Trying to lose weight number infinity
 Finally, the New Year's holidays come to an end. Waiting for them the whole year in the hope of relax and finally to eat everything your heart desires, torture your body diets and limitations, and then again - come two weeks off and everything: Walk soul rejoice stomach. Although in actual fact do not rejoice, and weep not. After two weeks in paradise meal you have to pay a very long time.

During the winter, according to statistics people gaining at least 3 percent of the weight. It seems that 2, 99 percent of the 3 above-mentioned account for during the Christmas holidays. After all, when there is not one of an endless succession of days, you'll have Olivier, seizing him a thick sandwich with red caviar ... Oh, how delicious ...

And, indeed, stop talking about food - because in the end comes a day return to work. And when you start to wear pants, you realize that no one not intermeddle, to measure the skirt - and you're in it look very ugly, sweatshirts stress from nowhere who had taken sides and fat ... The disaster, in a word. You put on a shapeless sweater and only nalezshie pants, and now it remains to find a way to regain his wonderful figure back.

The problem is I have a number of so-January 10, when I was just a week had forgotten about the existence of such a wonderful object, such as the scale and come off in full. I, who always wore open jackets and short skirts, did not dare 10th to put anything like that. I looked in the mirror and could not understand how the 10 days it was possible to gain as much weight? More specifically, the weight of a couple of kilos, but his form ... It feels like I just broke ...

I abruptly decided to take action. Fortunately, the staff also recovered, and we decided to take on tough herself. For a start, refused sweets and sugar . For three days I bravely held, but then failed to pass another sweets at the supermarket.

Then I decided to I do not eat after 6 . Two days. It was a record, because I did not come before 9 pm. And it turned out that, in principle, you can eat after 6, but after 9 is not already not released. This method of losing weight, I also brushed off.

Tried sit on your favorite yogurt But when I almost fainted in the theater, I decided to drop the idea.

From the pile offered a choice of modern magazines, Internet sites, and their own experience, diets, none of them relished. And I decided to develop own weight loss program That really helps. Maybe not as fast as we would like, but the effect is visible.

So you first need to devote time to physical training.   Every morning (evening had neither the strength nor the desire) I get up half an hour earlier (if it is very hard, you can spend time charging on the rise - start with five minutes and gradually add the number of minutes).

The exercises I turned in the first place drill press   - For both lower and upper for. I advise you to download the press at least 10 minutes, or not less than 200 times. You can make a banal exercise bike for the lower press, and for the upper remember how to swing in the school press. Nogami hold on to something (the best of the sofa), you can ask someone to sit in your legs. And slowly climb up, trying to touch your elbows to the knees. There is no need to put pressure on the speed - it is better to do less, but right. Drill press, you can select are what you want.

Also recommend doing exercises for the waist   - Can be very simple: tilt. But the slopes severely from the position vertically lower the arm along the body, thereby tilting it. Tilt I do 100 in one direction.

Exercises for legs and thighs   required! It is better in the morning is not much strain the knees - after a whole day ahead. So do not persistently squat - you can sit down 10 times to warm up the muscles. For good hips rises from a prone position, resting on the bent elbow. The leg must be lifted up slowly, the slower the better. Also good poluprisedaniya, muscles are working efficiently, but the mouth is smaller than the standard squat.

Have to do exercise for the buttocks . You can raise the foot while standing on the knees upwards. And it is possible to lift the pelvis from a prone position, without raising the back.

As the final chord, it is desirable wrung You can from the wall to maintain the shape of the breast. And, of course, do not forget stretch your neck and hands .

If you have time, you can slightly dance . Dancing can be replaced completely gym. And it is possible to alternate - day of dancing, gymnastics day

Develop a system of power has become problem number two.   From sweet I can not refuse, so I decided that I would have a piece of candy (chocolate) or 3 slices of chocolate a day. I give up bread, flour, sugar, and will not load up at night. And be sure to drink every day will yogurt. Kefir cleanses the body and satisfies hunger.

And still need to minimize the consumption of coffee - check for yourself that after coffee insanely hungry, wakes up a wild appetite. And I began to choose products that contain a minimum of fat - so, for example, refused to burgers to fish - in fact fish in fewer calories.

Basically, in my system, power is nothing special, the main -razumny approach, because of the holidays stomach so used to meet their needs, which are now very difficult to teach him to think again. So, it is necessary to renew the function. For example, if you are very hungry and it seems now the wolf eat, drink the best yogurt or yogurt, and if after 10-20 minutes of an attack of hunger is reduced, then eat. But, again, reasonable. Do not snack foods their problems and troubles.

And here is the third point of my weight loss. It is necessary to take food only as a food, not as the main pleasure.   We used to use food as a basic and easiest way to obtain pleasure. And to score their lives other pleasures, distractions from food - skiing or skating, going to the cinema, theater, meeting friends and loved one in your life because when a lot of bright emotions, we can live without chocolate!
Author: Marina Fomenko