trends identified by scientists. It turns out stroynyazhki often choose their friends in exactly the same Tightened friends, and held together with plump plump companions. It is also easy to explain. Firstly, in the same way of life that brings people together. Someone with eating home baking, discussing the celebrity gossip, and someone runs in the park, "rides" on biking and walking in the campaign at the weekend. Secondly, the matter is self-esteem. Fatties feel insecure next to the "model" friends, knowing that much lose their background. To the difference is not so clearly evident, full of women stick together - so they look completely natural.

Test baking

If you believe the scientists, friendship with the plump can become a serious challenge for you. And it is not the fact that you soak it!

 The slender figure and friend: Is there a relationship?
   - With Irochka we became friends at a birthday party at a common friend, - says Light .  - Ira hounded all night funny jokes, but when it came to serious topics, was very interesting conversationalist .  In general, we are friends .  And as our homes in the surrounding streets, we will soon become a regular look to one another at the light .  Ira was a plump, though she was trying to lose weight properly, and even swimming pool .  The trouble is that swimming twice a week, it was unable to cope with Irochkinymi overweight, and for this reason .  She was well prepared and constantly did it .  In addition to the main course, it is very tasty bake baking constantly experimenting in the kitchen and all regaled .  So as soon as we became friends, I became serviceable taster of goodies that are willing to Ira .  This pies and pastries, and homemade pizzas and pies, and cakes, and biscuits ... Every time when I come to her friend, I was waiting for a new treat .  Every time I took at Ira, it brought with it some new culinary delights . 

I enjoyed our friendship is not less than all of these goodies that came into my life with a new girlfriend. Not surprisingly, two months after our conversation my weight became 8 kg more. I did not have time to blink, as my favorite skirt fastened ceased, and wore trousers, if long and hard to pull the stomach. Such is the friendship ...

Women's happiness: would plump next?

Of course, no matter how much she did not like his girlfriend, she was always glad that it is thinner (if it is). It's nice to feel hateful girl, birch on the background of the centuries-old oak tree! But if you do not bitch and cruel boy, you'll chase these thoughts are struggling. Firstly, because you do not bitch and cruel boy, and you know what friends do not enjoy each other's misery. Secondly, for the reasons already mentioned. If your friend is a sedentary lifestyle and eating a lot, and you run around in the park and sit on a diet, one of you in the end "wins" because friends can not influence each other out. Either you will be selected to the park less and less, preferring "confectionery" sit-round gathering in the kitchen, or your girlfriend exchange the sofa on sneakers. And here it is important to win the friendship - that is, the one of you who lead a healthy lifestyle, is to instruct on the "right path" girlfriend. Whatever it takes!

What to do?

 The slender figure and friend: Is there a relationship?
 Firstly, do not be silent about the problems. You can, of course, every day grind girlfriend that extra weight it does not spoil, and in general, recall delightful and inimitable Mordjukova and Krachkovskii, and with them - plump Jessica Simpson and Aguilera after pregnancy ... and sing well-known stories about soup sets, and that " men do not rush to the bone, "only the good of it will not be enough. Maybe they're on the bone and do not rush, but for fat considered unlikely to female beauty.

Secondly, stopping each other towards gastronomic breakdown. Moreover, in the truest sense of the word. If you store your girlfriend is directly sent to the confectionary department, leading her away by force. If she resists, and ready to fight, let me buy 20 grams of dark chocolate. And while saying: "Dasha, we're agreed. Dasha, what about the skirt, which you want to climb? Dasha and a swimsuit on the beach? ". That should work.

Third, even if the fight against excess weight (if you are skinny, then you - the maintenance of normal body weight) will be your common interests. Share with one another effective diet, read the online slimming secrets of stars, innovations in the field of weight loss. It is not only unite you, but also will be a real support in the way of beauty and harmony. The best option - if you go along to a fitness club or become a run in the mornings (or evenings). Then the price of your friendship will not be!

Well, if friends do not tell you that you will get better and continue to zakarmlivat candy, get rid of them. They will not girlfriends. Another good that will tell the truth that others will be silent about. Even if it is a very considerate person (and hide behind than many!), He will find a way to speak about the problem of extra kilos is soft and will support you in solving it. Remember, friends are learned in trouble! And what it does not matter - the folds of fat on the abdomen and thighs?
Author: Marina Tumovskaya