This lovely fifth point ...
 Without a stomach, we can squander
To live without a heart, to live without kidneys,
But God forbid we have to stay
Without fifth points without fifth points.
(Tourism Song)

This piquant part of our body has always attracted the attention of the opposite sex. Scientists believe that it all started from the time of our ape-like ancestors, when moving on four legs fifth pivot point is at eye level and made man's heart beat faster.

 This lovely fifth point ...

For good reason the stylized image of a heart, symbol of love that we see in "Valentine" and greeting cards, like is not currently on the heart, namely it - rounded and delicious ass!

Case history

At all times, resilient and well-developed glutes highly valued, and laid it in the subconscious level of genes, they are perceived as a sign of good physical health and a woman's ability to reproduce nature. In some African tribes, and now wives choose only the form and contour of the rear seats. And the inhabitants of these tribes are sincerely convinced that the shape of the buttocks can be judged not only on the health of the chosen, but also on the nature of the person.

 This lovely fifth point ...
   Ancient Greeks built this part of the female body in a separate cult. There were even the Temple of Venus (Aphrodite) Kallipige that means - "prekrasnozadaya." We survived to this day this beautiful statue of the goddess of love, one of which is exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. From ancient literary sources have come reports that it is in Greece held the first competition for the beauty of the buttocks.

But not only appreciate the beauty of the ancient Greeks "lower forms" of the female body, other people also paid homage to the beautiful fifth point. The exception is, perhaps, the dark era of the Middle Ages, when the arrival of
Christian worldview fatally changed: we found an immortal soul, but his body was perceived as a source of sin. But such injustice lasted long, and already during the Renaissance taboo on the body of the church, was filmed. Beauty now again been inseparably connected with the body. Beautiful in those days considered wide hips, strong and thick waist buttocks.

 This lovely fifth point ...

Women are always well aware what effect on the opposite sex beauty of their bodies, and especially the buttocks, and as they could, including by means of clothes, tried to gloss over this part of the body and draw attention to it. Hoops, crinolines, bustles - all of these devices have been designed to give the outline of a figure corresponding fashion.

By the early twentieth century fashion becomes more practical, gone bustles exciting imagination - it's time to naturalness. Hide figure flaws became more difficult, but all its advantages in sight.

The ideal of the day

It turns out that there is a formula perfect fifth point .  Other scientists at various times engaged in a fascinating study that is most attracted to men in the female figure, which parts of the body and their relationship to each other .  In principle, the findings have almost no difference .  Probably he came closest to the truth, a professor of psychology University of Texas at Austin Devendra Singh (Devendra Singh) .  We perfectly folded female ratio of waist and hips (Waist-to-Hip ratio, index WHR) should be between 0 and 60 to 0, 72 .  The closer the performance of a woman to this result, the greater the likelihood of success in men .  Their findings professor several years tested experimentally .  Men (study participants) adjusted the parameters of female figures on the screen, making them more attractive from their point of view .  Everyone, regardless of age and social status, showed similar results - they attracted the attention of most of the ratio of waist and hip circumference .

In his research Singh was not alone. For example, a professor of anthropology at Harvard University Marlowe Frank (Frank Marlowe) and his students are studying how men are two fundamentally different cultures to the forms of the girls came to the same parameters. Similar studies conducted Manning and Professor at the University of Lancashire in 2003. Its formula is also ideal form factor gives 0, 7.

If you apply it to the popular stars of cinema and show business, it turns out that is closest to the ideal of singer Kylie Minogue, the index - 0, 702. In second place came the Brazilian top model Gisele Bundchen (waist - 61 cm, hips - 86 cm), the index - 0, 708 close to the ideal, and Naomi Campbell to the index 58/81 = 0, 71. Under the parameters identified by Professor Singh fit such world sex symbols like Marilyn Monroe (index of 0, 61) and Brigitte Bardot (0, 66).

 This lovely fifth point ...

Well, in addition to compliance with design parameters, it has the value and shape of the buttocks (the closer to the ball, the better), and the elasticity and smoothness of the skin.

Reach for the stars ...

What if far from ideal? Quite a lot of women are unhappy with the shape, volume and condition of their buttocks. The problem can be overcome, and, moreover, in many ways.

The first way - naturally!

Bring your buttocks in perfect shape, you can use sport and a balanced diet. Dennis Bramble of the University of Utah and Daniel Lieberman of Harvard University believe that the time is run   monkey turned into a slim and attractive woman with a thin waist and attractive buttocks. Down from the tree and ran, the woman had to develop the pelvis and buttock muscles to maintain balance while running. Hands shortened, lengthened legs and waist appeared that visually was becoming thinner as the development of the pelvis and the inherent muscle. To the fifth point look nice, do not use it only for sitting - run.

More traffic! Running, dancing, gymnastics, even a simple climbing stairs - it is a good workout for the glutes. Simple and at the same time the most effective exercise - common squats Especially their "door" option:

Both hands on the doorknob and slowly arching back, sit down, as if you want to sit on a chair. The upper part of the body at the same time always remains straight. Due to the deflection, the gluteal muscles trained much better than the usual squat.

Another effective exercise dropped against the buttocks: Get on your knees, put your hands on the belt. Now we go down to the floor - alternately first on left cheek, then on the right. Do the exercise for as long as you feel fatigue in the gluteal muscles.

Very useful "Walking on the buttocks"   forward and backward. Through this exercise, improve blood circulation, tightens muscles, besides, such a "walking" can be regarded as an original and effective massage.

The next way - a radical!

Glyuteoplastika   - Surgical increase in the buttocks, the method resorted to by many movie stars and show business. Silicone implants can solve the problem of dropped and not enough bulk buttocks. There is a method Lifting the filament That allows you to tighten sagging buttocks. With the help of a surgical needle subcutaneous body fat buttocks pierced with special threads that strengthen the soft tissue and form a loop.

If the task is not to increase and decrease in volume - can resort to liposuction . Through the small holes in the skin with thin metallic suction catheters and special problem areas are removed from the fat cells.

Well, the easiest - use special underwear with silicone inserts   in the right places. This tight shorts from elastic material, helping to shape and firm view of any pope, and behind them there are pockets, and that put a soft silicone pads are the right size, from the most humble to the very large, giving to the buttocks seductive sharp bend.

Well, this is also output in some situations, for example, looked beautiful to wear at social events. However, for the beach this method is not suitable.

As we can see the problems with the shape and condition of the fifth point can be resolved, it remains only to make the right choices and to act.
Author: Olga Travleeva