Beauty and health of your hair in the "hands" of vitamins
 A time when men and women wore wigs under the terms of fashion and etiquette, has long passed. Behind were the years of compulsory cover a woman's head with a handkerchief among the European ladies. Today, the hair - is the pride and ornament, a style and fashion.

Coloring, highlighting, kalorirovanie, haircuts - all sorts of ways to achieve a new image and underline their personality. Just before doing all of the above, it is important to take care of the health of your hair.

Any hair needs vitamins. Every day for them, as well as on the general condition of the human body is influenced by the burning sun, rain, wind, dust, exhaust fumes, chlorinated water. We buy protective shampoos, rinses, conditioners, hair sprays. But not always external protection allows you to make your hair healthy. Often, beauty is powered from the inside.

Each of us in his life time and again come to the conclusion that the correct power supply depends not only on the health of the internal organs, physical activity and longevity, but also the condition and appearance of skin, nails, hair. If the hair were more likely to drop out, fade altogether weakened, and the tips are cut, you should think about vitaminoze, which is most often encountered in the fall and winter.

 Beauty and health of your hair in the "hands" of vitamins
 Proper nutrition - the golden key to healthy hair!
In order to have healthy hair, the daily diet should be balanced and contain the rate of vitamins necessary for hair beauty (vitamins A, B, C, E and omega-3).

- Fatty acids: Omega-3 . "Building material" Omega-3 is in the hair and scalp, so the growth of the hair and the magnificent necessary to increase the intake of omega-3 in the diet. In sufficient fatty acids found in salmon, flaxseed, shrimp and scallops, walnuts, pumpkin and soy. Of course, you can take and dietary supplements, but the best absorption of Omega-3 - from natural foods. I should add that omega-3 can help not only the hair, but also in the treatment of depression, cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases.

 Beauty and health of your hair in the "hands" of vitamins
 - Vitamin A . Because vitamin A your hair will become more supple and soft, and improve their structure, which is so important for people with fragile and very dry hair. This vitamin can be found in the liver (marine animals in particular), cream, egg yolks, butter and fish oils. Yet Vitamin A can be formed directly in your body from beta-carotene, which is found in carrots, tomatoes, sea buckthorn, dried apricots, broccoli, spinach and parsley, gooseberry, and mountain ash. Carotene protects against contaminated air.

- B vitamins . Vitamin B is considered the most important of all vitamins, the consumption of which ensures good hair strength, shine, prevent increased fat, prevents baldness and gray hair.

Vitamin B1   contained in cereals various cereals, seeds, rye and wheat bread.

Riboflavin   - In the kidneys and liver of animals, eggs and beer.

Vitamin B6   - Nuts, halva and cereals.

For hair growth responds Vitamin B7 Which is also responsible for the formation of healthy skin and nails.

Vitamin B9   (folic acid) is responsible for the development of the immune and circulatory systems, essential for cell growth. In advanced cases, a lack of vitamin B9 hair loss occurs. Folic acid is found in a large range of products: meat, fish, eggs, yeast, green leaf lettuce, parsley and spinach, beans, tomatoes and carrots, beets and soybeans, milk and cheese, hazelnuts, etc.

Cyanocobalamin   concentrated in the eggs and products of poultry meat. People whose bodies are experiencing long-term deficiency of vitamin B12, are lifeless and slow-growing hair, and eventually may even lose hair.

 Beauty and health of your hair in the "hands" of vitamins
 Vitamins C and E . Both vitamin responsible for the strength and shine of our hair. Admission to the diet of these vitamins is recommended to increase as well, if the hair is thinning too, or was falling out more than usual.

It has long been known that vitamin C (ascorbic acid), supports the immune system, from which in turn depends on the health of hair. This vitamin enriched with all fresh vegetables and fruits (especially citrus fruits), any herbs and some berries black currant, wild rose, etc.

Vitamin E promotes rapid transport of oxygen and improving blood that circulates in the scalp. The result is that the hair is healthy and shiny. Vitamin E in large quantities contained in legumes and cereals, vegetable oils, animal liver, nuts and seeds.

Do not forget about microelements Such as copper, zinc, iron, silicon, sulfur, and others. With premature graying and alopecia fighting copper and zinc, with brittle hair - iron, with tarnish - sulfur, and gives firmness and strength silicon.

 Beauty and health of your hair in the "hands" of vitamins
 Indulge in fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, nuts and honey throughout the year. Cook and Drink vitamin teas from herbs and berries. If we talk about other foods, it is desirable to use as little as possible, carbonated drinks, fatty foods and meats. It is necessary to build a diet so as to always maintain a reasonable balance and compatibility of food.

Through proper diet, you can ensure your hair beauty and health!
Author: Alesya Marchenko