Hair: laid them yourself
 Today, well-coiffed hair - a daily necessity for those who need to look "gloss." At the same time everyone knows that hair from the hair dryer is not getting better. A few simple rules to help you keep your hair healthy with frequent styling.

Between us and our hair there is a whole history of relations. They are - as if our clothes that we wear every day. And it is not always simple - to make the right hairstyle.

One thing is certain: one way or another, hair needs styling. Three women out of four do so at least twice a week.

Prepare your hair before installation:

Healthy well-groomed hair and a nice stack. And if they also still thick! If the hair is lack dermal fat scales, clearly visible under the microscope, are gradually beginning to flake off, and the hair becomes dry and brittle. And what is it also a hot hair dryer!

To protect the hair from drying out, they need to nourish and protect the inside from the outside - including from the searing action dryer. To make good use of a couple of useful: moisturizing shampoo plus a nourishing mask. During shampooing linger a little longer in the shower - only 2-3 minutes to hold the mask on your hair.

There are also vitamins in gelatin capsules that can deliver into your body substances necessary to your hair.

Today, online stores can be inexpensive to purchase new items to the top of hair: shampoo polishing, spray-straightener, styling lotion.

  Almost professional equipment

Have a good haircut - the question of how art and patience. Worked on each strand - a guarantee of long and careful styling.

1. Dry your hair first, so that the water did not flow down to the hair, but to keep them moist. To do this, wrap the hair with a soft towel, avoiding wiping movements, so as not to injure or break the hair. There are fluffy towels, very good moisture absorption, they just come in handy in this case.

2. Apply to the hair styling product (polishing milk) - uniformly throughout their length, being careful not to touch the roots of the hair - it is their "salted".

3. Use hairdressers hairpins commit your hair at the crown, leaving the curls dangle from the back, as well as on the sides. So you start your bottom-laying, which will make a "sharpened" grinding.

4. Take a large round brush and carefully wrap it each strand individually, starting from the root. Direct the jet of hot air gun perpendicular to the comb with a wound on her hair to the hot air penetrated them from root to tip. Comb must constantly glide down the hair, while working with a hairdryer. (Dryer is located 5 cm from the brush, and did not bring it to the hair, not to burn them).

  Gradually release the locks fixed on top and repeat the same gestures. For perfect laying need to repeat this movement two or three times on each lock.

If your hair is very thin, flat and without volume, do not be afraid to raise them up, to visually "inflated" volume.
After installation is necessary to cool the hair that will, by the way, fixed form.

5. At the end styling apply evenly over the entire length of hair gel droplet that podbavit shine to your hair.

  Placement materials:

Hair dryer and brush should be of high quality so as not to injure the capillary tissue, not tear your hair and not confuse them. If you are using on a daily basis Hardware accessories poor quality hair will suffer from it, they will become dry, brittle and unruly.

- For the brushes: bristle tips should not be forked, but rounded. It is best to a combination of different lengths of bristles, which allows better capture the brush strands. Choose the thickness of the brush, depending on the length of your hair: the longer the hair, the larger the diameter. This increases the intensity of the installation.

If your hair is very thick, it will be easier to lay them with the help of a large flat comb. There are also thermal brush, a metal cylinder that is heated by the action of the dryer, which increases the efficiency of your labors.

For the dryer: we need good power, temperature control and easy guide holes for air. It is useless to hope to create something decent on his head a little road or a hairdryer hairdryer old model that lacks power. Models hair dryers, issued today, created under the influence of trade marks.