Fire Cut - the treatment of hair with fire ...
 More recently, in the beauty industry, a new procedure for repairing damaged hair. It seemed that after lamination, screening glazing come up with something radically new is impossible, but there is no limit to perfection. The new procedure of hair care products called «Fire Cut».

During this procedure, the hair exposed to fire. With their calcined fire, thereby achieving recovery effect. At first glance, the process seems daunting, but do not rush to conclusions. In fact, things are not so bad.

The procedure consists in the interaction of an open fire with hair. By the time it takes no more than 1 5 minutes. Under the expert guidance of your hair absolutely no danger. Moreover, your hair after the first procedure will look like a million dollars.

Of course, after the hair must be prepared for this purpose cosmetics La Biosthetique. This French brand of luxury. Hair only the best, and nothing else.

So, to start the hair and scalp must undergo a deep cleaning. However, such a procedure is "private". Master during shampooing make an easy, relaxing massage. This procedure will not only health benefits, but it will help you relax. Still, for the first time - it's always the unknown, and therefore, unnecessary excitement.

Next, a mask is applied to the hair of the brand La Biosthetique. This mask will select the individual stylist for your hair type. This mask will saturate hair with nutrients, proteins which, in turn, will give a shine and the natural beauty of your hair. After the preparatory stage can proceed to the basic procedure - burn-off.

Burning   is done using a small torch, is a rod, at the end of the wrapped cotton wool. Then a torch moistened with alcohol and set on fire. Now - the most interesting. Hair begins to burn this same torch across the length and from all sides. This will enable nutrients masks faster and deeper soak the hair under heat. After firing on the tips of the hair in order to prevent a further split, applied means, which includes a number of useful components.

 Fire Cut - the treatment of hair with fire ...

The final stage - drying, styling. On the hair mask is applied again in a few minutes, wash it with warm water, rinse your hair but you will be very cold water. This will give a good opportunity to cool down after the previous procedure.

 Fire Cut - the treatment of hair with fire ...
   So, the whole procedure took us about forty minutes, and the effect - simply stunning. Hair straightened considerably, become smooth, easy to comb, easy to style, acquired a natural, healthy shine and elasticity. What else is necessary for female happiness? Unless, that was pretty close, but do not rush to relax.

One way or another, but this is a temporary effect, and if we look at it more efficient, the great incentive to engage seriously in his health. Of course, the procedure can be repeated every 2-3 months, but I repeat that this is only a temporary measure. For 100% of long-term results should start from your daily diet, because this is the factor that primarily affects the beauty and health of our hair.

Be sure to include in your diet are beneficial for hair vitamins like vitamins, minerals and always. Also, do not forget about the daily care of the hair and the right shampoo. Do not be lazy to use balms, masks, serums. All this is no less important factors that affect our hair.

 Fire Cut - the treatment of hair with fire ...
 To summarize ...
If you have thin, damaged and brittle hair, split ends, if the hair is not enough power and brilliance, then you just need the procedure «Fire Cut». In one procedure, it will solve all the above problems and will give you the opportunity to feel like a queen today's celebration.
Author: MIRovaya