Chic hair like the stars
 Every woman wants to have beautiful, thick and shiny hair, the same as that of the stars of stage and film. And if celebrities gain chic hair helps a team of stylists and hairdressers, in ordinary life can be useful to some simple tips that will make the hair manageable, smooth and shiny.

Beauty hair begins with the proper diet, which must be a sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. To make up for missing nutrients can take special vitamin complexes, which are designed for healthy hair and nails.

Glitter Hair
Hair lose their luster because of the different factors that have an impact on them every day: sun exposure, coloring, chlorinated water, too frequent use of shampoo, pollution, etc. Because of this, the hair keratin scales cease to reflect light. In addition, the nature of dark brown, chestnut and long hair more dull. However, even in this case should not lose heart, because with proper care you can achieve a healthy shine.

- To hair shone, they need to be combed every night for five to ten minutes. This contamination is removed from the hair, they become docile and beautiful. Combing the hair should along their entire length, while avoiding exposure to the hair roots and the scalp, as it can cause irritation and increase sebum production, and hence the rapid salting hair.

 Chic hair like the stars
   - After washing your hair is very important to thoroughly wash away the remnants of shampoo and balm, as they will weigh down the hair and make them dull.

- For hair care is better to choose neutral funds that are specifically designed for the hair shine and provide them good hydration, because the drier the hair, the more they look dull.

- It is useful to use special masks for oily hair, caring for them and create a barrier that protects the hair from the aggressive influence. Such a mask is applied to the hair for ten minutes, then wash them with a standard shampoo.

- An important step is to rinse hair with cold water, better yet, if the water is with the addition of lemon juice or apple cider or vinegar.

- After washing and drying the hair they can cause a special tool-gloss dry hair, which creates a protective film on the hair, at the same time, without weighing it down and salting.

 Chic hair like the stars
 Health curly hair
Curly hair are more fragile structure and often lose their luster due to excessive dryness. When the flakes start to puff up the hair surface that makes your hair well-groomed appearance and leads to the appearance of split ends. To become the owner of a beautiful and shiny curls, one way out - to moisturize the hair.
- First of all, you should choose a shampoo with a high content of natural oils that care for the hair glue hair scales and give them a well-groomed appearance.

- For extra care, you can use a nourishing cream for hair, which is applied directly to every morning on dry hair.

- Do not get involved in hair cosmetics with a high content of silicone, because it does not care of hair and it just creates a protective shell. Use the funds better just from time to time require emergency assistance hair, intense shine and well-groomed appearance. However, this does not replace the special daily hair care.

- For curly hair did not lose life-giving water, you need to stop using the hair dryer and dry them naturally. Then, on a special foam is applied to the hair for curly hair with your fingers and just give them volume and shape.

- To give curly hair lightness and volume, you need to choose the right hairstyle. It is best if it is graded haircut, which will emphasize the beauty and elasticity of curls.

 Chic hair like the stars
 The softness of the hair
Whatever hair: thin, thick, long or short, we want to make them soft and docile, because such hair is easier to style and look well groomed. Hard unruly hair can often be confused and have a disheveled appearance.

- The softness of the hair not only provide moisturizing shampoo and hair conditioner, but the mask on the basis of avocado oil, jojoba, coconut or almond oil. Such a mask is applied to wet hair wrapped in a towel and leave to act for the whole night. In the morning wash off the mask, and the hair after such a procedure will be soft and smooth as silk.

- Aggressive effect on the hair can even provide Shampoo, when applied directly to the hair. Therefore, for maximum protection of the hair shampoo first diluted in water, and then applied to the hair.

- If your hair is problematic and even the use of cosmetics for hair does not bring the desired result, it is best to consult a doctor trihologu who will diagnose and prescribe a treatment plan hair.

 Chic hair like the stars
 Lightness and volume of hair

- Oily, fine hair often hanging unattractive strands as quickly lose the lightness and volume. Radically solve the problem of help graded haircut that gives hair extra volume and makes them easier.

- In addition to this you need to use an additional hair care with a special cosmetics, which restores the hair structure and provides them with vitamins, panthenol, keratin and other useful substances.

- During installation, you can use a round hair brush that lifts them from the roots. In combination with the means for the additional volume, this installation makes the hair thick, lush and voluminous.

The smoothness of the hair
To have the same shiny smooth hair like a star, it is important to observe three rules:
- Use a special smoothing hair care;
- Systematically applied to the tips of hair moisturizers;
- Avoid the use of a hair dryer.

For "the publication of" You can use the smoothing iron is that aligns the hair, making them smooth and shiny. Before applying to the hair ironing deal of special equipment that protects them from exposure to high temperatures and provides extra shine.
Author: Natalia Biatova