How to choose the perfect hairstyle
 What to look for when choosing hairstyles? How to make emphasis on the features that you are proud of? In this article we try to explain what you need to say and how to choose a stylist haircut.

In my example, I can draw some conclusions. I have a gloomy face and high forehead. After years of searching it turned out that I is the length from chin to shoulder level. In addition, to emphasize the shape of the face and blue eyes to me is using a graded haircut.

I fit popular haircut Nicole Richie, but let's find out what suits you.

The most appropriate option

In consultation with many stylists, I come to the conclusion that the ideal length - at shoulder height. In this case, no matter what your face shape, you have a double chin or not, what is the structure of the hair: straight or wavy them. It should also be noted that such a length leads to a wide range of hairstyles - from the mundane to the complex and original.

To go long hair

Long hair - long hair is below shoulder level. With a hairstyle, she always looks younger than his years - a kind of a teenage girl. But most importantly - long hair can emphasize the breasts, lengthen the face. Pay attention to your face shape Gwyneth Paltrow and Demi Moore, their hair elegantly transform not only the face but also the whole image.

V-shaped haircut

This haircut works on the transformation of the exterior, uneven layers let you experiment with styling, haircut and she opens the face, making it bright and clear.

Basic rules of care for short hair

Short hair - is an abstract concept, it can be included haircuts of different lengths. Note, however, that the very short hair and a tall woman doing manly. Butch can only further round full face. The best option in this case - the length of at chin level. If you have big beautiful eyes, you can try to emphasize them with a short haircut graduated.

Remember that a good haircut only highlights your strengths.

Why is it important to pay attention to the type of hair

Each of us can classify their hair: dry, brittle, curly, straight, curly, thin, fat, normal, thick. If you have a thick but brittle hair, besides they dry more striking, is to reduce the length and thus, you are contributing to the growth of healthy hair. Girls with coarse curly hair is recommended to grow them, with an emphasis on length. Otherwise, the shorter the haircut, the curly hair and the more they pushatsya. Therefore, making the cut, pay attention to the fact that it is functional, otherwise you have to spend a lot of time packing. Straight hair looks great, unless they are too thin, otherwise the hair hanging like a stick. If you have straight hair and thin, it is recommended to do a graded haircut to add visual volume.

Why should you pay attention to the type of hairstyle

If you hate salons, as I do, then wait a short haircut. Well-known fact: the shorter haircut, so often have to go to the hairdresser to fix it. Long hair, by contrast, do not require constant intervention stylist with good home care, they look perfect.
Author: Stephanie Ilinishna