Hairstyles and haircuts that you go
 Choosing a hairstyle that will emphasize your professional skills, you make the main bar for your appearance.

The first thing you should pay attention - this face shape. Round or square it, elongated, and may be oval. If you are unsure, then flip your hair back, look in the mirror (you can even outline the contours of the face on the mirror).

Consider different oval face

square face

 Hairstyles and haircuts that you go
   Such an angular face, with a broad forehead and square jaw (Jessica Simpson - a perfect example). To alleviate this form, choose hairstyles with long strands in the front, preferably with light waves or rings. The hair should be divided into a side parting and comb the bangs from his face.

Incorrect option:   geometric haircuts (they only accentuate the square shape of the face), hair in which the hair is parted in the middle separated and removed from the face.

Long face

 Hairstyles and haircuts that you go
   The elongated face is associated with a high forehead and a long chin. Soften the impression of short of whiskey, you can try "Bob" with bangs (haircut like Victoria Beckham, it is predicted that it will be a hit of the season) dried hair whipped balance a long face.

Incorrect option:   hairstyles without bangs and long straight strands.

Oval face

 Hairstyles and haircuts that you go
   In oval face high cheekbones, tapering down. This face shape is characterized by a broad forehead and a pointed chin. Many stylists believe that this is the perfect face shape. (example - the Olsen sisters) There is unlimited choice of hairstyles, you can wear any hairstyle you want.

Round face

 Hairstyles and haircuts that you go
   For a round face is characterized by a uniform distance between the forehead and chin and cheekbones between (example - Drew Barrymore). Choose a hairstyle with a short fringe, it lengthens the face and a short cut, which face look thinner.

Incorrect option:   irons, which only accentuate the roundness of the face, very lush and long hair, as hair, that hair slicked back.

Very often, the choice of hairstyle is not limited to the selection of the form of the person should be taken into account and shape of the body, as well as the fact you wear glasses or not. Currently, there are tempting alternative to glasses - a contact lens. But some people prefer points, they give a certain elegance. Try to choose a frame and cut so that they match each other.

Do not forget that Professional grooming - the basis of any glamorous hairstyles.

First Master will evaluate your hair, clothing style, to specify preferences and then will be accepted for the creation of your unique image.
Author: JSS