Top 10 news about weight loss. Part two
 Continuing review of the latest research on diet, weight loss and nutrition, and health of the woman. Stay slim and healthy!

6. Low-fat foods do not help to become leaner

What do you do in the store buying milk, sour cream or cottage cheese? I bet the same thing, and I - look at the fat content. Forced to disappoint you - scientists claim that the fat content of the product does not affect a person's weight.

British scientists have found out that it does not matter what part of your body gets calories from fat, and which - from proteins and carbohydrates. In addition, it does not matter also any fat in your diet more - polyunsaturated or saturated.

This is clearly proven large-scale study in which data were studied about 90 thousand men and women from six European countries. Scientists have for ten years followed their diet. After analyzing the data, the researchers found no association between the typed weight and volume of fat consumed.

Thus, it should monitor the total amount of calories consumed and not "down all the dogs" on fats.

7. dispel the myth fashioned breakfast

"Eat breakfast myself, share dinner with a friend, a dinner give to the enemy ..." - says the proverb. What's that ... Recently the breakfast they write a lot and, basically, in the spirit of praises. They say that there can be anything, including sweets, because the day will still burn carbohydrates and excess weight due to a hearty breakfast does not threaten anyone.

 Top 10 news about weight loss. Part two
   Chinese scientists have advocated strongly against the new trend. They said that the path to obesity we get up just in time for breakfast, when we begin to absorb high-calorie carbohydrate foods. However, no matter how dense was a breakfast, after a couple of hours a person want to eat again. ... And then in the course are pechenyushki and bread, laid up in a desk drawer. In short, a vicious circle.

Donated by calorie breakfast and American scientists who discovered is an unpleasant fact. It turns out that morning excess fat and simple carbohydrates in the diet is dangerous development of inflammation in the blood vessels.

Curiously, despite the television advertising and dietary "mythology", doctors do not recommend starting the day with cornflakes, which are traditionally positioned as healthy. The fact that the product exacerbates some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and also leads to the development of cellulite.

The most useful options for breakfast - it's ...
- Bioyoghurt and fresh fruit;
- Porridge (oatmeal, buckwheat and millet) from milk;
- An omelette with vegetables and slice of toast whole grain;
- Boiled egg and a banana.

 Top 10 news about weight loss. Part two

8. Sudoku diet: how to lose weight without getting up from the couch

The British expert on mental development Ferton Tim argues that solving crossword puzzles has traditional Japanese fitness effect. One hour of this activity helps burn at least 90 calories (for a benchmark - a slice of white bread with jam).
"When our brain is faced with some serious challenges that require his hard work, the process of burning calories in the body is an average speed of 1, 5 min" - believes Ferton. And it happens in the following way. The human brain - the millions of nerve neuronal cells, transmit signals body. Neurons produce neurotransmitters (bioactive chemicals) mediated signaling. To produce neurotransmitters neurons require glucose to 3/4 sugar and calories.
  "When we think long and hard, that our brain needs from somewhere to draw power. So he gets it when burns calories. Brain - this is the same part of the body, just like everyone else. If you load the body, then he can not do without the calories, "- confirmed the" Slimming "effect" diet Sudoku "representatives of the British Dietetic Association.

When solving a logic puzzle, and with which are numerical Sudoku puzzles, brain consumes an even larger amount of calories and glucose. Performing simple calculations, we see that in just two hours of interesting and useful occupation, lying on the couch, you can burn as much as 180 calories. So crossword puzzles - it's good for the mind and for the figure!

9. Three meals a day - more than enough

Scientists at the Zurich Polytechnic University refuted the now popular system of fractional power, based on - increasing the number of meals a day to 5-6, while reducing the amount of servings.

According to experts, if the body is constantly fed throughout the day, it gradually ceases to give yourself exercise, zazhireet and "earn" Type 2 diabetes.

Thus, the main recommendation of the Swiss - is no snacking between meals, including useful options like nuts and fruit. Scientists believe that the body needs rest from food with the aim samovosstanavleniya. In addition, people who snack frequently, move a little. And this is another factor in the development of obesity.

The mechanism, which is based on the theory of Swiss scientists, is as follows .  The major role here is a transcription factor called Foxa2 .  Foxa2 transcription factors (proteins that control the transfer of information from DNA into RNA) are found in the liver, where the effect on the burning of fat, as well as two major populations of neuron hypothalamus (brain area controlling hunger) .  Foxa2 in liver and hypothalamus actuated by insulin .  When a person eats, β-cells of the pancreas secrete insulin and block Foxa2 .  In the fasted state insulin deficiency activates said transcriptional factor that leads to the separation of two kinds of proteins: orexin peptide and melanin concentrating (MCH) .  These substances are responsible for brain functions such as eating and motion .  Thus, in a state of starvation people more attentive, focused and physically active .  Recall, for example, yourself after dinner, when so hard to put into operation .

Experiments on mice have shown that obese rodents Foxa2 blocked irrespective of whether they are full or hungry. Here is the explanation for the fact that overweight people are few and very reluctant to move.

Scientists emphasize that three meals a day - more than enough, and hunger between meals only useful.

10. Drinks and obesity - what relationship?

For a long time it was thought that the food in general can not drink and ideally - to refrain from drinking for another hour or two after meals. Among the recommendations for weight loss is always to lead the next - to drink a glass of water before meals to fill the stomach and form a sense of satiety sooner. But what's the difference - to drink before a meal or during it? How to combine a meal with drinks it to be good for health and shape?

 Top 10 news about weight loss. Part two

Scientists emphasize that the fundamental importance, what drinks to wash down the food - hot and cold. The principle not only for the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, but also for the success of weight loss.

The fact is that if a drink food cold beverages (juice, cola, water, mineral water), the residence time of food in the stomach will be reduced to 4-5 hours as needed for digestion, and ... 20 minutes. Needless to say, this is the track that we lined to obesity, because this can not get enough food, and hunger will make itself felt in less than half an hour. Moreover, it threatens intestine putrefaction due to the absence itself of food processing. Therefore, we conclude - in this case, even healthy juice is harmful.

Stay slim and healthy!
Author: Marina Tumovskaya