Hair: Autumn Care
 Each season, our hair needs a particular care. In summer, we protect them from the heat, winter cold, and in the offseason is not just giving them look bad. After all the hair - our most important piece of jewelry that requires careful maintenance. Our tips will help you look stunning in the autumn season.

Care Tips

1. Wash your hair every other day . If your hair quickly dirty, use a dry shampoo or baby powder. These funds are well absorb the fat. To clean them, use a hair dryer and a comb. Another option - hairstyles, which is best done on a freshly washed not his head.

2. Do not forget to visit the hairdresser every 6 - 8 weeks.

3. Moisturize your hair.
  Make regular moisturizing mask or use shampoos and conditioners to the same effect. The fact that the loss of water leads to the appearance of split ends. By the way, if you are using indelible creams, then apply them from the middle of the length of the hair to the end, and never at the roots.

4. Twice a month, arrange your hair spa . Use a deep nourishing mask or try to care hot oil. The hair will thank you.

5. Do not immolate not only comb washed hair . You are only hurting them so. Nor should immediately begin to dry them. Let them dry out a bit, and then proceed with the installation.

6. Never wash your hair with very hot water . First, you damage them. Secondly, provoking the appearance of protruding in different directions of the hair.

 Hair: Autumn Care

7. Once a month, use an anti-dandruff.   It will be clear as the scalp. By the way, you can make a home remedy: Mix 30 grams of apple cider vinegar and 250 ml of water. Apply to damp hair. Leave for 5 minutes and rinse with water.

8. The fastest way to make your hair shine   - Cause the ends of a drop of olive oil.

9. Always rinse your hair with cold water   after smoete air conditioning.

10. Every evening, brush your hair To improve blood circulation.

11. If the hair is dyed Use shampoos that are designed specifically for such hair.

12. Do not believe it, but the color fades quickly if you give yourself dry hair . Therefore, we set the dryer on a low temperature and dry your hair as long as they are dry at 80 percent.

13. A good shampoo for colored hair do not contain the compound sulphate .

14. When you dry your hair, use a wire brush better As it heated, accelerates the process of installation.

15. In order to smooth the hairs that stick out in different directions, using the serum for hair or wax If there is nothing at hand, then you can rub a small amount of petroleum jelly in his hands ..

16. Ideally, prior to drying is necessary to apply a protective spray Which will reduce the effects of a hairdryer.

Autumn 2010: fashion haircuts and hairstyles

So it has historically, that four times a year in women awakens a thirst for change: clothes, hairstyles, work, etc. But since we are talking about hair, then take a look at the latest trends in haircuts and hairstyles.

We begin with the haircuts :

• Bob.   This hairstyle fashionable in different variations. Thus, the classic "Bob" is almost everything, and the head is always accurate. Add a bang - and for more than a youth, and stylish option. Or "Bob" had a short neck and a long a person. This hairstyle is easy to model at its discretion.

 Hair: Autumn Care

• Mowing steps with casual styling . Partly rastrepannost fashion. There is something attractive and very sexy in this hairstyle.

 Hair: Autumn Care

• Ultrashort haircuts . It is very risky option, which is suitable not for everyone, and that very few women who can wear such a chic hairstyle.

 Hair: Autumn Care

And of course, long hair . Natural decoration women can not go out of fashion. What about the hair, then here too there are plenty to choose from:

• Clean-styled hair . In contrast to the light rastrepannosti, topical some stiffness. This may be bundles, braids, etc.

 Hair: Autumn Care

• The beams in all possible variations .

 Hair: Autumn Care

• Madame de Pompadour . Fantasy hairstyles will delight girls who are not afraid to be original.

 Hair: Autumn Care

• In the style of "retro" . From glamorous 30s curls up in hippie style.

 Hair: Autumn Care

• "Ponytail" . This simple, yet stylish haircut is the salvation for many women.

 Hair: Autumn Care

And, of course, well-groomed hair - the most fashionable hairstyle every season.
Author: Vera Karabutova